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    NHS Drinks Tracker

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Company: NHS Choices
Published under: Antbits Ltd. at United Kingdom
Device: iPhone
Condition: Alcoholism
Category: General
Current Version: 1.0
Size: 0.4 MB
Langauge: English
Created: 11-29-2009
Developer: Antbits Ltd.
Country: United Kingdom
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.
3 Ratings
Total Downloads: 36
Use the official NHS Drinks Tracker to quickly calculate your drink units, keep track of your drinking and get personalised feedback. A great app if you want to cut down on your drinking.The app is fast, accurate and simple to use. Features of the NHS Drinks Tracker:• Calculate the units in your drinks. • Track your drinking over weeks and months.• Get personalised feedback on your...more

NHS Drinks Tracker

NHS Drinks Tracker

NHS Drinks Tracker

Customer Reviews

Doesn't work 
Tried installing twice and just freezes on the opening screen that asks for gender and postcode.
Keeps hanging - clearly not tested on an iPhone 6. Poor UI, not well thought out. eg entering days doesn't show day name, can't edit an entry if you made a mistake. Etc. not going to use it :-(
Feedback Issue 
The feedback option does not work in iPhone 6
Grumpy Scotsman 
Wouldn't bother installing this one. Couple of flaws noticed fairly quickly. If you don't enter the postcode correctly at the start, the app freezes and you have to restart (I guess I could have paid a little more attention and added the space between 2nd and 3rd numbers). If you try and delete drinks from your list, the app crashes and exits. Deleted app after 5 mins. iPhone 6 user
All in all, not bad 
This is a reasonable app, helping to keep an eye on alcohol intake. What frustrates me though is when I tap the feedback button, it freezes the app and the app must be closed and started again. One this is sorted, I'd probably give it more praise.
Useful for monitoring but broken in IOS6 
I like this app as it cuts down on my drinking & gives good feedback. It needs improving so you can look at months of feedback & records. On iPhone6 it also gives no feedback at all (prob due to latest OS). Please fix & improve or it will have to go!!
Crashes on iPhone 6 
I found this useful previously although I agreed with other reviewers that it needed the ability to enter custom abv% and volumes. It now freezes completely when editing lists or deleting a day's data. It is high time that this was upgraded or removed from the AppStore.
Not enough options of percentages when selecting the strength of drinks and even the most common spirit percentages aren't there. Also would be better with a list of common alcoholic drinks to select from or a way to find the strength of a drink out. Much improvement needed to what could be a fantastic and very useful app
Has stopped working with iPhone 6 
This was a great app but doesn't seem to work with iPhone 6. I have deleted and reloaded it a number of times, turned phone on and off, all the usual stuff but no luck. The app is freezing all the time. It's a shame. Before these problems set in I would have given it 4 stars. Sadly now it's 1. Please work on a fix. Thanks.
Issues with IOS 8? 
Think this is a great app for opening your eyes to units you're drinking. And thereby moderating consumption. Since IOS 8 update, however, the Feedback button has stopped working; anyone else had that problem?
Disaster - iOS8 has broken the Feedback function 
That’s about it really. Otherwise great app, but a tragedy it isn’t maintained.
This app has stopped giving Feedback on drinks since recent Apple software update. Nowhere near has helpful as it once was. Please fix it.
Waste of time 
Just what I was looking for to help me work towards a healthier lifestyle. App opens up and asks for post code and gender. You hit submit and nothing happens. Nothing at all. Removed and reinstalled. Same thing. A real shame.
Feedback has stopped working 
Used to like this app but since upgrading to iOS 8 the feedback button has stopped working and no-one seems to have fixed it. Annoyed!
Was working well before iOS 8 
The NHS "Drinks Tracker" application for iPhone no longer works properly since iOS 8 was released. Basically you can still enter data and view previously entered data BUT you can no longer view the "Feedback" to see what your average consumption is either weekly or monthly! This worked well prior to the iOS update.
New Version has major flaw - iOS8 driven? 
Have been using this app for a year or so, and it is really simple to use and is good to track your consumption. Would be helpful to be able to manually enter measures (187ml or half a 175ml etc) rather than having to stick to the pre-set amounts. Since iOS 8 was introduced (which I assume is the reason) - the 'feedback' button no longer works - defeats the object of the app really....Please fix soon!
Pretty much useless 
This would be a great app but as with all these unit calculators there has not been enough research or thought put into it. The problem is the people that have made this app are under the impression that all whisky is 40% abv but an awful lot is 43% or 46% and there isn't even an option for these strengths. The thing is though that whisky can be anything from 40% to about 61%, I have several bottles in the 50's, so even a more comprehensive list of strengths wouldn't be any good. This app should have the feature of being able to input any figure to one decimal place, without that this app isn't any help to strong spirit drinkers.
Great potential, needs improvement 
Simple to use. But needs some improvements: 1) Export data 2) View list of drinks on previous dates: currently this is not possible, which is quite frustrating. 3) More flexibility on alcohol content options 4) More flexibility on drink size options 5) Better way to visualise historical data: by month rather than by day
Very handy with a few tweaks needed 
Added to previous review - doesn't work on iOS8! As other people have said, it's very limited in what drinks it will allow you to input, forcing you to fudge and guess (no 500ml beer cans or 25% spirits, to name a couple). Otherwise, though, a handy app which helps to put my drinking in perspective.
Won't run properly 
I can't get the feedback to work at all, I've tried deleting and reinstalling but that doesn't help. Wondering if its incompatible with IOS8?? Very disappointed
Doesn't work any more on iOS 8 
Since upgrading to iOS 8 I can still enter my drinks, but the feedback button doesn't work to tell me my recent average daily units.
Bare bones 
Could hardly be less. As most people have pointed out it is greatly lacking in its capability to offer lots of different types of drinks. Surely this could be compensated by crowd inputting, allowing persons to enter a drink name type alcohol by volume , bottle size or whatever else might be relevant. Naturally one can sift the correct information from the incorrect information. Easy. What's the problem? Accommodate these people please. Make it better. At the moment it looks like the front end of a government procurement disaster. Is there something about government projects, that they take on the complexion of a disaster even if they're created by an independent third party?
Regular drinker 
Christ .... This app makes me want another drink ... AA here we come :-)
Great idea but needs improving 
You can't look back in the details of what you drank each day, only the units. This makes it harder to look at the patterns if your drinking habits. Also if you accidentally put a drink in on the wrong day you can't edit it afterwards which skews your data. The ap is a great idea and sends home to you how much you drink but it needs more detail...
Very poor 
Not nearly responsive enough. No fortified drinks, wines going up by full % rather that 1/2%, can't put in actual ABV for Ales, can't go back and add or change previous days record. No point doing it if it's not accurate.
Good but needs work. 
Useful app esp with X-Mass looming. Would like to be able to have a Favorite drinks ability as most people drink the same beverages so why keep putting data in every time ! Also to be able to see what you have been drinking when looking back.
Could be better... 
This is okay for a rough guide but it could be a lot better. Sometimes it doesn't work out the averages correctly and there are not enough options for drinks %'s. Agree with others would be nice to have favourites and visibility of what drinks I've had.
I agree with the others 
The app needs a lot of work but the basis is there. My main suggestion would be to have the option for a 500ml can as well as more percentage options
A few extras and this would be great! 
Really useful...but the most frustrating thing is not being able to put in by unit...as 500ml can isn't listed...nor is 275ml bottle...quite frustrating at times...
Nice idea and would be useful to reduce drinking as it is a good reminder every time you pour a glass! HOWEVER...if I average 3 units a night it tells me I am drinking within my limits and therefore no health risk! 3 units a night is 21 units over a week which is 7 units more than the NHS state in all their other blurb! Therefore need this app to reflect what is printed/spoken/preached!!
Ok I guess but 
Needs few changes like maybe having a personal message for feedback!!! Plus!!
Great idea but needs an update! 
A great way to keep track of, and reduce the amount if alcohol that you consume. As others have said, some things need updating (namely ABV percentages and liquid volumes). Adding an average financial cost to the amount consumed would also provide an added incentive to those wanting to reduce their alcohol consumption.
A great app! Well done NHS 
A very useful app for gauging your alcohol consumption. It cannot be 100% accurate but a good yardstick. It's good to see the NHS embracing mobile media - top marks to them. And remember - a daily allowance is a guideline: not a challenge!
Need more %s for wines 
This app is great fir people like me who drink too much, however doesn't make me wanna cut back. Can u please add a couple of lower % options for wine
Useful but... 
...would be even better if it included a rough indication of calories for those trying to lose weight as well as moderate their unit intake
Itsh brokin 
It deosnt mattre how musch I dinrk I can't git the bldooy grawfto stay bellow ghe lttile linething. Blodoy thding makes it liook like iv got a prink droblem. I don't feel wlelll.
Needs tweak here & there 
Great idea NHS! It would be useful to be able to set a start date so the app knows when data starts from, then feedback is accurate from day 1. Also feedback shud b about the current view, not simply the last 7/30 days.
Room for improvement 
It's a useful tool - limits are of course unreasonable. Would love to know how much it cost to develop - once all stakeholders had been 'kept in the loop', legal team consulted, government fleecing 'best value' deployed - was there any change out of a million for a 2k app?
Pretty damn useless 
First huge problem: limited drinks sizes. So I have a 300ml bottle of drink - very common - yet you can't choose it from the predefined list, nor enter a custom volume. So straight away the app is redundant. Also a problem is that I know how many units my drink has, yet you can't enter them - you have to use their 'idiot's guide' type style of choosing size and volume which, as I mentioned above, is useless. The app isn't retina either, so looks fuzzy as hell. If the NHS wants people to drink less, this is a pathetic excuse for an app to help people be aware of what they're drinking.
Needs ability to type in amounts 
Yes yes rolling amount picklist very cute, but, as other reviews have said, limited assumptions about size of drink make the app redundant. I have been having half shots in drinks (12.5ml) which you can't measure. And that's been my way of reducing quantities so the app is useless for me. The advice seems it's going to be 'yes you're in guidelines' 'no you're above' when this could be an opportunity to put in tips and so on. There's lots of comments that could inspire people to drink less, hearing about my failing liver every time (even when within guidelines) loses it's impact quickly. The graph is also odd. It's plotted so each day goes up to 24 units. This means the healthy bar is down the bottom and if you're being good your graph has mostly white space above. Feels like an app designed by a committee with not enough beta testing with real people.
Great app. Suggested features 
Great app for keeping track. Would be useful if you could scan the barcode of the drink can/bottle to add to list. Would also be good to be able to read a list of drinks from previous days, as you cant review effectively with no list.
Best app ever 
Now the lads and I can get wasted and know who the actual drinking animal is X
Good idea poorly executed 
Pre-formatted drink sizes and strengths would work if the lists were more practical and less restrictive. Better still, direct input. The graphs are pointless if you want to do anything more than look at a load of skyscrapers. The 7 day average actually includes the 8th day too. But as a rough guide and nothing more, it'll do.
Inaccurate and clunky 
Great idea but as people have said it's too inflexible. However the biggest problem for me is it's innaccurate! How is 31 units over 7 days an average of 5.5?!
Needs work 
Why isn't there anyway to export your to Excel?
Poor, barely half a job done. 
What's the most popular size bottled ale? 500ml - not an option. Workaround by adding 2x250ml. How lazy? No way to modify or create drinks. Why not include kcals too? Definitely a trick missed. It does what it claims but not very good at all. Pretty poor attempt at what should be a great, beneficial app.
First attempt found a major flaw. 
Misses out an entire category of drink. Thought I'd start using the app to log drinks over new years eve. Tried to input a few shots of port (would have moved on to green ginger wine, baileys etc, all pretty common drinks over Christmas)j but there is no category for liqueurs or fortified wine. More frustratingly, within any section there is no way to adjust the percentages beyond what the app thinks is a normal range, so you can only add wine up to 17.5% when most port, sherry etc is 20%. nowhere in the app can you input anything as 20%- all ranges leap from 17.5 to 35% or something. Shame, it's a great idea but badly done, the Nhs have missed several tricks and the sad thing is someone else will quickly come along and do a better job and the Nhs will lose out.... Would still reccomend it as a useful app but a shame it's so poorly designed.
As many other reviewers have pointed out... An inability to put in custom drinks with no way of putting in liqueurs, for example. Clearly the people who made it don't actually drink and did very little research. It would be much easier if you just chose the percentage and the size of the drink... Regardless of whether it was a wine, spirit, beer, etc. It's so frustrating that it could probably drive you to drink.
I hope I didn't pay for this 
Having done work for the NHS before, I can almost guarantee that the developers had some great plans, but then these were quashed by a bunch of NHS senior managers who suddenly thought they would get involved. My advice to the developer: rip it off and bring out your own better one, and charge 69p a pop.
Good intentioned. But rubbish. 
It's missing loads of drinks. And you can't customise. Have given up. NHS, if tried a bit harder, you could probably make a difference.
Helps me see how much I drink 
Very good app
Useless app 
What is the point of this app? Anyone with an iota of common sense knows if they are drinking too much, without documenting every sip of alcohol that passes their lips onto some awful app, that draws a pretty little graph. Another example of the "nanny state". After wring this I need a stuff drink!
Good but needs more work 
It's good to track how many units you are having. Like others have said customising drinks is required for eg there are lots of wines at 13.5 and 12.5 %. Looking forward to the improved version.
A good start 
I agree that there should be a category for fortified wine. Also why not weight binge drinking more heavily as we are always told that it is much more harmful than say drinking an extra drink a day? Perhaps modify the tips to reduce drinking to include not drinking on an empty stomach, having water alongside your drink, and drinking bottles of beer instead of pints. I'm not sure that refusing to buy your round is altogether realistic.
Free units 
This App really helped me. I previously struggled with monitoring my alcoholic intake. Using this I was able to control this. I also learnt the secret of #freeunits through simple techniques like reading a fitness magazine whilst drinking or drinking in an airport, I consume no units and am also guilt free.
Really useful to monitor what I drink, it would be useful to have an option to manually specify what the exact strength (not limit to predetermined strenghts) and size of drinks, being able to save usual drinks would be useful too
Has genuinely helped me cut down 
I love this app. I'm not alcoholic but pretty social and regularly drink a bit too much. This app has helped me firstly monitor what I was drinking, then work out that if I had one less drink per session I could still drink a few days a week and not go over the weekly limit. Very simple and very useful
Great tool to monitor your alcohol intake 
Simple to use and really helps to realise how much alcohol you actually drink and not what you think you drink!!! Would definitely recommend.
Good, but could be better.... 
I have used this for over a year and find it useful and informative. The one thing that would really improve it, would be the ability to "slice and dice" i.e. look at you average over different periods rather than the rather arbitrary last week / last month.
Ok app but could be great 
This app is not bad for tracking your alcohol intake, it can be a bit of an eye opener to start counting those mid week glasses of wine/beer and a shock counting on up in a big night out. It would be a brilliant app if it also,as well as calculating your alcohol unit intake it gave an estimate of the calorie intake from the booze you drank -this would probably shock you as well. Also the ability to slice and dice your historic intake data would be useful. Look forwards to version 1.2
Good but could do with a 500ml option?
Handy, yet needs improvement 
I've found this tracker fairly useful, and whilst it's pretty handy, there are a couple of areas in which it. Could be improved. First up, strengths and volumes of drinks. It would be nice to be able to select the exact %abv, rather than just in half percent increments - accuracy in this would help considerably in getting unit numbers exactly right at the end of the week. As someone else has stated, a 500ml option would also be nice; lots of beer cans are this size. The second area is feedback. Though it will happily tell you your units are below average over the week, it seems not to care if you've binged your allowance over a day or two. For those of us who are already aware that units should be spread out over the course of week, this is fine as we can slap ourselves on the wrist if we binge, but those ignorant of the guidelines could go out on a saturday, drink their weekly allowance in one go, yet still be told that their daily average is within safe limits, and as this app has NHS branding, they'd probably imagine that it wouldn't be leading them astray. Just a couple of little things to fix and this app would be spot on, at the moment it just needs a little tweak.
Lacking and outdated 
This app could be good but is so outdated (2009) and lacking in features, it's frustrating. You can't go and review what drinks you entered, only delete them. The "personalised" feedback is just one of a short list of standard comments with your stats on top. There's a market here for a decent app.
Basic but does the job 
If, like me, you are trying to cut down and want to monitor your drinking so that one day you can achieve the holy grail of healthy drinking then this app does the job. Yes it's basic and could be improved but it still achieves the basic purpose of helping you cut down.
Badly designed 
I'm not impressed with this - it's incredibly badly designed, with absolutely no thought for usability. Quality of graphics obviously isn't a major concern in an app like this, but this thing is like stepping back into the early 1990s - blocky, pixelated images that even look rubbish on an iPhone. The interface is clunky and awful - there is no way to edit the drinks you've had for a particular day, you have to delete the entire day and start again instead. Duh. There are also some worrying items: on the graph that tracks your consumption there's a title bar which says "Recommended daily amount (3 to 4 units)". Yes, this app actually recommends that you consume 3-4 units of alcohol per day. So an app that helps you track your alcohol intake, presumably with a view to avoiding overconsumption, is actually recommending that you have a couple of drinks a day. I imagine that they don't actually mean this, of course, and that it's an oversight by a sub-literate twit who hasn't actually thought about the meaning of the words before committing them to the screen, but this kind of nonsense gives you a good idea of the level of quality control on offer here. Avoid.
Deleted it 
I deleted the app soon after download because of the insistence on full post code - why? Felt like big brother wants to watch you?
Needs some work 
Agree with previous comments, review date on app ridiculous. Does anybody from the app side read these comments if not why bother producing the app.
Desperately needs an update 
A lot has changed regarding alcohol bottle and percentage size in recent years. Each category needs reviewing as I'm constantly having to work out whether I should under or over estimate, e.g. With a 500ml bottle of cider, whether to put it as a can or pint, of which it is neither. Same goes for ABV %. I know these are small issues but they're annoying and mean the outcomes are unreliable, making it a pointless app really.
Ok but... 
An ok app but needs updating to show bottle size & alcohol content.
I drink 500ml cans at 3.8% And neither of these are available to record on the app !
Very handy with a few tweaks needed 
As other people have said, it's very limited in what drinks it will allow you to input, forcing you to fudge and guess (no 500ml beer cans or 25% spirits, to name a couple). Otherwise, though, a handy app which helps to put my drinking in perspective.
Waste of time 
Can't even add a glass Malibu and coke what a rubbish app!
Drink sizes inadequate - does not support 500 ml - commonest beer bottle size. Tedious & slow to input. Total revamp needed.
Weekly limits please 
A good start but no more. The graph is hard to read and the app really needs weekly, not daily, recommended limits and running totals. A 7 day moving average against the recommended weekly limit would be really helpful.
Needs accurate ABV entry 
Would be a really handy app but for the fact it doesn’t allow accurate ABV entry. You can only do to the nearest 0.5% - which makes a huge difference over the course of an evening unfortunately

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