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Published under: By P&G Productions at United States
Device: iPhone
Condition: Corporate
Category: Sales Tools
Current Version: 1.4
Size: 1.7 MB
Langauge: English
Created: 08-22-2013
Developer: P&G Productions
Country: United States
Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
0 Ratings
Total Downloads: 57
Use your phone to type in codes and earn points from Pampers Gifts to Grow Rewards.™FEATURES: •Manual code entry•Confirms point values of codes entered•Displays updated point balanceNOTE:You must already be a Pampers Gifts to Grow Rewards member to use this app. If you are not a member, please first register for an account at www.pampers.com (United States) or www.pampers.ca (Canada). ...more

Pampers Rewards

Pampers Rewards

Customer Reviews

Hoping for a lot more 
I was hoping to save a little time by scanning in codes from diaper bags. Turns out, it's faster to just enter the code on the computer. It never would recognize the code.
Good app 
Muy buena para entender lo de pampers rewards aunque puede mejorar.
Scanner won't work. 
Scanner won't work. I have the iPhone 7 which has a good camera. And it will say that it didn't recognize the image or if it does scan it is nowhere close to having it correct. If this issue is fixed then it would be easier to work the app. Thanks
Doesn't work 
app doesn't let me sign in. Doesn't work right. Just use the main website
An infant in a wet diaper could make a better app 
I get that pampers is a diaper company but there is no excuse for how bad this app is. The OCR is horrendous and all the rest just sends you out to a website.
Yup it really is bad 
The scanner is unreliable, and everything else is just a container for their below average website, where it keeps making me log back in.
No. Just. No. 
On a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is the most I could hate this app, and 10 is the greatest app ever. I rate this app -27.
Don't Bother Downloading 
Quite possibly the worst app ever. The scan feature doesn't work at all and even when I manually enter the code it rejects it. Plus, it keeps asking me to sign in each time. We are having twins so I thought I could rack up quite a few rewards but it's not worth the trouble.
I hate this app 
Such a crappy app. The only thing you can do is enter codes. Everything else you click on takes you to the website where you have to re-sign in. :-( For some reason they took away the ability to text codes. It's a waste of space on your phone. It would be great if they updated this to be able to browse the reward catalog and redeem your points from the app. That would earn 5 stars!!
Scanner don't work nor when I put in the code manually 
Pampers need to update their system of something because it doesn't work when I scan nor put in the code manually. I'm uninstalling this app.
Horrible App 
The app needs to be more user friendly. It is also very glitchy and slow. For how much money Pampers makes they need to create a better app.
Scanner is poor, rewards are stingy 
Have to try repeatedly to get a proper scan. More so, the rewards are not very generous. You would most likely have to spend a couple to a few hundred dollars to get a five dollar reward
Terrible App 
This app behaves like it was programmed by somebody who had never used an app before. The interface is clunky and the code scanner is useless. Honestly, I think sometimes it just puts up random letters and numbers instead of scanning.
Such a frustrating App and Website 
The app seems to only let you scan in the rewards, and then anything else sends you to login again to their frustrating website. Although, now you can't even sign in to the website. Such a frustrating experience.
Fix the scanner 
The scanner never works! It either comes out blurry or puts in totally different letters and numbers and u still have to enter them in manually. I think the items you can use points to buy are extremely expensive. I don't exclusively use Pampers so I'll probably never earn enough points to get anything of value.
The scanner is awful 
The scanner is awful. It takes maybe 15 to 20 scans before it actually gets the code correct. You'd figured that they would have tested this more before this was released to the public.
Never scans codes 
This is the worst app it never scans codes like it's supposed to. You know hot long it takes to manually enter the codes off every pack of wipes in an 800 pack
Worst. App. Ever. 
This is not an app; it is a test of patience for new parents. If you and your phone can survive the attempted use of this app without the following: convulsions, fits of rage, weaving a web of obscenity, turning phone into violent projectile, you will have withstood the first test of parenting.
I hate having to log in for anything but submitting codes!!! What's the point of the app then?!?! Also I despise your Grown On bull****. I've been using this companies rewards program since my son was born 2 years ago and EVERY single time I signed in it restarted my grow on time frame. I have never earned a gift bc of it.
Completely useless 
The scanner doesn't work and to do anything else it takes you to the website. You would think such a large company could get it together and implement a scanner that actually works. I've never reviewed an app before but this one is annoyingly bad.
My scanner works perfect but no login button for Facebook any longer so I can't actually sign into my account. Completely frustrating!!
Faster than typing! 
The scanner is a bit picky, but even if you have to take the picture of the code a few times it is faster than manually entering it. And it is faster than going to the website. I only use it for entering codes though, not anything else.
Great concept, doesn't work 
A great idea. This would be super useful for busy moms... if it worked!! I sincerely hope Pampers will fix this. The scanner does not work at all. (Usually it says "oops" and won't register my image at all; today it finally registers the image (after a long think time), but then it misread 50% of the letters and numbers and I had to enter it manually by hand after all. 👎👎👎
Not worth the effort! 
Don't bother - the scanner does not work for the wipes EVER, it sporadically works with the diaper codes. You end up having to manually enter everything. It's time consuming and frustrating.
Worthless garbage 
This app is horrible. The code scanner works about 5% of the time and when it does scan it usually adds random characters or omits part of the code. Don't waste your time. Just enter the codes online. Don't even bother trying to scan the codes from the wipe packages. I wish I could give this app -5 stars. It's that useless.
Pampers won't allow me to sign up 
In signing up (which I was very excited for) through Pampers' site, which I need to do to use the app, there is a terrible month by month date picker for birthdate, which is required in your profile. Once you select it, you literally have to go month by month through the calendar view to the year you were born. I selected the year it was currently on, 2006, and now Pampers has locked me out of an account. Pampers, please change my birthdate to 1988 and allow me to use your app. 😑
Lacks so much 
The only thing this is useful for is manually entering codes. The end. It appears to have other uses, but clicking any other button sends you to the website where you have to log in. What's the point of the app??
Too much work to get a 3 dollar coupon 
I love pampers but they are more expensive. You only get 30 points per code and it only works on the big boxes of diapers. You need 700 points to get a $3 off coupon. For as much as we spend on diapers and we only buy pampers you'd think they would offer you a few coupons before spending a couple hundred dollars to earn a single coupon. I'm probably going to switch my daughter to Huggins I hear they give coupons and it's easy to rack up points.
Oh man the pampers app is awful 
There is likely some really nice person behind programming this and some nice person who had the idea for an app, but likely these two haven't met. It scans well most of the time but the rewards should all be inside the app, not kicking you to the website to log in again. There are so many parents who could use this for so much more, ahead of just coupons, but now it is a huge miss. Might switch to Huggies.
Scanner is worthless 
The scanning feature of the app is awful and doesn't work well at all. Really needs to be improvement or completely overhauled. I have to manually enter the code which is quicker than trying to get the scanner to work.
Can't scan codes 
The scanner/photo has never worked for me (using iPhone 6 camera), so I have to enter manually which is annoying because they are 15 digits long. I haven't tried to redeem anything yet, so I can't speak to that.
only useful to manually enter codes 
This app is only useful to manually enter codes. It's not even worth wasting the time to scan. Seems like a great idea and from a software engineer standpoint, it's a fairly trivial app to write, but I feel like this was written by a middle schooler as a summer project...as a mom it's useful to just be able to pull out my phone and enter the number rather than store these codes until I have time to sit at my pc and enter them, but wish the scan tool worked properly, it's either the right code with a random letter in the front or completely wrong...
I wish it worked! 
"Scan" feature rarely works and it is such a pain to type the codes in.
Needs updating 
The app needs to be more user friendly. It is also very glitchy and slow.
Pampers rewards 
Love the app it allows me to earn rewards for the pampers product I already purchased
Awful code scanner 
Code scanner works about 3% of the time. Easier to just type in code. How the scanner works as poorly as it does is just amazing.
Not worth it 
No matter how clear the picture is, the app can never read it! AND the rewards system is practically 0.1%! Great products just a sucky rewards system.
Scanning doesn't work 
It's an ok app to have a place to go to manually enter codes, but the scanner doesn't work 90% of the time.
Doesn't work 
It will never pick up the numbers when I scan a code and always adds a letter. Never works.
Needs improvements 
I like the App for the most part, but the scan part needs updating. When I take a picture it will say oops please try again. The digits aren't even the same as they appear on the sticker, and I hold it steady and straight on. The scan part should actually be a scanner instead of me taking a picture. Google the word scan and see what it says.
Needs improvement 
The scanner works, but it always scanned an incorrect code. It would change one letter or add a letter.
Nothing works.
Absolutely horrible 
I would rate this at 0 stars but it won't allow that. Don't bother. I had this when it first came out but deleted it due to the scanner not working. It's been some time and decided to give it a try, scanner doesn't work. You have to just input the codes manually. It's easier to just do that from the website. Also anything that might be cool to look at is easier on the website.
No Facebook Login Function 
What a waste of time. I can't even get get logged in because there is no option on the app to login with Facebook, which is how my account was created.
Waste of time and effort. 
I'm not sure of the point of this app. It won't scan the codes, only lets me manually enter them. Also it won't let me redeem my points. I try to login to go to rewards and it says to login with Facebook, yet it doesn't give that option.
Not sure what all the hate is about... 
I just scanned in four codes and it went through fine and registered the points right away. My only complaint is that I can't figure out how to sign out of it, and to redeem the points, you have to go to the website.
Waste of time 
Would give zero if I could. It's a webpage bookmark with a rucksack full of bricks. You want to redeem the rewards, go to the website. People buying diapers etc. have babies...which equates to having almost zero time as it is. When I want to sit and spend 30 mins on my phone, I get into the time machine and go back to before we needed pampers. Thanks for wasting my free minute for today.
Wish the Scanner Worked 
App is helpful for keeping track of points, but the scanner doesn't work. I haven't had a code scan yet. I have to manually enter each one.
Wasn't satisfied 
At first I thought it was awesome Pampers came out with this app. Was excited to start scanning my codes instead of manually entering them. Scanner didn't work correctly and every time I tried again, it would get blurry. I gave up, I love Pampers rewards program but the app isn't worth installing. If it works for anyone else, you are beyond lucky and I wish it worked correctly for me. Good luck!
Scanner DOES NOT work 
This app only has one purpose, which is to scan the rewards codes. The scanner is completely useless. With 5 codes to scan on first use I had a 0% success rate. Many attempts, changed my lighting, etc. Catastrophic FAIL!
Scanner Never works! What a waste 
Don't waste your time. I looked at this app 6 months ago and it was just as terrible. I figured by now there would be some improvements, NOPE it's trash.
Scanner Useless 
The scanner on this app is useless. I've tried numerous times and it's only worked a couple times. There are tons of scanner apps that work so I have no idea why they can't fix this. No point in having this app without being able to use the scanner.
The must have actually tried to make the scanner this useless 
Otherwise I would think just of chance it would ready a code successfully once in a while.
Useless App 
The app has two features - a scanner for redeeming codes, and links to the pampers.com website. The code scanner simply does not work, so all this app amounts to is using space on your device to link to a site you can open in your browser yourself.
OCR really is so bad 
It really is so bad. More than half of the time I have to correct it. With the number of apps that have decent OCR, it is amazing that this is just so terrible
Better off going to website directly 
There's only one feature I have found to differentiate the app from the website. And that feature is the ability to scan codes. However, you still have to enter codes on diaper wipes manually. Otherwise, the app is just a proxy for the website - most of the menu options (Grow On, Rewards) opens a new Internet browser window to Pampers.com. And you have to log into the website in some instances, creating a secondary step. In addition, it is cumbersome to get back to the main screen of the app - instead of a navigation button at the bottom, I go to Settings then select Main Menu. To get around the scanning feature offered in the app, I use Siri to dictate the code for me. Better to just create a bookmark on your Home Screen to Pampers.com and make sure to select option "Keep me signed in".
Will not accept codes 
I've tried multiple times to input codes, both scanning and manually, but it will not accept them. Totally not worth my time.
Great App 
Works great easy to use
Don't bother 
The scanner never gets the code right. Pampers, can you please give some poor computer science major a summer internship to rewrite your text recognition software? This is Machine Learning 101.
This is the "updated" app? 
This app is terrible. The code scanner is not remotely accurate. I end up having to manually type everything anyway. Beyond that the app offers nothing else of value, just clunky interface. Most things they make you go to the actual website for. What gives? A college intern could have this app running and designed better as a simple project. Let's see that happen please.
Terrible App 
What is the point of this app? Scan recognition is non-existent so after 3 failed attempts (yes, I hold it steady. yes, I line it up in the box. Yes, the lighting is bright and clear) I have to type it in myself anyway. Wastes 3x my time that I already don't have.
Terrible app 
Can't scan codes. Not worth downloading.
Keep being referred back to website 
Only plus is it keeps me logged in
Best brand 
Love it 😍😍
Horrible update 
What happened to this app?! I've used it nearly a year with no issues, and after the recent update the code scanner is complete trash! The code it comes up with isn't even close to what it really is. I try over and over again and it won't read any code correctly. Undo whatever it is y'all did! Please!
Pampers .... 
Hahaha I don't know why I was expecting anything else 
Of course app didn't work. It didn't work for these other people. It didn't work a year ago when my baby was born
Pointless app 
The app is called pampers rewards but you cant even view rewards from the app. Clicking the rewards icon takes you to the mobile site which frankly isnt much better.
no good 
can not ues
Rewards app 
First of all you have to manually put in each code. And the rewards on there are not worth the time of sitting and putting every code in. I'm very disappointed in this app and will be deleting it.
Has one purpose.. and it can't do it. 
This would be a great app, if it worked. Scanning maybe works 1 out of 7 tries. Sure, it's "easier" to just enter it manually from the get-go, but why offer the scan option? I have a kid in diapers, I don't have time to rescan a tag over and over and over while it rejects a perfectly aligned/well-lit + focused picture of the code.
Horrible App 
Maybe one of the worst apps made. Apple should remove it from the App Store it is so bad. The features simply do not work.
Scanner works now! 
So excited the scanner works now to enter codes! Used about 6 times with no problems :)
Why can't they make this a functioning app? Everything you click on takes you back to the website. What's the point of having an app?
Best brand out there 
Love how they fit the babies and keeps them dry
Just a scanner that doesn't scan 
The scanner has worked for me once out of maybe 10 tries. I end up having to enter or edit the coupon codes. A user would expect that clicking rewards would give you info on rewards. Instead, it takes you to their website without any single-sign-on functionality, which means you need to log in when you get there. The only function of this app is as a scanner and as links to their website, and the scanner doesn't even work.
Barely Functional App 
The experience with this app is poor on several levels: -Scanner barely functions -Other app "functions" simply link to website -When I am linking to the website, I have to reset the password I have already forgotten just to view rewards, since the app doesn't provide authentication data to the site when directing me to the browser The rewards themselves are underwhelming. I take no pleasure in using the app, and if the purpose of the rewards program (including the app) is to make me feel valued as a customer, I do not feel that it fulfills that purpose. Instead, it presents more obstacles and unnecessary tasking to my life.
This app is horrible 
Not only does the scanner hardly work but, it hasn't been saving all my points I've entered. I just entered some today worth 136 points and it said my total was 187. I know that is far from being correct as I've entered in at least five other codes worth 136 a piece. What a joke.
Scanner doesn't work 
Why to launch an app that doesn't do the 1 thing its suppose to?
Great App 
I love the app its easy to use
Muy buenos 
Me encantan
Scan feature fail 
The scanner doesn't work. Ever. You have to enter the code every time
Scanner doesn't work.
Horrible App! 
The scan never worked! A student from high school can do a much better app than this and only use less than a week. Totally a negativeness for P&G.
The best product I have ever used. No blow outs mean no clothes getting messed up and my child is content and happy using "Pampers." Thanks for making my life easier.
Scanner doesn't work 
Just got app. There is no where to enter receipts. Deleting app now.
That scanner 
Terrible. 15% scanner success rate. There are speech recognition devices that can understand what a person is saying, but this app can't make sense out of a crystal clear image.
Scanner doesn't work 
The scanner does not work, so the app doesn't serve any unique purpose from what can be achieved in the browser
This could be so much better 
The scanner works most of the time which is uber convenient with the long rewards codes. But other than that, every link pushes you out to the web to view more info and you have to log back in to redeem rewards. While single sign on would go a long way, there's a lot of work to be done with the app. Pampers is part of a multi-billion dollar industry, they need to invest more into their mobile strategy.
This is a good app, but scanner doesn't work as well as I thought.
I had to scan one code so many times I finally gave up.
Really good! But missing something 
Love this app! Makes everything super easy to submit. I do with it had the ability to look at the grow on rewards and the cash out rewards. Still really awesome to have!
Best part of app is a failure 
Was really excited to see this app had a scanner so I wouldn't have to type in long codes. However every time I tried to use it all I got was 'oops!' Can't see that try taking a better picture. No matter how much light how how good of a picture I got it couldn't read it. And the one time it did it messed it all up and I still had to type it out. Not impressed.
Scanning doesn't work 
The app only successfully scans the codes maybe 2% of the time. I will try multiple times with a code, in different lighting and distanced from the code and it works maybe once out of every 10 tries. Would be great if it actually worked since we go through so many packages and codes.
Scanner hasn't worked for me yet, and the codes are really long to type in manually. Also, everything you select in the app sends you to their website...so why have the app at all if everything needs to be done on the website anyways. Fix those issues and it could be great, as it is now this is an awful app.
I tend to save up my codes and enter them all at once, so I was happy to see they now had an app to scan my mountain of rewards codes. After trying a few times, I've realized that the codes with the green print (diapers) will scan fairly easily. Sometimes a letter/number at the beginning or end will be off, but easy to fix. The codes from the wipes packages will not scan at all for me. But, when I'm used to scanning an obnoxious pile by hand, any improvement is welcome. Hopefully they will fix the issues!
App is okay 
I love that I can earn points for buying pampers products. Scanning or writing in the code is really inconvenient. The scanner the app uses only gets the code right 10% of the time. Most of the time it throws extra letters in or turns a W in to a 2 for some reason.
I can say that this is the worst app that I have ever tried to use. The scanner has never worked a single time that I've tried it. The app constantly crashes when I try to enter codes and it always says that the code has been previously entered. How is that possible when it's a brand new pack of diapers?! This is horrible!!
Makes it easier 
The scan is not perfect but it DOES work. As app description notes: IT IS FOR DIAPER CODES ONLY. You will have to manually enter in wipes codes. I save mines to enter in at the end if the year so it can take quite a while. This app has made part of it easier. Sometimes it'll reverse a few letter or misread the letters but it was easy enough to manually correct it w/o having to re-enter the entire code. When scanning, make sure the code section has the red line right across it and your code sticker is flat (i taped the left and right sides down).
The app is supposed to be used to scan/type in rewards to 'win something'. What are there great rewards? How many points do you need to get them? It's not on the app and not on the website, so I guess nobody knows. I have been punching in these 15 letter codes for 11 months, and I have gathered more than 1000 points... I don't know why I continue to do this.... I will delete this app from my phone immediately. Don't waste your time. You will not get anything from pampers. Note: I am confounded by the people that have given this app 5 stars. Why??? Yes, the diapers are great, but what do you like about the app and this make believe reward system?
Doesn't ever scan any code no matter how clear. Waste of space on my phone. Guess I'll have to manually type them in. Not even worth one star.
I had the app on my previous phone. Worked so-so. Had issues scanning. However, downloaded for my new phone n it will not go past the tutorial screen!!! So mad!!! Deleted app!!
Why bother scanning codes, it can't read them 
Perhaps the most poorly designed scanning software in existence. Even when codes are perfectly aligned and in focus you end up having to manually correct them... and that's when the app is in a good mood. Most of the time it just declares your code unreadable and prompts you to enter the *entire* string of nonsense manually. To add to the worthlessness, the app just takes you to their mobile website (and makes you enter your login info there) when you want to see what (crappy) reward your current point balance will get you. (Discount on Shutterfly's ridiculously inflated prices, anyone?) Pampers really should be able to do better, considering how much their product costs. Hire someone who knows how to program optical character recognition. While you're at it, these rewards should earn you $$$ off future diaper purchases, not just nonsense coupons to other retailers and entry into a "sweepstakes."
Terrible at scanning rewards code 
It complains of poorly lit conditions when it's even slightly dark. I had to put a desk lamp directly on the code to get it to scan. When it did scan a majority of the codes were scanned improperly resulting in errors. It would add extra Xs at the end or misinterpret letters/numbers that weren't even similar.
Infuriating OCR for Codes 
The OCR of the reward codes is completely nonfunctional. This is amazing that they cannot figure out this feature that is now a commodity in most scanning apps. When you try to do anything in the app besides the scanning, it opens a web page. Therefore there is no reason to have the app. Skip the app!
Crappy app 
The scanner does not work at all. It's so time consuming having to enter all of the codes. Especially since the codes are very long. The app needs some serious updating.
Tried to sign in multiple Times and the app wouldn't recognize my password etc. even restarted my phone thinking that was the problem. Don't even bother downloading and just use the normal website.
Bad, but serviceable 
- Scanner does work, but the app is designed so badly it is hard to figure it out - Bad instructions make it so your scans are done wrong probably 30% of the time - If you type fast, it is quicker to use your computer and just manually enter the codes on their website. Whoever designed this app really needs to go back to the drawing board and try again.
Don't bother 
I was super excited when I saw you could scan your codes. Used the app for a while 5 minutes and deleted it. Half the time I had to manually enter the code, which is not saving time. Huge waste!!!!!
Waste of time 
The character recognition doesn't work on the rewards points stickers, requiring you to enter them manually. You might as well just use the web site instead!
Bad App 
It would be more practical if you could scan the barcode, otherwise is just a waste of time, specially with the wipes that most of the time you cannot read the pampers rewards number.
This app is a virus don't download it 
I downloaded this app and it shows on my phone but is grayed out and you cannot delete it or open it. This app is a virus don't download!
Useless for scanning 
If you're using this app to scan codes forget it. If you just want to manually enter codes on your phone it's fine.
This should save you time when your rewards sticker is scanned clearly, however it has some obvious bugs. It keeps adding additional numbers or letters on to your code. Really need to work on this.
Too bad! 
I used the same user email and password as I used log in to pampers.com, however, the app kept show me that invalid login. I can't even log in to use this app. Too bad.
Complete crap doesn't scan 
What a terrible excuse for an app. Fix your scanner. Enough said.
Great Idea, terrible execution 
To the Devs of this app... Guys seriously, I really think this app would be super valuable and will save all the parents painstaking hours from typing those random alphanumeric redemption codes in IF you can make the OCR actually work. Since this app misinterprets 9 out of 10 scans, it clearly demonstrated to me that your OCR engine is poorly implemented. Save yourself the headaches, implement a QR system on the redemption codes, license the Red Laser or whatever else QR reading engine and focus your efforts in improving the rest of the UI as its strongly in need of a overhaul!
Can't even log in 
Just keeps saying "invalid email or password combination" although it's not and I'm logged in on a desktop and changed my password just in case.
Don't Bother 
Don't bother downloading. Can't even log in.
There are dozens, maybe hundreds of receipt scanning apps out there. Copy any of them. The view finder is too small, in order to make the receipt not blurry you have to zoom in so far it is out of the boundaries of what they accept. This is silly. I use tons of apps that require pictures of receipts and ALL OF THEM WORK BETTER THAN THIS. Would be helpful if you allowed multiple pictures for long receipts, and made it so we can zoom out and not be blurry. I will happily buy Huggies instead.
Downloaded this app so I don't have to add codes anymore. I get an error message every single time and have enter the code manually anyway. Deleting!
Okay for scanning 
I scanned two codes no problem. Quick and easy. App is annoying because to access others feature, like your rewards points totals, you have to login again because it redirects to the website. No time saving there.
Yes, the reviews are true - it's pretty bad 
I downloaded the iPhone app on my iPad as it's the only one available. Its not configured to my device which makes it even worse. It's pretty much useless as everyone else says. Scanner doesn't work, so save yourself the trouble and just log into the website. It's easier to use and navigate.
Won't launch! 
Just crashes on launch. This is crap. Are they ever going to fix it?
I found the camera works best if you lean the diaper package up against a wall. It's quicker than typing in all the codes once you get the hang of it.
Time saver 
I literally had 34 codes to input and out of all of those I only had to manually type in 5 of them due to them being too wrinkled to scan properly. There were only a few codes that scanned in incorrectly and we're off by one digit making the entire code invalid. The one incorrect digit was easy to fix and submit properly. This saved me soooo much time. So glad the website advertised this app.
There's a trick to scanning 
App works fine; however, the trick to getting the scan to work is to (1) make sure you're in a bright room and (2) the contrast on the sticker has to be very clear. Best to scan when the sticker is still attached to the plastic bag. Sometimes the scanner adds an additional letter or number to the beginning or end of the code; it's easy to edit out the offending character. I'm sure future updates will make this better, but still worked fine once I figured it out.
Don't bother downloading 
I've had this app for all of 20 minutes and I've learned it's useless. The scanner doesn't work, I constantly get and "invalid" message on diaper codes and don't get me started on the wipes. 90% of the time you have to manually enter them in anyways. Also, if you plan on using this for rewards or pretty much anything else, it redirects you to the website in your web browser. You may as well just stick to the mobile site. I've seen some terrible apps in my day, but this is by far the most useless. With that said, Pampers has dominated the diaper industry, and it's the only kind I will buy, they just need to get with the technological times.
If you are having trouble with the scanner... 
Try lining the code up with the red line rather than center it in the box. I submitted 5 codes, and once I figured out how to line it up, all my codes were accepted the first time. Kind of disappointed that Rewards and Grow On need to be opened in Safari, but I will keep the app just for the convenience of being able to scan the codes; they were a huge pain to type in, especially since I always have a handful of them to submit at one time.
I thought that downloading the app would be easier than going to the website each time but no. The app constantly crashes and the scanner doesn't work. Definitely disappointed in this app. I've already deleted it from my phone.
Scanner is terrible 
Definitely not worth the download... Ridiculous Useless App! Doesn't save time. I've yet to have a diaper or wipe code be read efficiently. You would think as well known as pampers is they could at least link the bar code on the product. Would make for an easier hassle free input for busy parents such as myself. Especially when buying in bulk...get on it Pampers
Won't launch! 
Just crashes on launch. This is crap. Are they ever going to fix it?
Scanner doesn't work 
The idea/concept of this app is great and it would really great if it actually worked. The point of the app is to be quick and easy, and it would be if the scanner worked. It has not worked once since downloading the app, please fix and update.
Doesn't do the only thing I cared about 
I was so excited to find out that Pampers has an app to scan in all those diapers codes instead of entering them manually. But sad to say 90% of the time, the app says Oops! Sorry, couldn't read the code. I end up manually entering the codes anyway.
Doesn't accept rewards codes 
No matter what product code I enter, or if I use the manual entry or scan, I get an error message. This does not happen online.
Wont work!! 
I've tried to scan codes, never worked!i tried to now scan receipts and it never has worked for me once. Waste of time!
Logging in 
I enjoy being able to put in codes easier BUT my biggest frustration is the app does not keep you logged in. Everytime I click on it I have to login and there is not option to keep the login info. Also the scanner does not scan the diaper wipe codes at all! Please fix!!
Don't work. 
It's had a great idea but it just doesn't work as promised. Scanner is lousy, everything I scanned a message came back to tell me it's has already been processed. Who's the QA for this app, Hello?
Scanner doesn't work 
Yet again, the scanner doesn't work.
Not a time saver at all... 
I just joined the rewards program online and thought, "Hey lets download the app it'll be easy and helpful!" Well I was wrong.... I just had my baby shower and naturally got a lot of diapers and wipes as gifts, every single one I scanned came back saying invalid, or try again, or enter manually. If I enter the codes manually they are accepted no issue. Now I don't expect to be entering a ton of codes at once moving forward but having to manaully enter them everytime is going to probably cause me to stop using the application. The logging in every time is annoying but I already have apps that are like that and it doesn't stop me from using them. When a key function (scanner) doesn't work that is what will cause me to stop using your app.
Many features don't work 
Scanner doesn't work. Doesn't work when you scan the rewards and whenever I try to scan a receipt it always comes out blurry. They said I have to call them every time I want to get points from a receipt. Horrible app.
This app is horrible! 
Just downloaded this app to add my codes. Unfortunately every time I click on the main menu, rewards or etc. the app keeps kicking me out of it and takes me to a whole different page where I am asked to log in. Are you serious? How many times i have to log in? How many times I need to try to go back to the main menu? All i wanted to see is the rewards page. This app is a joke!! Pampers, please fix this! Thanks!
Needs work 
The scanner is useless. The only reason I downloaded this was to make it easier to enter codes. No such luck.
Love the update 
Excellent job! No bugs, crashes, or trouble logging in so far. The scanner isn't perfect, but it's your best yet. I would suggest having the reward catalog and ability to order from the app OR be automatically logged in when it takes you to the website. Thanks for the update! This app went from unusable/cringe-if-I-have-to-enter-one-more-code to user friendly. Well done. 👏
Love it! 
No more crashing and I only had to log in once!
Scanner is Useless!! 
If you have downloaded this app it is likely because you are a busy parent looking to save time any way possible! Having to login every time is annoying to say the least. The scanner is completely useless! It NEVER works! The receipt scanner is even worse! This app really hasn't save me time but has granted me more frustration since it's supposed to be a time saver!
Show some pride and fix this horrid app 
Doesn't store login. Doesn't scan reward code (maybe 1 out of 10 times it works)
Downloading this app was a waste of time. I wasn't able to scan any codes, I had to manually enter each one so I might as well do it from a computer.
Great update 
I hadn't noticed there was an update to the app. Imagine my surprise when I went to enter a code and didn't have to sign in AGAIN to the app. This will make it a lot easier to enter codes on the go, which, as a new mom, is the only way I could submit the codes. Good job on the app!
Bad 1st impression 
I just got the app this morning. Like most, I wanted to save money and time using the app. I just opened a pack of diapers and tried to scan the code. The scanner doesn't work and the manual input wouldn't accept the code. I emailed the company and am now waiting on a response to correct this error. I'm willing to keep trying with this app for a while, but this wasn't a great first impression.
Terrible app 
Not much to this app. You can only enter points. But the scanners are useless and it won't even let me enter receipts
With the most recent update my app no longer crashes every time I enter a code or try to scan a code. I've never been able to scan a code, the previous update it would just crash every time I tried. With this update it doesn't crash but says I don't have a camera on my phone. I have an iPhone 6. Pretty sure I have a camera. I quit using the app since I can't scan the codes, I feel like that is whole whole purpose of the app. To make it easier to enter codes.
Kind of a waste 
It opens a new webpage and makes you log in again every time you click something. Annoying.
Deleting this app! 
I thought I would give this app a try because I'm a very busy mom. I tried to scan 5 diaper codes and none of them showed up correctly, so I had to type them in anyway. Plus I still have to manually enter wipes codes! This app is a waste of time! I'll just be using the website.
Crashes when I try to open it 
Still haven't ever been able to use this version of the app because it crashes every time I open it. I had assumed if I was patient they would release a patch or some other kind of fix, but that does not seem to be the case
Does not open 
I have iOS 9.2.1 and the most recent update on this app. It will not open. Disappointed!!
I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt but... 
I've had the app installed since my son was born three plus years ago. It used to be functional, not pretty, but functional. It logged you in appropriately (and kept you logged in), let you manually enter codes and didn't crash. After an update a year ago, the functional part went away. The app was "enhanced" to allow you to scan codes. However it never gives you a confirmation that the scan worked, rescanning gives errors and the app quits. Points aren't tallied in the total (but do save to the account) and crashes are frequent. For a few months I assumed that it was upgrade pains and that an update would be forthcoming - who in software doesn't fix crashes? Apparently I was too optimistic. The app rating drops to a new rock bottom after the latest "update". Scanning still doesn't work and I have to login every. Single. Time. Instead of adding the ability to scan a receipt (does it even work?) how about fixing all of your previous "features" that have never worked? Horrible app.
Please fix 
The though behind the app is a good one, execution, not so much. I HATE that I have to login every time. I know it's for my own security but it's pamper points, not my bank account. Let me decide about my security...How about a remember me feature since its on MY phone!!!!! The scanner is terrible. I can take a crystal clear picture and it puts in random letters. Come on IT, this can't be the best you can do.
Can't use...don't bother 
Used to use this app all the time. It was never stellar but functional, especially for entering codes. After an update-nothing-it doesn't even open anymore without crashing.
Doesn't work 
Doesn't work
App never works 
They needs to spend more money on this app. It never works. Do not waste your time with this app.
This app is not helpful 
The app doesn't allow you stay logged in. You can only scan codes that are on diaper packs. I can't get it to work for wipe packs. It's a lot of effort to log in and enter codes in for the little rewards you actually get.
The scan feature works some of the time, but not always. To look at or redeem rewards, you have to re-log in, which is annoying. I also don't understand why it can't keep me logged in. Are they that worried someone will steal my reward points?!?
Used to work...until the update 
Like numerous others have said, it worked well until the most recent update. Now it won't even open for me. Just crashes immediately.
App issues 
I love the pampers reward program. However, the app hasn't been working, which when it does work it so convenient for this busy mom. Do you know if pampers is going to do an update anytime soon to fix the app problem. Thanks
Always Crashes 
I've tried everything to use this app successfully with no luck. If I'm lucky enough to get it to open without crashing it still won't let me manually or scan enter my codes without crashing and having to start over 2-3+ times.
What happened?? 
I used to use this app almost daily for the last two years, since having my daughter. It worked for inputting my codes and not having to deal with logging into the website and going to multiple pages to do so. That was about the only function, but it was valuable to me. After the previous update, which added the scanning feature, I was excited. However, it was a dud. The scan feature rarely worked without freezing up the app; if it did successfully scan it never gave confirmation nor counted it in the point total (actually, manual entries were no longer counting, either). Then, in December, it completely fell apart. I have not been able to successfully login to the app since the last update. It just freezes on the splash screen then crashes. I've tried deleting and reinstalling, to no avail. I thought surely a fix would be coming, but I've pretty much given up hope at this point. Very disappointing, especially from Pampers.
I can say that this is the worst app that I have ever tried to use. The scanner has never worked a single time that I've tried it. The app constantly crashes when I try to enter codes and it always says that the code has been previously entered. How is that possible when it's a brand new pack of diapers?! This is horrible!!
Keeps crashing 
App keeps crashing after entering a code and doesn't show my correct total. Was perfect before the update. Do I have to log in every single time? Every. Single. Time????
Please add auto login function
Remember Me 
The scanner is nice when it works but having to log in every time is annoying. Please add a remember me feature.
It works... Sort of. 
Touch ID for logging into apps has been around for a while now and it would be great if this app would allow for it also. It's a pain to enter my email and password in. Also, the scanning feature is not very good. For whatever reason, it takes a clear pic but when the pic shows up, it's not clear at all so it doesn't read the code and I end up having to enter it manually most of the time or rescanning it multiple times to finally get it to register.
When taking a photo of the receipt it comes out blurry. It's impossible to have all the info you need in one photo of the receipt. You should add a feature were you can take a few images of the receipt so you get the name of the store date and items purchased. Also the scan feature does not work. It keeps on indicating the code isn't clear but it is. Then if I try to manually enter the code it's not correct ?? It's right off your package.
This app hasn't worked in over a year!! 
This app used to work great. Then a newer version came out and every time I entered in a new code for a box of diapers I'd get an error message saying this code has already been used! So I stopped bothering with it because it was annoying! Now I just updated to the latest version and it doesn't work at all! With all the points you've cheated me out of I should own the Pampers company! The newest version claims it fixed "minor" bug issues LOL!! Minor? I'd say your app is completely useless and needs a "MAJOR" bug issue fix!! I'd rate this app zero stars if possible. Fix it or don't offer it at all!! That is all.
Crash City 
The app crashes at start up. Can't even enter code now.
Okay, so I had the same problems -- app crashing, not taking codes, scan not working, etc. Lo and behold, found a solution: DELETE AND RE-INSTALL THE APP!!! It'll work mostly fine afterwards. The only issue is still the scan. It kind of makes up letters and numbers as it pleases.
Update ruined it. 
The update doesn't work at all! Can't scan, doesn't add my points but then says I already entered a code when I try to re enter it. I don't even kno how many points I've lost. Still doesn't work and I lose my points.
This version doesn't open 
The latest update has a glitch.
Always crashing! 👎🏻 
This app used to work great. I was excited to see the scanning tool however it never works! Lately it crashes anytime I try to use it. Bring back the old version!
Can't even open 
This app has always been glitchy. The scanner rarely works, the app crashes mid use, just poor quality. But this newest update won't even let me open the app. Thus rendering it useless.
Since the update I can't even get my app to open up. It just force closes.
New version ugh 
The app won't even open. They need to update the app-- again!
Crashes and won't open 
Apps like this make me want to turn off automatic updates
App Crashes Constantly 
I haven't been able to use this app for at least a couple months now. Every time I open it, it just crashes...every single time. Fix it!
Horrible App 
This app never works and consistently gets worse with every update.
Bad update 
I'm sure it's my laziness, but I don't like logging in with email and password every yum I open the app.
Never works 
This app literally NEVER works! Crashes every time I open it.
Crashes constantly 
App crashes immediately after I open it. The rare times that it doesn't, the code scanner fails to work. Not only these issues, but my point balance never seems to update.
Sad day. 
For the first year I used this app to up load my codes and get my points. Then I started opening the app every couple of months. Something changes. I had to log in every time where I use to be signed in all the time. Now I can not even log in to the app! It's very frustrating. Things need to be fixed! Very disappointed
Completely useless. 
You'd think an app made for use by stressed out parents would be a lot more seamless and user friendly. Instead it's harder to log into than any other app live ever used, and once you're in, it barely functions. What a waste. Dozens of diaper brands and this app / rewards program was my only incentive to buy Pampers. Won't be bothering with the brand in the future.
Delete and reinstall 
I was so frustrated with this app every time I would scan a code to output shut off. Lately the app would not open at all, just deleted and installed again, so far works great.
App crashes every single time I go to open it. I've had to login to the regular site to input my codes.
Just terrible! 
This app is not user friendly. It definitely needs to be updated. It's like I'm using the very first iPhone. Hate this app!!!
Deleted and re-installed 
After not being able to open the app at all, I deleted it and re-installed it. It worked and I could finally use it. I only buy pampers wipes so I'm disappointed I can't scan my codes. I don't want to sign in for every scan so that needs to be fixed.
Pampers- please update/ fix this app! It doesn't work! The last thing a busy parent needs is more work and this app makes it for you!
Sign in EVERYTIME??????!!!! 
Please PLEASE add a box to check to alaways remain logged in. Its so annoying to log in everytime. Not sure Im seeing anything great about the update either. The scanner doesnt work and its annoying adding digits in.
Worthless app 
One star because I was forced...I keep checking for updates that will fix this app, but nothing. I can't even get into the app to enter codes since it consistently crashes and forces me back to the website. How can these issues not be addressed already??!!??
App crashes every time I try to open it. It was working for a while there, but wouldn't update rewards points. Now it won't even open.
Not good 
Not very useful if it won't even open up! I have restarted my phone, updated to new version & still not working!
Reinstall App please people 
I was having the same issues like you guys and then... Deleted the app and put it back on my phone and the app works just fine. Good job!
Terrible app since update 
Constantly crashes. At this point it doesn't even open. Hope a fix is coming soon. The benefit of this app was not having to go to my laptop to input all the codes. Love the idea, hate the user experience.
Great app when it works 
I've had this app for 4 years and have loved it. It's so much easier to put them in on this than get my laptop out to do it but I keep trying to put my codes in and the app refuses to open. Please fix!😡
It I could give it 0 stars I would 
Horrible app! It's all true. I've used this app for the past three years and never once had a problem. Now with the latest update I can't even open the app. I attempt to open the app and it will not open. Thank pampers you are horrible.
It really doesn't do anything... 
Seriously Pampers... This doesn't scan barcodes, doesn't read them correctly, closes itself several times during operation, doesn't keep balance correctly. It's almost as if you made it bad intentionally to keep us from bothering with the points program.
Code scanner does not work 
There's no point to this app, the code scanner won't read Pamper's codes.
Went from bad to worse 
I can't even get the app to open anymore. It is so bad it's almost as if Pampers is inhibiting us from enter codes so we wont get anything back. If this is case Pampers, just cancel the rewards program and save us all the trouble.
Still not fixed? 
I noticed that the website states there was an update. But that must be out of date too. C'mon. I can't even open the app anymore. It automatically force closes. I wonder if the Huggies app works better?
App crashes 
Haven't been able to enter a code in months because the app crashes when I try to open it.
Garbage waste of time 
App doesn't even open. Garbage
Doesn't work AT all!! 
The app won't even open at all anymore but when it did open it still didn't work. The scan function didn't work at all on wipes codes and it would read the diaper codes wrong so you had to retype it anyway. When it did finally accept a code it wouldn't update my points value. It stayed at the amount of points I had when I downloaded the app! This app has awesome potential and would be really really useful if it actually worked!! Very disappointed and frustrated that I have to log into the website to add my points. It's 2016! There's an app for everything now, but apparently not for Pampers Rewards :(
I can't even get the app to open anymore. This was the only way I use to put my codes in but when they updated to the scanner it hasn't worked well since then. Crashing , not opening. I was hoping I had missed an update but I guess not.
Doesn't work 
It never has worked great but now the app doesn't even work! It opens for a second and then crashes before I can do anything and I've tried multiple days and time:/. Come on pampers, get your act together please
Doesn't even open 
I've always had issues with this app. The scanner never worked properly, the points were never up to date, and it crashed as soon as it accepted a code. When it updated, I was hoping these issues would be fixed but instead the app crashes before it even opens. It's been over a month since the update and nothing has been done. It's ridiculous.
Horrible! - still 
Don't waste time with this app. With the old one I wondered why it couldn't use the great Apple scanning technology used with other apps so I was excited with the new feature. Sadly it's useless and after many, many weeks it's not better. The scanner either closes the app or misreads the code. I've tried entering the codes after scanning and I always get a message that the code is in my points history so I tried just entering a code from the beginning and got the same error. My point total is much lower than on the website. So disappointing that a decent app is now completely worthless. Updated 2/5/16 - now it won't even open. I try the app occasionally hoping for improvement. Same old problems of app crashing and not recognizing the codes. Now the app won't open with the newest update.
Keeps crashing 
Please fix the app. It constantly crashes on me and now it won't even open but when it did the points reflect the new balance until I put in the next code then it tells me it's already in my point history when I just opened the package and then shuts down. The camera scanner, while its a great addition that I wished for its awful and doesn't read the code from the picture that is taken.
Scanner Does Not Work! 
Scanner does not work well, if at all. Does not show all available redeemable items. Just awful!
Not good 
Used to love the app, but now I can't even open it without it crashing immediately. Hope there is a fix soon!
Much better! 
I was having the same problems as everyone else. The app wouldn't even open! But I deleted it and downloaded it again and everything works great!
App crashes when adding points 
The app crashes after launch. This needs better programming.
Probably one of the worst apps ever. It always crashes always says the server is down or there is some sort of error. Do not get this app, it will just frustrate you.
Doesn't work!!! 
I'm so mad! I used to LOVE this app. SO easy to add reward codes and see how many points you have. Now it won't even open. I have an iPhone 6s, updated and everything. Pampers app is up to date too so I don't understand why this isn't working. Get it together and fix it please!
Never opens 
I don't understand how this has not been improved yet. You can not even open the app, it just closes automatically. Get it together pampers rewards and fix your issues
Worst app ever. Please fix! 
Doesn't store login. Doesn't scan reward code (maybe 1 out of 10 times it works)
Crashes every time 
I used to use the app on my iPhone 5 and the scanner worked half the time...it was better than entering in the codes all the time. Ever since u upgraded to an iPhone 6, I can't even open the app now! It starts and just crashes every time. I guess I'll go to the web page.
So this app keeps insisting that my username or password are incorrect. I logged in without problems using my computer and then have carefully check my username and password to make sure I am not typing it in wrong. I deleted the app and then re-loaded it, in case that was the problem. The mobile web doesn't work well either, so when I have codes to enter, I'm stuck using my computer, which is clunky and never convenient. Anyways, I'm really disappointed... When will they fix this app?!
Literally the worst app ever 
I have never written a review before but this app is so ridiculously bad that I am taking the time to write one. I wish I could do zero stars because that's all it deserves. First of all, you can't even log into the app. It tells you that your username and password are wrong, but I know for a fact it isn't because I've changed it on the website. Then, even if you can get logged in, the scanner is awful. It always adds characters to the scan, even if you have a well lit, clear scan. I wish I could also shop for rewards on the app, but that's a pipe dream considering I can't even log in. Literally worthless.
Terrible Scanner 
The scanner is the worst. Scanned many times and it decree the code once! And it was wrong! So frustrating.
Needs overhaul immediately 
Fix your bugs. It's embarrassing
Worst app 
This app is horrible and has only gotten worse over time. I stopped entering my codes for a while because it was such a pain to type them all out. I was excited to see the new scanner feature on one of the updates, but it doesn't work and crashes the app repeatedly. I think this app only gets worse with each update. Very disappointed with Pampers' inability to fix problems that it is clear everyone has with this app as evidenced by all of the one star reviews. Mine would be 0 stars if that were an option.
Hate the new app 
I was so excited about the scan option for points but I have scanned hundreds of codes and it has never worked once. Then I type in the code and it always crashes. I never use the app now because I have to use their website to do it. Very disappointed!
Pampers needs to update this app 
And they need to consider these hundreds of negative reviews. My issue with the app is that i have to log in every time I open the app. The scanner isn't great but it gets most of the code. With that said, they've seriously got to start considering feedback, but maybe they won't ever. Their business will continue to remain lucrative whether or not they choose to make this crappy app better!
OCR accuracy is terrible 
Your OCR is only used to recognize very specific stuff. But still I can hardly get it right. You need to buy some better OCR algorithm to make it work. Put more money to the project!
This app is crap!! 
Every time I go and try to add a pampers reward code it goes through but it won't add it to my already points. And it always crashes after I add my new points. Don't bother with this app.
Seriously, Pampers?!? 
Just because you're in the baby poop business doesn't mean your app has to be crappy. This app is completely useless now. I have to log in EVERY time I open the app (and half the time it tells me my log in info is incorrect) and my points are nowhere to be found. *updated to 3 stars because they seemed to have fixed a bunch of issues. Still annoying that I have to login every time I use the app.
Please fix it 
I use to use it regularly. Now it crashes every time and I don't even know if my points are being updated.
Doesn't Work!! 
This app and the Pampers website in general will redeem my codes! I have a baggie full of codes bc the app keeps saying Pampers is experiencing issues please try again later! It's been saying that for months and the website says the same thing! Please fix!
Crashes every time I enter a code. 
It crashes every time. Like it hasn't been updated in quite some time.
Fix the Scanner! 
This App is ok. Good enough to see the available point and rewards. However, the scanner is horrible. It is really time consuming to enter the long codes and with little ones I'm usually short on free time. Please fix the scanner.
Crash after Crash, don't bother... 
This app this the most frustrating app I've ever used. The scan function rarely works, most of the time I correct what has been entered, or it tells you that it cannot be read even though it's crystal clear. Then, once you submit a code the app crashes without adding the precious code to your overall total. When you restart the app it defaults back to your total from when you first launched it sans any codes you've redeemed. I end up using the mobil version of the website because it gives you a confirmation that a code has been redeemed and adds the total for you in real time. Don't bother downloading this app.
App doesn't work well 
Scanner is worthless and I continually have trouble logging in. This could be a very simple, but valuable app. It needs lots of help.
A Disgrace 
How can such a huge company put out such a disgraceful non functioning app such as this one? Absolutely mind blowing. Now the website is not even able to be logged into most of the time. I'd suggest looking for better talented coders because what you have now is unacceptable.
Horrible app 
This app does not work. Won't recognize when I scan or when I type in codes. Every time I try to put in codes the app crashes. Points are different every time I log in.
Your app is a piece of crap!!! 
You're lucky you got one star, it should say zero stars!!! Every time I login it says invalid password. I have been doing the pampers rewards since it first started and have had the same login info since the beginning and now it's wrong??? At first I thought maybe I typed it in wrong. So I tried it a few more times. Still wrong... So I go to the website on my phone web browser and after clicking login it takes me to a blank screen... Get your act together please!!!
This app never seems to work right. I know my user name and password and half the time I enter that info it says invalid. Annoying. We parents spend a lot of money buying these diapers the very least your company could do is create an app that actually works so we can build our points and redeem them for neat things for our baby's. Get your problems fixed or get rid of the app!
Nothing but problems 
I've had this app for about 18 months. I've had nothing but issues with it! There was 2 months after an update that it constantly told me my password was wrong even when I would reset it. Now I can't login on the app and can't login on the website. I try to get them every month to get the extra points and then something catastrophic happens. It's a major corporation!!! How is the website and app so completely broken!!!! Every time there's issues I lose my momentum of entering codes anyway and start buying other brands. The only reason we buy pampers is for the rewards but the extra $15 compared to target diapers is just not worth it anymore!!!
You broke it can't log in 
Time to fire the people Who manage this app, insource to the U.S. And get this app right.. It's not that sophisticated that there should be so many problems..
Can't log in! 
I can't login this app to submit a code, and yesterday I can't even reset the password in the website! Today the website works, but after I resetting my password, the new password still can't log in and told me "invalid log in". What the f**k, is it that hard to develop an app that works?
How can you rate something that doesn't even work. 
It's 2015... Find a new company to revamp your app so it works. We can't even log onto it without getting error codes.
Probably the worst app within the App Store. Doesn't scan, does not show accurate points, constantly crashes. Do not get.
How can I loose points adding new codes? 
Every time I add codes I loose points...how is that possible???????? Seriously FIX IT
No thanks 
The purpose of this app is to save moms time and keep customers loyal. What it actually does is waste my time and irritate me. The scan tool doesn't work and causes app failures. Your actual rewards points are never accurate. Sad.
Doesn't remember me, really?!? 
I loved the idea of being able to scan the codes instead of typing. My god, why do they have to be so long and complex?! But the app doesn't remember who I am. On top of the fact it looks like a child created it. I expected more from a company the size of P&G. Please hire some real developers and try again!!
The app crashes, displays the wrong points in your account, scans incorrectly EVERY time, and sometimes posts points anyway even when it says it failed. That about sums it up. P&g- consider something called "quality control"
Logging in 
I enjoy being able to put in codes easier BUT my biggest frustration is the app does not keep you logged in. Everytime I click on it I have to login and there is not option to keep the login info. Also the scanner does not scan the diaper wipe codes at all! Please fix!!
Can you not see how terrible this is? 
Nothing works. Scan? No. Point totals are not accurate. Crashes after every submission.
I never have any problems with this app 
I do love this app. Its easy and convenient and pretty accurate. But I do hope at least I don't have to login everytime I open this app. And pls put "remember me" tab. I also do suggest that pls show the history or current activity that way we can track what's going on with our account.
Crash, crashing, crashed. Every time. Nothing more to say!
I tried to scan a tag. Pic looked great before submitting. I had over 7500 points before submitting. Clicked submit and it crashed. Re-opened the app to submit manually and now only have 7098 points and it is saying the points I tried to submit before it crashed have already been used. This is not the first time! You are taking points from me that I have earned and that is just not right. I don't know if I can trust entering any points for fear they will be taken away plus some! Please fix ASAP AND GIVE ME MY POINTS BACK!
Best Brand. Absolutely WORST App I've Ever Used. Ever. 
C'mon, guys. Really? For producing the absolute best brand of diapers & wipes, it's shameful that this app is horrible. Astronomically horrible. Your products are the best; we pay the pricier cost for that reason. The least you all could do is provide an (free) app which matches that of the product quality. It's not rocket science. Get it together.
Please fix 
This app only works sometimes. I often put in a code and get a message that the code is invalid; however when I try to put the code in again, it tells me that the code is already in my points history (although the points total has not changed). The scanner does not work at all. When I tried to use the "app support" button it took me to a page that said it was an expired link.
Terrible. Does not work at all 
App does not work at all. Crashes every time I have used it for months now.
Worst version ever 
Been using the site since this version came out. It has too many issues. This version always crashes. Wish the version would at least save your login name but it doesn't. Scanner would be nice if it worked properly. Be careful not to click the scan button when you do the manual input, otherwise you have to re-enter code.
Just use the website... 
I've been putting in codes for boxes of 152 diapers for the last 3 months and my rewards points have not been added in. Probably because the scanner is shoddy and does not inform you if the code was accepted or not. You would think a big brand like Pampers would have a useful and functional app for loyal customers...
What happened?!? 
It did work great but now I have to login every single time. That gets old quick. Scanner stopped working as well. Go back to previous version please!
Messed up app 
This update is the worst!!!! Pampers needs to fix it ASAP!!!!! Old app used to save sign in info as well as actually work!!! Smhh pamper
This app is wasting my codes!! 
Ever since the scanner update this app does not work. Every time I enter a code (whether manually or through the scanner) it tells me it's already been used on my account or is invalid but does not give me points. The app switches between telling me I have 300 points to 2000 (which I should have) I have collected over 30 codes I need to use and it would be nice if they could make the scanner work because I really don't have time to enter them all manually online with 2 babies at home. The worst part is pampers will not acknowledge any issues and does not seem like they are willing to fix it. For the thousands I have spent on diapers it would be nice if the company acted like they cared.
This is the worst app I have ever downloaded and attempted to use. I was hoping it would save time, but instead it is so buggy that is constantly crashes. Doesn't show the correct number of points, scanning feature is a joke since it can never read the code. This app is so bad it should be pulled from the App Store. Just terrible!
Since the last update the app crashes every time I enter a code. I can't tell if the codes were accepted or not because my points total is stuck at one number yet occasionally jumps around randomly. I miss the old app. The idea of scanning the codes is nice, but I wish they'd just give us back the old app that works.
Please fix 
After entering points it closes itself. My points add but doesn't remain there when I log back in. Scanner doesn't work either. Please fix.
Crashes all the time 
Every time I try to enter in a code it crashes (although it will add the points). The scanner never works for me. I have to go online to enter in points.
Most aggravating app to use. Force closes constantly my points never update!
Worst update ever 
The app was working okay and then after the last update, crashes all the time, scanner doesn't work, doesn't add the points... Can we go back to the previous version? Does someone at Pampers read these reviews and make the appropriate fix?
Very annoyed 
This app won't let me do anything anymore, it'll let me put in codes every now and then but that's it. And when I can put it codes it takes forever to update my rewards and half the time my rewards get deleted right after I put in a code. I can't even get online on my phone to get on pampers.com. Please fix all of this so I can use my rewards. I suggest to people not to download this app!
Worst app 
Never shows an updated total and quits after each code. So worthless.
Terrible app 
I was pretty excited when I saw there was an app that I can easily put my codes into but I found out quickly that this app is just terrible. You have to log in every time you use the app which is very annoying. Also, as of yesterday it keeps saying my password is wrong but when I log in from my computer it accepts my password. I am pretty disappointed with this app and will just continue to use the website.
Why have a scanner if it doesn't work? 
The scanner has not worked one time since I got this app. I have to enter the code in every single time. It's not a huge deal, but why even have a scanner option if it never works?
One star because zero wasn't an option 
Awful, awful, awful upgrade. Scanner quite literally does not work. Never has it gotten my code right. If I enter it manually not only does it not show in my point total but it also says that is has already been used when I try to enter it again!!!! Terrible upgrade, jump back to the older version, at least it actually works.
Does not work 
After the last update I cannot even use the app, it was annoying to have to key in the codes but now you cannot even do that!
Horrible update! 
Can't login because it crashes every time I try!
Needs work 
Hate that I have to enter my email and password EVERY time. It should save it. Scanner works 5% of the time.
Does this app actually work?? 
This app is terrible! I wish I could give it zero stars. The scanner never reads the codes correctly and it causes the app to crash every time. If I type a code in it adds the points for a second then it crashes and when I log back in they are gone. I've lost hundreds of points this way.
Wish I would have never updated my app 
I used to love the pampers app. Now I hate it. I used it daily before this stupid update. It never works. My rewards points don't update correctly, the scanner doesn't work, and it crashes when I enter a code then when I try to re enter the code it tells me that the code is invalid or has already been entered even though my points have not increased. I cherish my pampers points and I don't want to lose them just bc of the app. I go online now. Way more of a pain. Fix it now please!
This is seriously the worst app I have ever seen. The only thing it does is take your codes and put them on your account. You have to login every time you open the app. It would be worth it if the scanner worked because then you wouldn't have to type in the codes - but it doesn't. It works like one out of ten times and then it still gets a character wrong so you have to edit it. The other toolbar items? They simply send you to their website! This is disgraceful for such a prominent company to release such a useless and unfinished app.
The new version crashes all the time, you can't use the scanner and good luck just trying to type in a code. Just go online and input your code from there.
Is pampers going to fix this app? 
Based on the other reviews I see it is not just me that has issues with the app crashing every time I add a code. Doesn't pampers make enough money that they could fix the app?
The scanner doesn't work and if you manually enter your codes the app crashes...
I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times in hopes that it would work but it always crashes every time I put in a code, I hope I'm not losing points when it does that. I'm just going to stick with the online system.
Wish there was a -ve star rating ... Went from bad to worst... 
After its scan 1 code ; app crashes... Points don't update but when u rescan another it's show old scanned code and new one. Then again it crashes and shows old points...
This app is awful! The scan function never works and typing in a code seldom results in anything more than me wanting to smash my phone. I'm deleting this until pampers sends out an email or posts something on the rewards site that says that they've fixed it.
Needs a lot of work 
The scanner isn't very good. Even worse is that you have to log back in every time. This app feels like it's 4 generations old. Not sure who they've got developing it.
Worse app 
It's pathetic, may switch to Huggies or Luvs just bc this app is so sad. We don't even get the points we input most of the time - it says already in your history. How? I just opened the box.
What is going on???? 
This latest update is a mess! My points are not being added before the app closes out on me, which is extremely frustrating when I've tried to add a code from a large pack of diapers. I don't have the convenience of going to a computer each time I need to add points in, so I would like to be able to rely on the app. Also, the scanner doesn't work at all, making it silly for it to be a feature since it is of no use to anyone. Crossing my fingers for a new update soon
Horrible! DO NOT USE! 
I've lost hundreds of reward points due to this app. Every time I would scan or manually put my code in the app would close. Little did I know that it wasn't adding my points all those times this has happened. Very disappointed.
Just terrible!! 
It crashes all the time, the camera option has yet to work, and every time I enter a code it comes up with an error! Then I end up having to go online to see if the code even took. Waste of what little space it takes up!
Really Disappointed 
Having the same problems as everyone else. App force closes, won't add points correctly, and scanner doesn't work at all. Really aggravating!!!! It's absolutely ridiculous that you people can't fix the issue after this many complaints and the time that's gone by since receiving them....just go back to the old app and throw this sucker away. I hate nothing more than wasting my time! Terrible terrible terrible!!!!!
Don't even try 
The concept is great, but execution is awful. The scanner never works, and then I enter the code manually it tells me the code is already in my history and honestly not even sure it's crediting my account. Going back to using the full website I suppose.
I have tried to use the app and it only crashes or does not recognize my code or says I've already entered them. Tried logging in on the website and it will not take you to the log in page. So now I have all of these codes and I can't even enter them in anywhere. Very very frustrating.
This app hasn't served its purpose in months. The scan feature always fails to recognize the code or enter it properly. When manually entering it doesn't apply the points and half the time the app crashes. It is one of the most frustrating apps. I've given several months & updates and the app only gets worse. Done with it. Also doesn't help that Pampers reuses codes so half the stuff I enter on their actual rewards website can't be applied. Boo Pampers!
Update ruined it 
Crashes every time I enter a code and balance isn't right. It worked before.
Waste of time 
This app does not function properly at all! Scan feature doesn't even come close to picking up on the right letters and numbers. Also when I try to type code in manually, it crashes. I can't even tell what my real points value is because it doesn't update properly. I will only be using the website from now on.
Great idea, terrible execution. 
It's just frustrating. Wish they'd fix it, and better yet fix all their codes on wipes so they too can be scanned.
Scanner doesn't work, points don't register 
The scanning feature has never worked on this app, despite numerous updates. I didn't realize until I redeemed 5 packages of wipes that the points were not being added to my account (my own fault for not confirming after each one). The codes are showing us being redeemed, but my number of points has not changed.
Scanning doesn't work on new version 
What's the point of updating the app to include a scan feature that doesn't work and crashes app? What a waste. I don't have time to type the codes in anymore, probably will just delete the app and give up on Pampers Rewards altogether. The "rewards" aren't that great anyway.
Terrible application 
I have been adding points under the old app just fine. The new apps scanner does not work. When manually inputting the code it crashes and does not add them to your total. Terrible app by a reputable company. So not able to redeem codes I already put in which was about 250 points.
Simply doesn't work... 
Since they added the scanner nothing works!!!! Very frustrating!!! It crashes all the time and I don't know how many points I have anymore or if my codes were submitted or not. The worst app ever!!!
Log in every time I open the app!?! 
Very annoying update. Previously the app saved my log in information. Now it wants me to log in every time I open it. I have way too many passwords to remember to worry about a pampers app. Much less taking the time to type it every time. There needs to be an option to save your log in info. Please update this!
Totally useless 
I'm not sure pampers hasn't done a update that would fix all the issues. I have used this ap for while and now have to use the website because the ap is totally useless. Very disappointed
Don't waste time with this app. With the old one I wondered why it couldn't use the great Apple scanning technology used with other apps so I was excited with the new feature. Sadly it's useless and after many, many weeks it's not better. The scanner either closes the app or misreads the code. I've tried entering the codes after scanning and I always get a message that the code is in my points history so I tried just entering a code from the beginning and got the same error. My point total is much lower than on the website. So disappointing that a decent app is now completely worthless.
Why haven't you fixed this yet? 
The old app worked just fine even in spite of having to type in the codes.. The scanner doesn't work on the new app. I still have to type in my codes, the app crashes after every code I type, and it isn't keeping track of my point correctly. It has said the same number of points for 2 months now. And I type in codes religiously. What gives? Fix it already!
Awful ever since the update!!! 
This app was working fine but since it updated, I haven't been able to scan anything and it always crashes when giving the points. I have scanned many codes and it didn't take them at all. Needs to be updated or will stop using this app. Wasted all my codes!! 😡
Can't upload any of my codes, scanner doesn't work and online version says I've already uploaded the codes. Please fix asap!
Why would I want this taking up space on my phone? It never works!
Still terrible 
The worst app AND website EVER. Fire your IT people. You would think a company as big and profitable as pampers could get their crap together. I would give this app zero stars if possible.
Officially just gave up on this app 
I've had problems with this app from day 1 but ever since the new update it doesn't work at all. Scanner doesn't work and when you type it in manually it updates your rewards number than crashed and takes the points away but when you try to add the number again it says you already redeemed it even though it took your points away.. Officially just using the website
Worst update in the history of mankind 
Wow Pampers, what happened?? This app has ZERO functionality. Literally, zero. I haven't been able to enter one single code, and I'm afraid I've actually lost points by trying. And I see from the 100's of bad reviews I'm not the only one having a problem! Bad, bad, bad. Please fix!!
Please bring back the old app. This won't even let me sign in without crashing! Terrible!!! Not even worth 1 star!
No good 
If you are looking to submit codes, the easiest way is to submit them via SMS. Send codes to 726-777. They text you back in a few seconds to confirm that it has been received. Then use the website to redeem points.
The rewards are a lie 
App is a junk. Can't load the code.
The scanner does not work. Very disappointing.
"Oops! Unable to recognize points." 
Changes have been made to improve the app itself, BUT every time I try to submit my points, the app is never able to recognize the code even though it's correct. It is very frustrating. I hope they fix this ongoing issue.
Fix it now!*^^ 
Scanner doesn't work. Codes have to entered multiple times before being added to account
I can't even enter my codes for reward points anymore! The app most crashes. Ugh!
I scanned codes and got the Oops message saying they were invalid but when I texted them like before and they were successfully submitted. I was excited thinking I could just scan instead of entering the lengthy codes but was quickly disappointed. I would love for this app to work properly it would make things much easier. Please fix asap.
I used to be very loyal to Pampers since the rewards program was so easy to use however since the app update I could careless about Pampers. It has caused so much frustration! Please read the other reviews of this app and FIX IT!!!!!
What happened!?! 
I have resorted to only using the online version now. Since the update, the "new" scanner doesn't work and it crashes after I type in any codes. I am unsure if my points are even really being added since every time I opened the app my points would be different. Please update or go back to the original. I had no issues then other than the tedious typing of the codes. **after latest update- the app is even worse. It doesn't force close anymore but now I have to enter my log in info every single time. That gets old real quick. Obviously the new update didn't work. I can appreciate the scanner and the idea of it but again nothing works. It's just easier to continue to manually type in online.
The app crashes whenever you enter a valid code. Plus the scanner doesn't work most of the time. Great concept but needs a little work!
Bring Back the Old App 
This new app is terrible! The old one was great. I have to now go to the Pampers web site to enter codes. The new app crashes, and my points seem to get lost/not count. The scanner is useless....never could get it to work. Pampers, what are you thinking!? Either fix it or get the old app back.
Terrible! Doesn't work anymore. 
Crashes and doesn't add points.
Don't waste your time 
Always crashes Doesn't update point total Scanner never works- not even close to what is scanned no matter how clear the pic is
Crash City 
The app crashes after a scan. Unsure if codes are really added to my account.
It's a useful app for adding your codes manually, only. The code scanner has never worked for me and all of the tabs direct you to a browser page of the pampers website. This app has also been crashing after entering a code.
New Update Awful!! 
The app has always been a pain but with the recent update its unusable.
Crashes every time 
After entering my codes it is crashing and then they are not registering. Hope I am getting credit even though it says they are in my history but the points are not increasing.
Crashes, log in and doesnt work 
If I had known that this version doesnt work I will have never updated or even installed it! No log in info save, so everytime you've to type user and pwd, scan feature doesnt work. It crashes after you take the photo of the code, if typing the code is your alternative again it crashes after entering the code P&G has enough money and resources to fix the app. There's no point in having the app just to read your website content.... We want it to introduce our codes and that's it!!
The scanner has never worked a single time that I've tried it. The app constantly crashes when I try to enter codes and it always says that the code has been previously entered. How is that possible when it's a brand new pack of diapers?! This is horrible!!
Waste of time using this app. It crashes when trying to scan or enter codes. I'm pretty sure that I'm not receiving all of my points. I'm deleting it.
Horrible since update 
This app used to be so great until the update. Crashes every time you enter a code and the scanner doesn't work. Please change it back!
Would give it 0! 
Isn't the company embarrassed by these reviews? I don't even know what the point of this app is anymore! It's completely defective, untrustworthy and serves no purpose. I'd give it a 0 rating if I could! FIX THIS!
Went downhill 
I absolutely loved this app. It was simple and straight to the point. The scanner was a great idea, but it's absolutely useless. It doesn't scan, and when it does it's NEVER correct not matter how well lit the area is. Please fix the app!!
Bad to worse 
I assume you are contracting this out to a terrible developer. This app has always been bordering on useless and has now gone worse. It no longer allows me to log in. I have been really trying to use the pampers app for 19 months and all I can say is thank god my son is already starting to poop on a pottie so I can end my association with pampers and this app forever.
The scanner only works on diapers, not wipes. Every time I use the scanner or enter a code manually it crashes and shuts off. I was excited to see the scanner but disappointed that it doesn't work on all codes. I can't even log in any more. Very disappointing
Still awful 
It still won't save any info, and it takes several tries to scan, if it ever works. Much faster to enter it manually.
Better than nothing 
The problems with this app are well-documented in the reviews. I also have issues with the scanner and the app crashing after manual input. It seems to be updating my points though. It would make more sense to have a confirmation pop up telling me the code was successfully accepted and how many points were added. Not well designed but better than me using my regular computer just for this. Obviously us busy parents have no time.
Disappointed in upgrade 
Had an IPhone 5 and this worked great, now that I have an iPhone 6, I have to log in every time I enter a code, super annoying.
App is horrible 
I use to love and depend on this app. It now has become one of my most hated and frustrating apps. Please fix the app! What good is this app if it crashes and doesn't accept points. It tells me I've already entered them or oops it doesn't recognize it.
The worst 
This app is terrible! It crashes all the time! The scanner never reads the codes… You have to manually enter them.
STILL Broken 
I wrote this review a month ago at least and just tried the app again. They still haven't fixed it. This app used to work great, when you just manually entered codes. With the last update, not only does the new scanner not work, it also doesn't recognize codes when they're manually entered. I gave it a few weeks after the update to be fixed, but it's still not working. App fail.
Worst of "upgrades" to a downgrade 
The title says it all
Don't waste the download. App crashes constantly! No matter how hard I try the scanner never reads the code properly, and it doesn't keep an updated track of rewards. I constantly go on the website anyways to make sure my codes either entered properly or to enter them becAuse it crashes at every submit. Don't waste the download...this app is worthless.
Codes dont scan when you take the photo. When points register the app does not confirm so you dont know if they took or not. The app randomly shuts down. Totally worthless.
Does what I need... 
But misses the best part. It takes my codes just as I would like. I mean that's why we are DLing this app for any ways right!? The only thing is, is that you added the scan feature to make it easier, and it scans, but rarely ever gets the code right. Also after I TYPE (Im fine with that) the code in, it adds my points and shows me my total but only for a split second until I go to another screen. Other then that it is stuck on 99 points. Sometimes I don't think the codes work because I didn't see it update. OH! And after and during all is this app randomly closes. Good trash ;)
Doesn't work! 
The scan feature never works. Says code invalid and when I type it in it says already in my point history?!
Unreliable pos 
Crashes all the time, shows different points amounts after crash probably losing points entered before crash. Very unreliable and waste of time. Enter online if you want to be sure you get your points. App is worthless.
Crushes all the time 
Newest version crushes all the time and doesn't update the points.
Needs work 
This app flat out does not function. I'd like to be positive about it but I can't.
Getting worse 
Scanner app is garbage. Switch to adding QR codes on your stickers if you want to use a scanner. The app crashes after every entry and the points don't refresh.
Constant Crash 
This app crashes every time I try and submit a code. And the "scanner" what a joke. My balance changes by hundreds of points every time I open the app. One second I'll have 1100 points next time i'll have 1300 points. I can't even keep track to see if the points actually registered bec I can't remember how many I started with. With a company like pampers you think they did some testing before they made this junk available. There are teenager in their parents basements making apps 100x more complicated than this.
Bad update 
It doesn't save the points, I put in so much and it didn't update the points and when I re enter the points it says it was used already.
Doesn't work 
Since the scan feature was added over a month ago the app has not worked. It does not update my points. The scanner seems to work ok but then my points aren't accepted.
The new version is terrible 
I have had this account for years, and everything was fine. I accidentally downloaded the newest version and not only does the scanner not work, but it doesn't allow my points to load! Then when I try to reload, it says the # was already entered. And every time after I have attempted to add the code, the app shuts down- every time! I have 3 kids in diapers and my points won't load!! P.s. When you click on "app support" it takes you to the Pampers page but says "error 404. Page doesn't exist" !!! What the heck?!!?
This app used to work great, when you just manually entered codes. With the last update, not only does the new scanner not work, it also doesn't recognize codes when they're manually entered. I gave it a few weeks after the update to be fixed, but it's still not working. App fail.
Very mad 
Scanner fails to read the characters correctly and the app crashes repeatedly without saving the points entered. Just lost over 500 points!!!!! Not happy
You have to log on every time you use the app, it doesn't recognize your password and it crashes often. Shocked Pampers would have such a useless app, just not worth the hassle.
Absolutely Useless!!! 
Unable to add codes via scanner, manually, or website! Please, fix!
This app needs some work! The scanner NEVER works and half the time manually inputting doesn't work! It crashes all the time! Please fix!!!!
Fix the app people are mad 
I am only giving this app 1 star because I have to rate it in order to write a review. Scanner doesn't work, when I enter codes says they are invalid then when I rented them it says already entered but my points have been at 496 for the past month I enter codes almost every week I have two children 1 and 2 wks I go through a lot of pampers love your product, but fix the app and hire someone to monitor it better your customers are getting frustrated fix this problem😡😡😢
The scanner doesn't work at all I always have to type it in manually. The points never update and when I type the code again it say that the code has already been used, and my points have been disappearing one day I have 500 points and the next day I was down to 300 points. Very disappointed in this app.
New app is awful 
I was excited to see a scan option as inputting the codes is tiresome and doesn't always work but since changes were made almost none of my codes will go through. I try and try and then it says that my codes are already accounted for, which they are not! I've lost out on 2 large boxes of diapers and a box of wipes now.
Not Working Since Update 
The app was working great and I loved entering my codes for rewards. Nothing works anymore since the update. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!
App is awful 
This app worked so much better before the update. The scanner doesn't work and when codes are manually entered they don't log the points in the total. When you go to the website and sign in the points are there. Please fix all the bugs this app has now or go back to the way it was.
Do not update 
I used to love this app till the update. Now neitherthe website or the app work! You need to login everytime and still get a message "website is down". No codes accepted either with the scan or manual input. You try again and it says "this code was redeemed already", but you can't see your points moving up or your history. Try to send an email, the website is still down. Nothing works anymore. I wish I hadn't done this update, and that they wouldn't release it before it was really working!
Junk...go back to the old way 
Since they integrated the scanner, this app is horrible. It crashes every single time I enter a code, and the scanner doesn't recognize anything anyway. WORTHLESS
This app is terrible! Before the update it at least worked. Now nothing works. The scanner never works. When I enter by hand, it shows more points than it should then shuts down. I enter it again and it tells me it's already in history. I never know if it is or not. Fix the entire app!
Scanner doesn't work, every time I've tried to use it the app crashes. Then I try to manually enter codes and it tells me the code was already in my code history. I can't tell you how many points I've lost out on since this app was "updated" - fix it fast, Pampers!
You need to pay for good QA 
You can't release this stuff without testing. Now I can't enter codes and the camera doesn't work either.
Keeps crashing 
Please fix the app. It constantly crashes on me. The points reflect the new balance until I put in the next code then it tells me it's already in my point history when I just opened the package and then shuts down. The camera scanner, while its a great addition that I wished for its awful and doesn't read the code from the picture that is taken.
Can't sign in 
I'm relatively new to this so. When I first downloaded it I could at least sign in. Now I can't even do that.
Doesn't work 
Scanner doesn't work. I was not able to enter in codes.
App keeps crashing
What happened? 
I can't enter any of my codes manually anymore. I get an "oops" message every time I try. Very frustrating.
Frustrating. (1 star because I can't leave 0 stars) 
I was so excited to see the update to include scanning the codes. Then I tried it. It won't take scan, and now won't even take it when I type it in, it just crashes. Please fix this! It would be an amazing thing to be able to scan the codes in!
Needs fixing 
The last update broke this app. I am thrilled they are integrating the camera so you can scan codes (because entering them by hand is a PITA), but I am currently unable to enter any codes. Did they test this before the update was released?
Ever since the app updated with the camera feature it's totally useless. The scan option hasn't worked once. I can't even manually enter codes; I'm told that they are all invalid. I've missed out on point redemption a few times now. This needs to be fixed or just get rid of the app all together!
The app used to work great for me I could scan my codes and they would go in but ever since the update the code scanning does not work it says my code is invalid which it is not I have to type it in manually and it works just fine. I'm about to delete this stupid app since I no longer works don't waste your time you're better off just getting on the computer.
All my points are gone 
This app use to work and I loved it but a few months ago I tried putting points in (2 whole big boxes and a box of wipes) and the app force closed and it didn't give me any points so I started to put the codes in again and it said they were already redeemed.. But I never got the point! Fast forward to the new *bigs fixed* update and I just opened a new box of diapers to put in the codes and once I enter the code it force closes and doesn't give me the points again. Once again I tried to re enter the code and it said it had already been redeemed! I have been trying to save up my points for something and now it seems pointless since the past three months of diapers and wipe codes will not work again. Save yourself the trouble and just use the website. I should ask state that I emailed pampers a week ago with my problem and have yet to receive an email back.
just bad 
first time worked ok. later it didn't recognize my password, I tried the website and it worked ok there.. just bad. Hopefully they can fix it
Terrible app. 
Pampers, COME ON! You have the right idea by doing the whole Pampers Rewards thing, but getting on the computer, for me at least, is way too much work to just enter a code. This app lets me put in the code, but then crashes, and the amount of rewards points I have isn't what it should be. About -500 less points to be exact. Make the app work, please! Fix the bugs and crashes.
What happened?? 
I used to love this app...until the update! Now nothing works. The scanner doesn't work. It won't accept codes I manually put in. It doesn't update my points after entering them from the computer. Now, I logged out to see if that would help and it won't let me log back in! I'm very disappointed in what they have done! Please, take away everything you updated and take us back to the old app! I will take manually entering codes any day over this!
Umm..what is wrong with the app?? 
This update is gosh awful. Scan doesn't work and I've lost my points twice now. Very disappointed
Since the update this app is useless. Scanner has never worked. Manually entering codes doesn't work. Points won't update. No idea how an app this flawed was ever released. Every single feature is broken. Needs to be scrapped and rolled back to previous version.
Does not work! 
Update: still awful-please fix as the recent update did nothing to improve. Original: I was very excited to see the new scanner option but have been super disappointed that not only does that feature not work, even when I try to manually type in codes the app just closes down. Please fix :(
Remove the scan option or add a barcode to scan. 
This app worked well when you did not have the option to scan. Ever since the update, the scan option almost never works and it kicks you out of the app after entering a code. It's easier to sign in on a computer and enter codes. I'm not sure what happened but this app has gone down hill fast.
Worst. update. ever. 
The person/people responsible for this update need to be fired. First, the app made me log back in but didn't recognize my password. I was able to log in to the website, but it wouldn't store the new info, even though it appeared to at first. Then, back to the app, it let me in, wouldn't scan the code, so I manually entered it. It looked like my points increased for a second before it crashed. When I re-opened the app, the points were lost. I tried to re-enter them and it said they were already in my pts history. I tried another code and the same thing happened. I went back to the website and I can't find where I can view my points history anymore- maybe it's just the mobile site, but this is awful! They need to fix the points lost and give us all extra points for our troubles. I am now missing over 100 points because it says they're already entered- it's a new box! How can that be?!
Total crap. Won't scan any code and won't let me enter any code. I've thrown away a lot of codes because it keeps telling me that I have already entered them or that it can't read it. My points have not changed at all though. Irritated to say the least and very disappointed.
Bring back the old! 
With all the changes to the website and the app, things have gone haywire. After deleting and reinstalling the app, it seems to be working. The scanner still does not do any good. The worst thing now is that you have to log in every time the app is opened. There is no option to save your info. The old app before the scanner was great. Either fix the scanner and log in options or go back to the old version.
Hate hate hate 
I liked that it was a simple to use before they made changes. Nothing works!!! Going to delete until they fix all the bugs.
So sad! 
I was thrilled to find the app in the first place, then really excited when they did the scanner. Now they've just screwed it all up and it's just a waste of space on my phone!
A bit aggravating! 
Since the update, I have been able to scan a code only once. I focus the camera on the code and snap a shot that is clear as day, and it still does not read/recognize it. Equally annoying, is having to completely log in every single time I pull up the app. PLEASE FIX THIS! Other than that, it's great!
Please fix! 
Why does it crash every time I enter a code?! Please fix!
Doesn't work after the update 
This app used to be a really convenient way to add my points, and I was looking forward to being able to scan the codes. Since the update, it won't accept the scans or the typed-in codes. My points don't update, and the app quits when I try and use it. It's worthless. Take it back to the old version please!
Please bring back the old! 
Grrr! I used to love the app and after the updated download, it's glitchy. Doesn't take new codes bc it closes automatically after you enter then if you go back into app your points are lower than began. Then if you reenter the code it says it's a used code! Being a loyal customer you deserve more.
App crashes when adding points 
Someone needs do some basic debugging! The app doesn't scan well at all. Usually takes 3-6 tries,and when it does scan,the app crashes when giving you the points.
Updated from 5 Stars to 1 Star! 
This app used to be great. I entered codes al the time via the app. Now, the up has updated twice and still DOES NOT WORK!! You enter a code, the app shuts off on its own. Then when you reopen the app, your points are not there. App developers need to stop fixing what isn't broken. It's been crappy now for nearly two months... WHY CAN'T YOU FIX IT!!??
The app is not adding in my rewards! 
The last few times I've entered in my rewards code through the app it did not add in the points. (I've manually entered and scanned them in- one is not better than the other). When I tried to re-enter in the code it says the code has already been redeemed. Very frustrating. I tried to contact via email but the website is down. Please fix! Or someone contact me.
Update Needed ASAP 
Every time I enter a new code it tells me there's error or the code is invalid, despite confirming code is entered properly, and then the total will flash the updated balance for a second (sometimes) and then crash, every single time. Also, the new scanner doesn't even get close to reading the actual code written on the diaper package.
Your update ruined the app. I can't even log in. Major failure.
Never works 
Crashes constantly! Loved it before the update..
This hasn't worked since the first update you've done months ago. Scanner doesn't work. It doesn't update my points. I have no idea if it's even taking my codes! Change it back!!
Horrible new version 
I used to love this app. Now nothing works. Bring back old version. This is a mess.
Horrible update 
Scanner doesn't work and it's 50/50 on whether or not it will accept the code manually. It seems to update my points randomly. I was so excited for them to add the scanner option what a huge let down.
Used to love it... 
But now it's not good at all! Crashes every time I try to scan or enter a code!!! Please fix :(
You broke it 
Nothing works
Marks points as redeemed without giving credit 
Awful! Worse than before even! I've now lost at least 100 points without getting credit because it says they are redeemed after the app crashes! Also, the scanner is worthless. On the rare occasion it scans, it doesn't show the correct code. Horrible! Might try Huggies
Last update BROKE the app! 
What the heck happened?!?! New update doesn't work at all. Point total isn't correct. Errors when you type in a code. And the scan feature doesn't work at all. Bring back the old app!!!!
Awful since update 
The update really messed up this app. It crashes every time I try to input a code. The scanner never works and my points are never accurate on the app page. I will probably delete this app since it's now useless.
Great concept but needs work 
Love that this app exists but it needs some fine tuning. For starters, the code scanning. Love the idea but it doesn't work consistently. The tech behind Apple's gift card redeeming scanner on the App Store is what they should be looking at! Also, the app keeps crashing after a valid code is entered. I have to completely shut down the app before it properly reflects the updated points. Please tune ASAP!
What did you do?!? 
Won't even bother with the app anymore as it doesn't work at all. Huggies app works great with their camera should come up with something like that
Doesn't work after update 
Doesn't scan, crashes, doesn't update points total. Hate it!
Crashes all the time! 
Every time I try to enter a code the app crashes. Please fix soon! I used to love this app and now I can't even use it.
Crashes any time a code is entered. When I get the app back up after it crashes the points have NOT been added, does not matter if I have entered them in or tried the scanner. The scanner is a neat idea but often reads the code wrong. All around not a good upgrade. Wish I could go back to the old...
Used to work. Now it's useless. 
Why release a non working update? Fix this crap app
Isn't tracking my points correctly 
I love this app for the simple fact I'm getting rewarded for using your products. However, my app will accept the code and not update my points. Every time I log in it say I have 13XX but once I enter something it says 15XX and closes automatically.
Fix the app!!! 
Ditto everyone else. Bring back the old one. I hate having to log in every time. Huggies anyone?
Is this a beta version? 
I feel like all the updates aren't even checked for bugs. It still crashes when I try and scan it. Sometimes when I scan it, it adds another number or letter to the code. After it crashes, I try again, but it says the code is in my history already. I really like the concept of this app, but please be sure to check for bugs when you release a new update.
Doesn't work at all 
I'm a new mom and upon realizing how many diapers we'd be going through I signed up for pampers rewards. Entering codes one at a time was tedious but at least worked. Then a little over a month ago I got an error saying that accounts created within a certain time period (which I was one of) were not able to add codes for a few weeks and "sorry for the inconvenience". So I started just setting aside my code labels and even the empty wipes packages until I could enter them. Finally I checked back, was able to log in and was excited to see that a code scanner was now available on the app. Unfortunately the scanner doesn't work and now even when I enter valid codes manually it says it can't find them. It's really frustrating. I'd rather the program not even exist if I'm not going to be allowed to participate.
What happened!? 
One of my favorite apps has become one of my least favorite! Every time I input a new code it tells me "Oops!" This happens even when they give me my points because the code was correct. The scanner is a great idea, but it's done nothing but ruin this app!! Fix it please!
Could be better!!!! 
Please fix this app. Every time I enter a code it closes the app on me. The scanner doesn't work. And it never has a correct reading of the points I have!!
Absolute junk 
Just as everyone else is stating, this app is junk. The latest update looked to have a better UI but nothing works and now I can't even login. Tried to add points Onto the website and that's just as difficult. Hire new IT nerds. Perhaps ones that have a brain.
Bad update 
The original version of the app was ok, nothing to write home about but it did its job well. This new version however is totally messed up. It doesn't refresh well, it crashes left and right, and now I can't even login.
The updated app is TERRIBLE and so is their updated website. AWFUL!! It takes forever to recognize my password and then when it logs me in and I go to enter a code it tells me to log in again. And again. And again.
Marks points as redeemed without giving credit 
Awful! Worse than before even! I've now lost at least 100 points without getting credit because it says they are redeemed after the app crashes! Also, the scanner is worthless. On the rare occasion it scans, it doesn't show the correct code. Horrible! Might try Huggies
This app isn't worth the space it uses. It crashes constantly! I think it worked maybe twice. Not worth the time to download. Such a waste. The concept is awesome an convenient but in reality it's just awful. Worse app I've ever downloaded
Worst App Ever. 
Literally the worst app ever created. At first, it would let me sign in, but the scanner wouldn't work to scan my codes. Now, it keeps telling me the password or ID is incorrect, yet it lets me log on at the desktop. Unbelievable how bad this app is.
I usually don't like posting bad reviews, but in this case, I have to be honest! The update is awful! I've added multiple codes recently, thrown them away thinking I was good, only to find out all of them have been lost. Very disappointing! Also, as others have echoed, the scanner doesn't work! Please fix!
Needs another update... 
Constantly crashing. I don't know if I'm gaining points or losing points anymore. Such a disappointment. I'd rather have the last version back, at least I could enter codes then.
Good concept 
This app seems like it would be a good way to submit and track rewards but it needs a lot of work. First, it should have the capability to "stay signed in" or at the least have the option of saving your email login. Second, the scan feature never works properly. And third, I have so much trouble with it saying that I am not signed in properly even though I am inputing the proper login and password. This needs a lot of work and a company as big and lucrative as pampers should be able to afford to create a decent app. I am hoping the creators read the reviews of the people to create a better experience!
Don't bother 
App pretty much unusuable, it won't even let me log in. Hope they fix it.
New Update is HORRIBLE 
I have lost out on points. Every time I add a code in my balance doesn't update and when I try to re-input it says code has already been used. This is not ok to do to a customer that has been using pampers religiously since her daughters birth. I have been saving points for something nice and it doesn't look like I'll ever get there when new codes won't even add the points to my account. The scanner is a joke. It won't even work. It keeps saying to reposition my camera or to make get it clearly in the box which I have been doing. I thought the scanner was going to be more convenient, but instead it's a waste of time. Not happy!
Nothing works in this app 
The idea behind this app is good but nothing actually works! The scanner does not work - it doesn't recognize any of the dot matrix codes on wipes packages, and it does not recognize or misreads the codes on the diaper packages. When you type in codes it often does not accept the codes, and then if you reenter the code it says the code is already in your account. The point balance never updates. And now I can't even log into the app because it crashes every time I enter my login info. Very annoying. Big fail on this app. But I guess I'd rather their diapers work than their app, if I had to choose one.
Not working 
After latest update I can't login in anymore and when I was logged in it looked like points weren't adding but when I went online using the web I noticed they were all there. Need to fix app ASAP tons of unhappy Mommas!!!
Looked great, but... 
My app has been showing me the SAME award amount no matter how many codes i add.. I.e i added a 10 point bonus code.. The amount changed to my total.. Then kicked me out of the app & went back to the starting amount.. Id rather not use it.
Doesn't work. At all. 
Horrible app. I think I could code a better app and I have no clue what I'm doing. Crashes, says invalid login but it's not, constantly taking me out of the app and into their website. Just don't bother downloading.
crashes when entering code 
Crashes whenever i enter the code. Annoying
When will this app get fixed already?! 
This app has not worked correctly since the update was pushed through. Like others have stated, it crashes whenever I put my code in, and then it appears that points have actually been deducted from my total. I have uninstalled this app from my phone until it (finally) gets fixed. Seems to me that with poor reviews dating back to May, there has been plenty of time to rework the update.
Awful app 
The app looked promising but now nothing works. Can't submit points via app or .com. I called support 2 weeks ago and they said to try last Monday. Nada. Shame.
Crashes repeatedly 
Loved the old version of the app. The scanner seemed like a cool idea, but the app crashes EVERY TIME I try to enter a code, regardless if I scan or enter it manually. Please fix this!
it was great then i updated new version & i dont like 
At first when i downloaded app it was great uploading my codes then after the new update it doesn't scan codes always says error when its there is light & clear to see code then i try to input code manually by letter & number & it doesn't get it, it says i already put that code when i haven't or crashes so i dont get the points thatt bull crap 😡😡😡😡then i try to log in thru internet & it also doesnt let me input 😡😡😡😡😡 pampers fix problem ASAP PLEASEEEEE
Hate the new updates 
I have been using the app for almost 3yrs and it was working fine even with the lack of scanning. Your recent update is horrible I can no longer login on the app to enter points I have to go to the website which works. Please fix the app because it is a great connivence.
Disappointing updates 
I too was excited to see what seemed like a good update, access to rewards page and barcode scanner. I haven't tried to use the barcode scanner but when I enter points codes I see my total update then the app glitches and closes. When I reopen it my points total is lower than before! I documented it with screen shots. I've worked hard to save many point for a particular reward but now I losing instead of gaining them. Maybe it's time to switch brands, which is too bad because baby #2 is on the way.
Totally useless 
Not only does absolutely nothing on the app work, but I haven't been able to get the website to work either.
Can't even log in 
So frustrating. Since the last update nothing is working. I can't even log in it just crashes. Please fix. Website doesn't work either. :-(
Does not work! 
With the update neither the scanner nor the manual entry of codes work. The app crashes every time and you can't enter the codes again! What a waste! I guess a 10 year old built the app and was put on the store. Hello?! Do you understand testing?
Won't let me login 
App will not allow me to log on and I know my username and password are correct. Whenever I try to reset my password the app takes me to a pampers.com page that has nothing to do with resetting the password..... Please fix this app! It was way better before the update!!!!!!
New Version Crashes 
I used the old app weekly for 3 years. After the update it kept crashing and wouldn't read my code with the scanner. Now it won't let me log in to the app and I'm not sure I'm receiving all the points I entered. Fix this app or go back to the old one!!
Losing points. Update ASAP. PLEASE. 
WHYYYY????!!!!! I've lost about 900 points so far since this new update. I think I'll start buying huggies unless I get my points that I'm missing. I'm soooo mad. Needs an update ASAP.
Did they even test it? 
Crashes, loses points, etc. I couldn't even log in on my computer because their site goes in circles.
Epic fail of an update 
Ability to scan was a super idea, but epic fail. Not only does it scan incorrectly but the app crashes and closes after you submit the code. Then if you retry, it says the code has been submitted. Please.... Fix this!!
Update doesn't work 
Now I have to go on its website to log on... The scanner worked at one point now it doesn't... So disappointed! Hope it gets fixed soon
New version not good 
The scanner does not work no matter how clear my picture is. When manually entering codes the app shuts down and when re-entering the code it says it's in my history though I don't think I got the points for it. Being the old version back!
I wish I could give this app 0 stars because it has become HORRIBLE!!! I constantly have to log in using the website because it says invalid every time I use the app. I use to love it but it needs some serious revamping!!!
Crashes and points are not changing 
Points have not changed in app since 1st version even with entering or scanning codes
I love the Pampers App. It works just like it is supposed to. I love that it scans my codes and allows me to earn points without the hassle of logging on my desktop. The update was a HUGE improvement - way to step up Pampers!!
Old version worked great, super easy. New version doesn't scan, recognizes manually entered valid codes as "invalid" and then crashes. Disappointing.
Awful app 
Not sure why they haven't been able to develop an app that is reliable but Pampers, you really miss the mark with this one. Logging in is difficult right off the bat, then entering the code manually takes forever. BUT WAIT - now there's a scanner that reads the code! Except it doesn't work... Please hire someone that knows what they're doing and fix your app so us busy moms can start scanning our codes and have it work the first time, every time!
No better than last time 
Just tried to manually enter a code for wipes. The app didn't recognize the code (I verified it three time - I definitely entered it correctly). Pampers needs to get its act together. I've lost over 300 points thanks to these two most recent updates. I've had it.
Great for occupying 9.8 MB of disk space 
This app's only purpose is to redeem rewards codes and add their point values to a user's account. At this task it fails entirely. Whereas previously the procedure for redeeming points entailed typing for 30 seconds in exchange for a cash value of about .01 cents, the new approach is to scan the code, watch it fail to be accepted, figure out which characters it garbled, fix all four of them, confirm you got it right, then bash your head against a table when the app says your code is invalid. Five codes have now been carried off on the winds of developer ineptitude. Please stop pushing bug fix updates until you've actually fixed the bugs.
Latest update does not allow any reward codes to be entered 
So disappointed. I appreciated and could deal with the simplicity of this app up until the camera scanner update was put in. Now it has been updated a second time since then and now NO codes I try to enter get accepted. Please fix - I have been a pampers customer for over four years now and have tons of points out there. Don't make me move to huggies now.
Lost points 
I still can't login on the app. It says invalid every time. But I can sign onto the website fine. Pampers please fix this ASAP.
Not enough poop in your baby's diaper? Now with this app you can have a whole load of it on your phone too. The app flat-out doesn't work. Even with the newest update I can't even log in, but the website works fine.
I used to love it 
Still doesn't work. Hasn't work since they "upgraded" to the scanner. Now it doesn't even work when I manually enter the codes. I don't have time for this hassle. I used to love this app!
Still not working correctly!! 
Please invest some real resources into making this app functional and do some proper QA testing before you release the next "fix." It went for weeks without working and now with the update I still can't enter codes. I get invalid code messages even when I type it in manually. I have always bought Pampers exclusively for the rewards points but that is pointless now. I wrote to customer service and all I got was an auto response and a code for 10 points. The diaper codes I have not been able to enter are hundreds of points.
Same issue!!! 
New update and STILL same issue I posted last time.....I can no longer log in to app since the update. Keeps telling me invalid username or password. I've been using same username and password with the app and their website for years. Extremely frustrated!
Invalid Login every time 
Wish I could just use it - tried reset password, verified right info, login works on website but not app.
Hoping for revamp 
It used to be great, now it's useless as it does nothing, not even recognize codes. I'll have to stick to the website until it's fixed.
So bad! 
The app won't let me log in! I've changed my password like 15 times. Really frustrating. Hopefully a new update soon.
Website and app problems 
I downloaded this to bypass the troubles the website seems to be having (can't save the "required" changes to my account). Nope. Just fail again.
Go back to the way it was! 
The current version of this app is ridiculously stupid. I silently wished for a long time that I could take a picture of the code with the app instead of typing it in. When the update added the scan feature I was really excited! Until I used it. It may have worked one time and that was it. It wanted me to type it in because it was "unclear" or some nonsense. Then it said the code had already been entered to my account. On subsequent code entries it said the code was invalid or already credited to my account. I've probably thrown away hundreds of points because of this! And my point level never increased. It's about 2,000 points lower than what is listed when I log into the computer. I tried to log out and back in and now it's telling me my password (the same exact one I used to get onto the website) is incorrect... I hope this app is fixed soon.
One word: BARCODE 
I love entering in my codes on my phone, instead of logging in on my laptop and it taking much more time. I do wish I could look through the Rewards Catalog, but not my biggest issue... But what the app needs is a barcode scanner, and for your products to have a specific rewards barcode. It's time consuming to have to manually type in each code. But either way, I love this app more than logging into my laptop. And I love Pampers. :)
Not enough 
This needs access to coupons at least. A scanner for the codes would be nice also. I may delete this app since it doesn't do enough to keep taking up the space on my phone.
QR codes! 
Barcode functionality needs to be added! Sometimes the website is down, I get the "Sorry!" message and the code is erased! Entering a 100-digit code with a baby is tough. Either make the codes shorter or add barcode scanning functionality.
Needs a lot of improvement! 
I would like to add a way to take a picture of the code rather than typing it in. Quicker and easier! Also you should be able to review the points catalog through the app. The app is kind of plain and doesn't allow you to do anything other than type your code..
Needs a scanner/camera option 
He app is fine but extremely basic. It really needs a scanner/be able to use the camera to recognize the codes instead of having to type in all the letters and numbers
Add QR Codes and scanner! 
As far as apps go, this is as basic as it gets: enter a code manually and hit submit... That's it. The rewards program is great and all, but trying to hold my baby and enter a ton of digits from a package is often HARD to do (especially with a baby trying to grab at the phone). We often have to put packages to the side and enter them later, when baby is asleep. It would be a GREAT addition if packages had QR codes and this app had a barcode scanner. It's really a no brainer and would make parents lives so much easier. If the app had barcode scanning and rewards store browsing (why not at least link to the website, again seems like a no brainer), I would give it 5 stars.
It's a start... 
I like the fact that they have an app where I can enter codes rather than going to the website every time. However, it's a waste of space on my phone since that's ALL the app does. They should update it so you can view how many points you have accumulated, view the catalog & redeem your points through the app. A scanner would also be nice!
Just ok 
It would be great if can use camera to enter rewards.
I'm buying more Pampers because they do business with Isreal.
Grow gifts 
The app is wonderful! I would like that it would show on an actual website for the months you add so you can receive your grow gifts every 3months. When you log in on the website after you have put codes in for 3 months strait it does not show on the grow gift chart.
Needs to be better 
Such a basic app. A very simple keyboard fix would help to make it more user friendly. It needs a keyboard with the numbers & letters on the same tab. An option to scan codes would be ideal.
QR or Barcodes Needed! 
This app is very basic, which is fine, it's a nice way to enter your points instead of having to go to your computer or log into a website each time. With that said, Pampers needs to implement a QR, or barcode system, with a QR scanner or barcode reader built into this app (I'd change my rating to 5 stars if this were to happen). I buy from big box stores so I have a lot of codes to enter, when you have a little one, or multiple for that matter you don't always have the time to sit and enter codes, and re-enter the codes when you have a typo, or the code is poorly printed on the package of wipes (also an area that needs improvement). The diaper sticker labels are nice, and printed clearly. As others have mentioned, it would also be nice if they would add the catalogue to this app, and the ability to redeem for it as well.
Its point is to enter points and yes you can and yes it's simple. That's all you can do. Wish it offered much more.
Annoying SignOut popup 
Remove SignOut option from popup Code are really long and specially on wipes they are unreadable. Introduce QR code to scan in your app making code entry in account easier.
Ok- I guess 
It would be really nice if there was a scanner of some sort. It would also be nice if you could redeem your points through the app.
Won't let me sign in, keeps saying invalid username and password but both are correct.
It's simple to add points to your account, but if P&G spent more than 10 seconds putting this together I'm sure they could add catalog search/browse and redeem functions.
Does what it says 
Very easy to use. No fuss. No frills. Just what I needed.
No frills 
Basic app. Would love to be able to scan codes & see a list of recently entered codes. Seeing the reward catalog would be good too but not needed.
Need to scan! 
Need to be able to scan and link to rewards that are within reach of your points!
Such a crappy app. The only thing you can do is enter codes. I can easily do this by texting the codes. It's a waste of space on your phone. It would be great if they updated this to be able to browse the reward catalog and redeem your points from the app. That would earn 5 stars!!
Does the job, but... 
This app is very basic - enter one code at a time & see your point balance. This would so much more useful if there was an option for entering multiple codes similar to the functionality of the website. It is so time consuming to enter codes when you buy wipes & diapers in bulk and want to enter all the codes at once.
Boycott Israel - Boycott Pampers 
I am boycotting all Pampers products as they do business with Israel - the mass murderer and Terrorist state.
Just enter codes... That's it! Drawback? One code at a time... Lol
Needs a couple features. 
The app works as advertised, but the process is tedious. Add a camera scan option for quick code input, a link to where to redeem, and an optional reminder to keep from missing a month with entering codes and you'd have a five star app.
QR Bar Code needed!!! 
The pampers app and the rewards codes on the diapers desperately need the "snap a picture of the bar code" capability. As diaper changing mom, seldom do I have to time to sit down and hand type a 14-16 digit code into pampers rewards. I am positive that if I could snap a picture of the rewards code and add the points to my profile, I would have many more points than I do now! Please, please, please consider this option! It would make a world's difference when opening a new bag of Pampers at 3 am!
I like it but it could be better 
I like the new update thanks. I was wondering why have pampers never added an option to scan. As a parent life is busy and hectic, adding a scanner would make it easier. Less likely to do mistakes. You can add a scanner like apple has for its gift cards.
Just ok 
This app is very useful to add points to your account but I would like it even more if you could keep track of the codes you enter per month and if you could access the reward catalog.
It's a basic counter for your points, which is nice except if you make a mistake at the start you have to delete to get back to that point rather than just touching where in the set of characters you want to change. Also would like to be able to view the rewards catalog through the app.
Good app 
I really like this app cause I barely have time to get on the computer. I just wish we could redeem points on the app. Maybe here soon they can get that.
It's 2014, can we scan codes? 
I love the convenience of the app but it's time-consuming to have to enter codes manually. It would be great if we could scan the codes into the app, like QR codes or a barcode of sorts. As a busy mom, I have less and less time to spend putting in these codes.
Doesn't work 
The app wouldn't even let me log in with the same username and password I use on my laptop.
app doesn't work 
I can't even log into the app yet I can log in through their website their gift to grow isn't working on their website neither I guess I won't be able to collect or use my points
Can't log in 
I have tried numerous times to log in through the app and it continues to tell me the log in us invalid. I am able to log in through the website on my computer, so I am not sure what the problem is. Very frustrating!
QR codes! 
Barcode functionality needs to be added! Sometimes the website is down, I get the "Sorry!" message and the code is erased! Entering a 100-digit code with a baby is tough. Either make the codes shorter or add barcode scanning functionality.
Doesn't Work 
It keeps saying I have the wrong username / password. It works when I try it on my computer.
Can't even log in 
Tried to login repeatedly using the same credentials I use to login in the website and got nothing but an error message every time.
Will not login 
I can't login on the app at all. I logged in on the laptop to make sure & it logged in fine. Just keeps saying invalid on the app. Very frustrating!!
Needs Major Improvement 
1. Please stop printing codes on seam of pkg. About 1/4 of the time I cannot read the code to enter it. 2. Within the app for iPhone, it would be helpful if the letters and numbers were on the same screen. It takes twice as long to enter codes bc I have to change from alpha to numeric every other symbol within the code. 3. I would like to see a scanning ability to make entering codes almost effortless. 4. Not sure why a travel pkg of 64 wipes earns 10pts, while the pkgs of 64 with a bulk box are only worth 5...
Convenient but REALLY needs Work 
Crashes/ closes out every time you input a code. Then when you re-enter the code it says it's already been input. When it does work it's convenient. Wish it would show what rewards are available through the ap but only does it on the website.
Crashes every other time you enter a code. 
Crashes constantly. Would be awesome if it didn't do that.
Man, I wish I'd known about this app months ago! I love bring able to enter the code right away and be done with it! I used to tear out the sticker and (try to) keep them all together until I sat at the computer and remembered to enter them. And remembered my Pampers login and password. :) This just makes accumulating points SO easy!!
Crashes every time I input a code. I downloaded this for convenience, but so far I'm very disappointed.
Needs fixed! Crashes every time I enter a code and getting very annoying. Please fix soon!
Scannable Coupon Code? 
Make the coupon code scannable so that its easier to enter instead of typing 15 digit code using my mobile keypad! Otherwise would give 5 stars....
Crashes constantly. 
I don't recommend this app until there's a stable update with better features. When it's on a roll it crashes after EVERY code is input, and/or says codes are invalid or entered incorrectly when they aren't. Plus, there absolutely should be a scan option, who has time for this - we have babies, hello! The app should be providing convenience, not wasting the customer's time.
Used to be good.. 
Was a useful app until it quit accepting my password. I logged in online to make sure I had the password right and I do... Very frustrating
Once was good! 
Entering codes used to be a dream but now I can't login and when i do get on it kicks me off. Everything works on the mainsite but not the app! What happened pampers ! Bring back The easy app :)
Nice but addition would make it much better 
I love this app, it makes entering codes much faster/easier. Only thing I wish the would add is the ability to shop their rewards catalog from the app as well instead of having to go online. The website doesn't have a mobile version so it's difficult to do even on my phones web browser. I look forward to the day they add this feature and hope it's soon. It would be a 5 star app easily if so! :-) good work pampers thus far though, and I hope you continue to offer pampers points for much longer! I love the products already but the rewards system makes them that much better!
Need scannable bar codes! 
Please make these codes smartphone scannable!
Please fix! 
This used to be a great app, quick & easy to enter my codes. However, for the last two weeks, it's been down & I've been unable to put my codes in, or even access a way to enter my codes. It won't accept my password when I know it's the correct one. Please fix & update!! Very aggravating!
Use with Siri and it's great!! 
I agree with some of the other reviews that scannable codes would make this better. However I've been using Siri to enter my codes and it has been a huge success. I do have some issues with Siri using and/are for N/R, but it is super easy to fix those 2 letters without it messing up the whole types code. Beats typing the whole code any day of the week.
I like how the codes entered stay capitalized the whole time makes it easier.
Password issues! Fix. This. App. 
App is great when it works. If I set it to not log out, I love it. So handy for entering codes. But it randomly logs me out, and whenever that happens I am hosed -- bc it refuses to accept my correct password and email for days and days. (I know it's the correct one bc I can log into the actual site with the email/pass combination.) Then, just as randomly, it will accept my password again. I have emailed company bc it happens over and over again, but it continues. Just glad to see it is not just me...
Down for a week 
I would give this no stars if I could since it hasn't worked the entire first week I've had it! I finally gave up and went to the website to enter my codes, but they took that option away. Fix this app or allow us to enter codes in the website!!!
The app is a very convenient way to enter the codes, but unfortunately it has been crashing every time I put a code in. Not cool :-/
Easy way to enter codes fast
Have had this app for almost 2 years...first time I have had problems. Crashes every time I enter the correct user name and password. Please fix!!!!
Love this app! 
This app makes it simple to type in my diaper codes. I never have a chance to sit down at my computer with my new little with me always. I'm a busy mom so I would love if you could make it possible to scan your unbelievable long codes in with my iPhone and add my points to my account that would be awesome thanks so much! I Will always be a diehard pampers mom. love there diapers.
A wish 
Actually two. I wish I could access the gifts to grow catalog to see what's available for the amount of points I have. And two, I wish we could you the camera/scanner to input the code instead of typing it out. I'm not lazy, I just think that would be helpful!
Needs iPad version 
Please make this app compatible with iPads. Allow the app to rotate and also allow for entering multiple codes at the same time. Fix those and I will change my rating.
Crashes :( 
I have been using this app for years and LOVE it- but recently did update and now it just crashes and won't except my password! PLEASE FIX!!! Used to b such a great app.
Works great! 
Love this app! So much more convenient than going online. Never had a problem with it crashing.
Couldn't even open the app. As soon as I put my log in information the app would close. :(
Well, I used to be thankful that I could do this on my phone, but now I can't even get in. I'm hardly ever infront of a computer, so it's frustrating. Also, if there were barcodes to scan from now on, how terrific would that be?? It's hard enough to read these codes without having time to input all this in all the time. And I also agree I would love to see the rewards on here!!!
Always having issues 
It can't redeem my codes because of technical difficulties. Bugs need to be fixed. And an iPad version needs to be made
Miss this app 
I used to love this app; I have no Internet so I would just type in my codes on my phone and in they go but now it's a no go. Very sad
Needs more features 
I don't have any technical issues, but it would be far more useful if there were additional features. Push notifications for new offers, bonus points, etc. And you must add a scan feature!!
Works ok but 
App works ok but easier to set up texting in your codes. Needs a few things like; scan feature (like banking apps for checks), redeeming feature, offers and such. Essentially this app offers the same features as texting in your codes. Disappointing really.
Great App!! 
It hid was exactly what I was looking for as it is much easier and faster than going online. I haven't had any issues with crashing. It would be nice to be able to enter more than one at a time, like you can online. But still a quick and easy app to use!!
P & G fix this app!! 
Was so happy when I downloaded this a year ago, very easy to use. Now it crashes everytime I attempt a login... Haven't been able to use this app for months now! I mean c'mon proctor & gamble, spend a lil to keep your customers happy!!
Please repair!!! Does not work 
This app has not worked for some time, nor has the place to enter codes online. I cannot even log on, it boots me off. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this app and it still does not work! Boo!!
So much easier than online 
I just installed this a few hours ago, but it has worked just fine for me. I seriously have a shoebox full of over 30 codes that need entered because I don't take the time to log on online. Hopefully I won't get behind now, because the app is so much easier. You can't turn in the rewards on the app so I gave it 4 stars, but that really doesn't bother me to go online to redeem all of them.
Pampers should improve their products and make more for older children, teens and young adults 
I've used Pampers wipes and they work great for teens and young adults, but I believe that the diapers should be improved to fit teens and adults so that people won't have to use public restrooms ever again. I want the Baby-Dry diapers to get a size increase to teen and adult sizes and the Cruisers should get the same. Also Pampers should create more items besides toiletries. They should make clothes for newborns, babies, teens and adults, as well as pacifiers and bottles all for babies, toddlers, children, teens and adults.
Used to work well, but crashes now. 
This app used to work pretty well, but now it keeps crashing after login. Please fix! I love entering my codes this way!
It's okay.. 
I'd like to be able to do more than just enter the codes
Make it so I can take a picture of the code and it will enter it for me. Otherwise, what's he point? I can use my laptop to simply enter codes.
App crashes 
Please fix!
Keep working! 
This is very handy for just entering codes, but it would be much better if you could scan the code or at least place the cursor within the string of letters/numbers and correct just one that is mistyped instead of deleting the whole string and starting over. Would also be more satisfying if you could see catalog of rewards available.
Not very useful 
It only allows you to enter codes. Not sure why we can't redeem points and look at rewards, you can only do this on their website...
Could be better. 
I absolutely love being able to quickly add codes to my account without having to pull out my laptop every time. However, I wish there could be a way to look at and redeem rewards via the app. That would make the app so much better.
Works as advertised, but could be better 
This apps' only purpose is to enter codes from Pampers diapers and wipes. It does that very well, but entering codes is cumbersome. Feature requests: -The app could utilize the camera to take pictures of codes and process them that way. Or the rewards program could use bar- or QR codes to make point entry a snap. - Logout should be part of the main frame of the app and not display as a button after each code entry. I have never needed to log out of this app.
Makes entering the codes super easy! Wish you could see ye catalog through here too...many soon?
Fine, could be more functional 
It's great to enter codes quickly. We should also be able to view rewards history and redeem rewards. It would be fantastic if the codes had a QR code and the app was equipped with a QR reader. We have young kids. Make it as easy for us as possible! :)
Very convenient for entering points without having to go to the computer and do it! Only downfall is the catalog to redeem points can't be accessed from the mobile app.
More useful than Website but needs functions 
Certainly more useful for entering codes than the iOS unfriendly website but this app needs a key function to get truly useful. Either add a photo entry option where a code can be photographed and translated to the code, or add QR codes so parents don't need to save unsafe plastic bags around the house until we can manually enter codes.
Love iT! 
Easy to enter the codes!!! That's all I wanted!
Only enters code 
Like the idea of the app helping to enter codes fast but I think it would be better if you could view reward gifts and use your points. To make it easier it would be nice to have a code scanner or something that can view the codes very fast. Overall good but doesn't do anything except log you in to enter codes.
Pampers Rewards 
Awesome app for Moms who barely get on their computers. Very convienent!

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