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    KidneyAPPetite™ for iPad

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Published under: By sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC. at United States
Device: iPad
Current Version: 1.3.1
Size: 27 MB
Langauge: English
Created: 03-02-2014
Updated: 11-24-2014
Developer: Sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC.
Country: United States
Requirements: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
0 Ratings
Total Downloads: 33
If you are living with chronic kidney disease (CKD) on dialysis — or are caring for a loved one who is — you may have worked with your renal care team to set personal guidelines for getting the right amount of nutrients from the foods you eat, along with fluids you drink. KidneyAPPetite™ is a FREE app designed to help you track nutrients and fluids each day.DAILY SUMMARYDaily Summary gives...more

Customer Reviews

Taking advantage of patients 
Worthless. Shutting down at end of year so don't waste your money. Should give full refunds. I'd give it zero stars if that were an option.
Keeps crashing 
Trying to find a app to track my potassium intake. This looks like it might be good but it crashes most of the time I use it
App crashes constantly, most often immediately upon opening the app. The app itself seems to offer a lot of nice features, but it is far from stable on the current iOS build and needs to be optimized before the app can become usable in its current state.
Doesn't work!!!
Crashes every time I log food in
Keeps crashing. Very dissatisfied.
Crashes all the time 
So excited to find this app to help manage kidney issues. It just keeps crashing and is not usable. What a disappointment.
Can't even get signed up 
Tried 20 times to create an account but it never worked. Deleted it. It's a shame since it's the only one that is super ugly.
I have not been able to log anything because the app CONSTANTLY crashes. Unless they update this with a bug fix, this app is unusable. Don't bother to download unless this is fixed.
Good idea. Crashes A LOT. 
Ok so I like this app. It seems extremely helpful. But it loses its purpose if after five seconds of being in the app it crashes. I can't log anything in if it keeps closing on me. Fix this please!!
Won't stay open 
I'd love to try this app but after running through the tutorial, every button I push automatically shuts it down. Something is keeping it from staying open long enough for me to even search for my first food. Useless download until the next update, at least. :(
The app would be awesome for people w/ CDK but it keep on crashing!!! Very disappointing!!!
Crashes Constantly! 
I love the idea of this App but I have version 1.3.2 on iOS version 9.3.2 and it crashes constantly. I cannot even get a single meal entered to save. I'm sure it's something between the App and iOS 9.x so please fix this soon!
For those of you who are having issues with crashing, I have called Sanofi customer service to complain. I was told the reason it crashes is because they have not updated the app to be compatible with the IOS 9 upgrades. They may do so in the future but it isn't something they are doing at this time. I told them if they are going to put a product out there for people to use, they need to be responsible enough to keep it updated so it can be used. Maybe if more people actually call and lodge a complaint (I'm not sure they even look at these reviews), they will see fit to address the issue. I Googled Sanofi USA and was able to get the number. Sometimes there is success in numbers!
Doesn't Work 
Every time I try to use it on my iPhone or iPad it shuts itself off. Frustrating, it could have been an effective app.
Keeps closing while I am using 
This app would be great if for two things. It keeps closing on me as I am in the middle of looking up a food and other times as well. Secondly, it needs to have more foods in the data base.
Not working!!!! 
Just downloaded this app and doesn't work. It keep crashing and I can't use it. Can someone fix it?
Please Fix Bug 
This is a very helpful app, but the constant crashing is very frustrating! There are comments about this going back several months, so could you please address this problem. I agree with some of the other comments about improvements, but if this problem could be fixed it would be enough for me to be happy with it.
Almost great app! 
I love the idea of this app... The only draw back is I can't do anything! The app constantly crashes and I haven't been able to input a custom meal at all. (I have an iPhone 5s with 9.2.1)
I love this app, but it keeps crashing to the point I cannot get anything entered. Would be wonderful if the bugs are fixed. Once I am able to use I would recommend to everyone. This is the second review I have typed because it crashed during the first one and I had to start over again
Crash city! 
I need this app! It would be a great app if it would stop crashing!
Crash Crazy 
I think I would like the app if it would run long enough to use it. Crashes constantly. Useless as is.
Great app CRASHES on startup plz fix! 
This is a great app, but now it crashes on start up, please fix it we need this app, thank you very much.
Crashes All the time 
I really wanted this app to work, I really need it because I'm having such a difficult time understanding and maintaining diet requirements. It looks very promising except it just crashes every time you try to use it
Crashes each time I try to make an entry.
Doesn't work with iPad
Keeps crashing 
This is a very good app except it keeps crashing. PLEASE FIX
Use to be fantastic 
I loved this app till I upgraded my iPhone. Now it crashes. I hope National Kidney Foundation upgrades the software. It is a excellent tool for anyone with kidney disease. The only app with food values and tracking. I use my old iPhone to access this app.
Bad app 
I have tried to use app. But it locks and shuts off.
Dietitian review 
I'm a dietitian. Looking for an app for renal patients. Just downloaded this one and it's crashing. I have an iPhone 6. Please please fix! Also a bar code scanner would be wonderful. Make these improvements and charge a small fee for this app and you've got a winner!
This app has been very helpful in tracking my daughter's phosphorus and potassium intake. The problem, and it's a major one, is that it crashes constantly! So very frustrating.
Crashes all the time 
Not enough food choices. Crashes all the time. Not user friendly.
Crashes all the time 
This app would be very helpful if it did not crash within a few moments every time it is opened. The food listings are not intuitive and are poorly indexed for searching. Please fix the bugs!!!
Horrible app 
An absolutely horrible app. It crashes constantly and you can't separate items into meals. Thank goodness it was free.
Blank response 
When I ask for my password, you send a blank email.
Might be a great app but it crashes nonstop 
I have the latest Apple version and this app crashes constantly. I might get one in then it crashes. If can't be fixed then not worth the trouble. I agree if it had a breakfast lunch dinner and snack breakdown would be great. Also barcode scanner would rock
App shuts down 
The app keeps closing. For no reason. I like the app but it's annoying when it does that.
Kidney Appetite 
Can't get the app to open. Won't recognize my email and or / password. Would give zero stars if I could. Extremely disappointed.
Kidney appetite app 
This app is terrible in the new iPhone iOS 9.0.2 version. It crashes and closes as soon as you try to enter any food item. Please fix this app!!! This could be a really amazing and useful app for people with ESRD!
Completely unusable 
This app crashes constantly, sometimes simply by opening it. I would give it zero stars if they would let me.
It's an ok app 
I love the fact that it does help with keeping track of everything my mother's dietician ask of us, but the fact that is so hard to input the meals is a killer. I wish there was a section for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Would be super nice if I could just scan barcodes and it grabs the info for me. I know it's possible I have had apps in the past that did so. They were just not kidney friendly apps. Wish this app wasn't so hard to I put or it would be 5 stars.
Great App 
This is a wonderful app to track a kidney friendly diet. There are many foods listed in the index but you also have the ability to enter custom foods for future use. Your daily intake is available at a glance. ONE DRAW BACK....i have requested the daily trend report several times. It is sent to my email but it is blank both on my iphone and desktop. Disappointing but the advantages offset this one flaw.
insanely cumbersome 
Extremely confusing to use. After using it for 3 weeks or so I FINALLY started to understand how to navigate it. Drawbacks: their very long list of food items (about 40 varieties of "milk" to select from??) does not include an absolutely astounding number of pretty basic food items, their search function is pretty useless and though I finally figured out how to add stuff manually, as anyone who is trying to track phosphorus knows, it's nearly impossible to track down phosphorus content for foods, and potassium is almost as difficult, so it's not as useful as it should be. Also, the "custom foods" that you enter do not get alphabetized, they seem to be in some completely random order, alphabetized in little groups which make no sense whatsoever so you have to "search" to actually find anything. Furthermore, if you update the info for a custom food after you initially set it up and entered it on a "diary" day, the total summary for that day will not update to reflect the updated nutrition unless you go back to that day, delete the food with the incomplete info, then add it back in w/the updated info. Ridiculously cumbersome. Essentially, if you don't mind spending as much time trying to accurately track your food as you do actually preparing and eating it, this app will eventually provide you some useful information. I suspect there's a better one to be found but having now invested countless hours of my life entering many of the foods I regularly eat, it's gotten slightly less cumbersome and I'm loathe to abandon the time I've put into it thus far.
Log in issues 
Seems like it would be a great app but I've never been able to log in. Won't recognize my email address as valid.
Will not launch 
I would love to use this app to help with the stress of my renal diet, but the app shuts down right after the opening screen. Really disappointing.
I really like this App. I have to track my husband's potassium, carbs & sodium levels and so far it has worked fine. I am disappointed that there aren't more food options such as more restaurants etc. Also would love to be able to scan items. Please Please add the ability to scan items. I spend a lot of time having to enter custom foods.
insanely cumbersome 
Why do I not see the review that the App Store tells me I already posted?
Great idea but 
This would be a great app if it was user friendly. Find it very hard to navigate especially when logging meals. Don't think it needs to be this confusing. Hopefully it becomes easier with use as it could be a great way to track amounts especially of potassium and phosphorus.
I really like this App. I have to track my husband's potassium, carbs & sodium levels and so far it has worked fine. I am disappointed that there aren't more food options such as more restaurants etc. Also would love to be able to scan items.
Good app 
Not many apps track potassium and I've been able to manage and adopt well with this app
High potential 
I use this for my Renal Diet, so I can monitor my K and Phosphorus. Would like to like it to iPhone health dashboard.
Shuts down at every turn 
This app shuts down every time I try to add a custom food or add food to the meal plan. It doesn't have a large selection of name brand stored foods.
Not as easy to use as the "Lose it" app 
This would be great tool if it was easy as the "Lose It" app. In the "Lose It" app you have a larger data base of foods from groceries stores, restaurants and you can make your own food receipts (download the app and see its functions) you can scan foods bar codes and get the info into the app. The app locates nearest restaurants. See your usage and goals. It would be nice if you can input your dialysis lab info in the app straight from the DaVita health portal. And also link up to the Apple Health app. Make a deal with "lose it" and design a Renal dietary app and have a weight loss portion in the renal app for those that need to lose weight to get on the transplant list. I'll pay money for that. I am right now using the "Lose it" app to lose weight. Wouldn't it be nice to also track my water and potassium and phosphorus!!
Has Potential 
A somewhat useful guide with essential dietary information for kidney patients. So this could be a great app. Unfortunately it is very far from being user friendly. Food listings are ridiculously complicated, search function is very slow, and the app crashes constantly. Useful for reference but far too frustrating to use as a planner.
Great app for a person on dialysis 
My husband is on dialysis. Until now, it's taken me a lot of time to look up nutrition info planning meals my for the week. Now I use the app to plan our meals, and make my grocery list. What a time-saver. The food list is a little hard to get used to, but I've learned to save meals we eat frequently and that makes it easier.
Very user friendly. It is easy to get overwhelmed with so many variables to consider at every meal. This app makes tracking intake quick and easy. Wish every kidney patient had access. Awesome.
Somewhat Useful But 
Search function for individual foods does not find a specific food unless you are already within that category. Example. If you are looking for Cherry Tomatoes from basic foods screen it will ask you if you want to add that food but if you search within the vegetable category it will find tomatoes. It would be very helpful if this was improved.
Seems to be very similar to the pocket dietitian app, which has been available for over 2 years and has a much easier and less buggy interface
The app was working really well for me initially, but the bugs are driving me crazy. It duplicates food, and randomly deleted all the good I entered for the day and any day previously. Very frustrating.
Great app that crashes 
It worked for a few days, now it crashes all the time. It will start up then crash. Fix this please.
Excellent food tracker 
Calculates phosphorus levels in foods that might not have it in labeling. Great food database, but would be better with scanning feature so custom foods can be added with bar codes
Big hopes, bugs makes unreliable 
I found the app just a few days after was available in the apple store I was very happy because it was exactly what I needed: keep track of my food intake and amount of sodium, potassium and phosphorus. The app worked well for a while but now I am finding bugs that makes it unreliable to my needs. When I add an food item it duplicates and if you try to erase it erases everything. Hope the bug gets fixed soon, it is very helpful!

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