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    JUVEDERM Treatment Visualizer for iPad

JUVEDERM Treatment Visualizer for iPad
Company: Allergan
Published under: By Allergan, Inc.
Device: iPad
Condition: Skin Care
Category: Training
Current Version: 3.3
Size: 61 MB
Langauge: English
Created: 06-26-2014
Updated: 11-13-2017
Developer: Allergan, Inc.
Country: Canada, United States
Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
0 Ratings
Total Downloads: 9
The Treatment Visualizer is a tool for illustrative purposes only to help you visualize simulated results with two of Allergan's facial aesthetic products. The app also includes: - Use live-mirror technology to see how you could look with customized treatment, save before and after images to mobile devices, email results or bring the images to appointments to discuss treatment - A link to find a...more

JUVEDERM Treatment Visualizer for iPad

Customer Reviews

Really ap makers? We know you rated it yourself 
So silly the 2 reviews the ap makers put on stating this works. IF you can actually even get it to actually load up to begin with, it keeps crashing and this is perhaps because it is not compatible with iOS? All I can say is again like many others have said, it's a great idea but very poorly executed.
Doesn't work 
Does not work at all. Take a photo and before and after look the same. No instructions on how to do it.
Does not work! 
App freezes up phone and doesn't open
Worlds Worst App 
Wow. This is the worst app ever. The before and after picture looks the same when the app works. Don't ask me why Allergan, a multi-billion dollar company would put this out so prematurely. Absolutely befuddling!
I'm guessing they haven't kept up with OS upgrades 
Used to be a decent app, helpful for clients to conceptualize the effects of filler. Now, doesn't work at all.
Doesn't work-don't bother 
I downloaded the app before I read all the reviews. It would have saved me a lot of time if I had read them. The app won't even load and open completely. All I get is the welcome screen before it times out and closes. I'm deleting app.
Doesn't work 
I tried the app and the before and after picture looked the same.
Visualizer glitch 
Downloaded for the Visualizer feature...unfortunately it does not work at all. Stuck on "Analyzing Photo" forever. Deleting app.
This app won't even open?? Just a waste of time Don't bother downloading. I have now discovered there are other programs and apps that work better. My view is to use those. A surprise really as Allegan charges a small fortune for its fillers etc so it's not like they don't not have the funds to create a working app? Perhaps they need to reinvest some of it back into the business instead of into the back pockets of their board members. Stuff like this is why people loathe big pharma.
Will not open
Didn't work after downloading to my iPhone 
App just freezes on what I suppose is the home page. No options, just their logo. Using iOS 9.2.1
Don't bother downloading! 
Same as everyone else! It won't open! Don't waste the data and space in your phone!
Doesn't Work 
Don't waste your time. The app won't even open after being downloaded. 👎🏼 Zero Stars.
App wouldn't even open, thought maybe since others had reviewed and had the same problem it would have been fixed but it hasn't... waste of time
Great concept but doesn't work 
I have the same issue others have described. App crashes after initial screen. I've deleted and reloaded... Tried for three days ...still doesn't work.
Won't open!!! 
The app doesn't open! I even deleted and downloaded again with no luck. Please fix this mess!!
Worthless app 
Worthless app.
I was hoping to use the app and it did the same thing as others said...froze....rebooted phone and kept freezing up my phone. Hope it gets fixed soon.
Doesn't open.
Crashes my iPad 
Would give it a 0 if I could. Doesn't work and crashes my iPad. Needs to be updated.
Doesn't even load 
Great idea but doesn't work at all.
App crashes every time I use it or freezes my phone up.
Is anyone reading these? 
I can’t believe the problem hasn’t been fixed yet. Downloaded today, before reading reviews, what a waste of time for everyone!!
Unable to open app 
It freezes on the home screen. App is useless.
#disappointed #dontbotherdownloading #doesntwork 
I can't even open the app. I even tried on my iPad. This app this worthless. Don't waste your time or energy.
My review 
I downloaded this app twice and never opened!
Don't waste your time 
The app just crashes. I downloaded it twice and it never launches.
Great idea for an app, but freezes my iPhone 
This app froze, not only on its own, but once or twice actually froze the whole phone. I had to reboot to get the thing back running. Tried deleting and reinstalling the app, but same thing. Using iOS 9 .1, on a brand-new iPhone 6. Everything else is running OK. I hope the developers look at and fix this bug because I'd love to use this.
App Crashes 
doesn’t open after download. Too bad, I was really looking forward housing it.
Doesn't work at all 
Beautiful back screen the moment you open it. Crashes from home screen and locks up when opened from iTunes. Love the product of Juvederm, but with the money people spend on the product - get the app to work.
App not working keeps crashing please fix
Juvaderm app 
Installed 3x. Crashes instantly. Got to do absolutely nothing. From the reviews I read, sounds like it's an ongoing problem not being taken care of. Pointless
App won't open after downloaded....
Juvederm app 
Can't get app to open. Have tried loading it twice.
Junk! Doesn't even open!
Glad I didn't pay for it. 
Won't open for me either. Not the first to say so which makes me wonder why it still hasn't been fixed.
Just like every other review 
I had hoped that the issue had been resolved since the majority of the reviews were from Oct 2015 or earlier but the app crashes from the home screen and freezes from the App Store. Lame. Would give it 0 stars if I could. Come one Allergan, instead of focusing on buying more property in Irvine maybe spend some time on the technology side to increase potential customer base.
App doesn't work 
Won't open. You wasted my time!
Doesn't work 
App does not open once downloaded
This App Stinks 
It doesn’t work on an iPhone 6S. When downloaded it won’t open.
Update please 
The app does not even open up. Useless so far. Update it please.
Nice idea 
The app will not open for me. I'm disappointed because I was hoping this would help me decide on the procedure.
App Doesn't Open 
Downloaded for fun...won't open. Crashes.
Doesn't work 
Don't waste your time downloading the app. It doesn't open. Only crashes. Stupid!
Can't even open it 
When you click on it immediately crashes. Ridiculous. I'd give zero stars if possible. 😖
Horrible App 
The moment I downloaded it the main screen was all I got. Wouldn't even let me enter the app. I even deleted it and re-downloaded and still nothing
App will not open after download 
Just downloaded this app out of curiosity and as soon as I open it, the app crashes. It can't be rated if the user doesn't know what it does! Update???
I don't know why others complained 
App worked for me. Helped me know kind of results I cd get and that I'd probably need more than 3 levels of treatment
App doesn't work! 
This app doesn't work. Doesn't open from home screen and if you open from the App Store, it freezes. RIDICULOUS!!! I saw someone else posted the same a few days ago. Why hasn't this been fixed?
No go 
I can't even get the app to open to do anything. The icon is on my screen and when I click on it, it pretends to open and nothing. If I open it from the App Store, it stays on the opening screen.
I was so disappointed. I see no change in the before and after photos.
Don't waste your time! 👎🏼 
You get really excited to check out the possibilities, take the picture, click start, and BOOM! There is absolutely NO change AT ALL!!!!
App worked for me 
You take a non-smiling closeup of yourself and then the app allows you to slide over it with several options of correction…1, 2, or 3. Each level adds more correction. I got a good idea of how I would look with the treatment.
Treatment visualizer doesn't work 
Treatment visualizer ap (reason for download) doesn't work.
I can't get it to work
Good Idea 
Can't get it to work!! System error every time I try it.
Juvederm Visualizer 
This app was awesome to show that I would look natural and not like a "Real Housewife of..." My Juvederm treatment looked very close to the results on the visualizer. Great idea!
Doesn't work 
"System error" notated what pic. What a shame! This tool would be helpful in my decision making process.
No real value 
I don't get the point of this app. It's nothing more than a biased advertisement.
Helpful if you're curious 
I've been curious about fillers. This app really helped me understand what I would look like if I used Juvederm. I brought it into the doctor too to show him what I wanted to look like and I'm a happy camper.
Great most of the time 
All in all, I love this app...but now there is a glitch and it will not open. Giving this three stars, otherwise it would have been 4-5.
Doesn't work 
Says system error every time you try to use the "visualize now" feature. JUNK
App Doesn't Work 
Don't bother downloading it doesn't work.
Don't bother 
As other reviewers noted. Doesn't work. System error no matter the picture used.
System error no matter what picture 
The whole reason I downloaded this app was to use the visualizer which does not work no matter what picture you use.
Doesn't work 
"System error" notated what pic. What a shame! This tool would be helpful in my decision making process.
Not what I expect from a leading cosmetic company 
Unfortunately, this App is pretty useless as it is right now. I found a new one that came out recently and does an extraordinary job made by AMedSU.

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