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Company: Sunovion
Published under: SUNOVION PHARMACEUTICALS INC. at United States
Device: iPhone
Condition: Insomnia
Current Version: 1.0
Size: 23.7 MB
Langauge: English
Created: 06-26-2013
Country: United Arab Emirates, Antigua and Barbuda, Albania view all
Requirements: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
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Total Downloads: 35
Sleep is vital to our health and well-being. But millions of us still struggle with sleeplessness. If you are one of them, take on your challenges with the free Luna TrackerTM app.A COMPREHENSIVE SLEEP TRACKER● TRACK YOUR SLEEP Keep track of how many hours you sleep and how many times you wake up during the night.● WAKE UP WHEN YOU’RE READY Use the Luna Alarm to help wake you up during a...more

Luna Tracker™

Luna Tracker™

Customer Reviews

Love it. 
I love the app so far, I haven't gotten to use it yet however because I like to listen to the ambient station on Pandora to fall asleep. Would you be able to allow us to use Pandora as a sound method instead of the 4-5 prerecorded ones or the music library ones? I'd really hate to start sleeping with my iPad as the pandora method and then use this app as it should be. Thank you!
Perfect for sleep and keeping track of sleep
Nifty app 
Interesting sleep pattern tracker. Wis h developers would modify so that awake time durations are deducted from total sleep hours.
Useful app 
Great app! It tracked my sleep patterns and made me aware of the need to change my sleeping habits. Step ahead towards a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend it!
Id like to have an option to send the graph sections of the awake, light sleep and deep sleep stats to my doctor.
Doesn't work with iOS7 
I used to love this app, but it doesn't work with iOS7 because it no longer picks up any wakenings at all. It's just a flat line all night, even when I get out of bed in the night. Very disappointing since the app helped me see what was going on with my sleep. Please make compatible with iOS7!!
Drug company scam 
This is nothing but a cheesy, transparent, marketing scheme to get you to buy a specific (expensive!) medication for insomnia. It seems too good to be true that you can monitor sleep reliably by leaving your cell phone on your bed and it is.
Not robust 
Considering this app was released a year ago and there's never been an update, I'd have to agree with the assessments that its a marketing ploy. It's got very little useful other than a nifty graph showing you when you had deep vs light sleep. That's useful if you're one of those who thinks they're awake more than you actually are. Everything else? Silly. Sure, you can track a nap, but only the start time - not the duration. This means it doesn't go towards your sleep goal. For people like me who sleep during the night then take a 90 min nap in the day (very common among Latin communities), we don't get the whole picture. Also, it includes tracking caffeine (good idea) but not when you drink it, which makes a huge difference! It also doesn't track alcohol consumption, which deeply affects sleep. Overall you can get the tricks elsewhere, get more useful tools elsewhere, and not feel like you're being sold to.
I have insomnia for as long as i can remember. Tonight was my first time using it. The music sound on there were really relaxing. I got three hours of deep sleep. Three full hours. Due to the insomnia that's like my deep sleep high score

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