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    BENADRYL® Social Pollen Count for iPad

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Device: iPad
Condition: Allergies
Category: Branded
Current Version: 2.0.4
Size: 10 MB
Langauge: English
Created: 07-05-2014
Updated: 09-01-2014
Developer: McNeil Healthcare (UK) Ltd
Country: United Kingdom, Israel
Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
0 Ratings
Total Downloads: 33
The BENADRYL® Social Pollen Count is a service that helps sufferers fight hay fever together. We combine official Met Office data and live pollen alerts from sufferers to show exactly how pollen is behaving in your area. You can also find nearby stockists of the BENADRYL® product range.. Use the BENADRYL® Social Pollen Count to plan your journeys and keep up to date with the most accurate...more

Customer Reviews

Seams to be a marketing exercise 
Nice idea in concept and would be useful if it worked. However, GPS location isn't working so map thinks I am 1 mile away. I cannot define a hotspot at my current location because it places it on the map 1 mile away. The met office pollen counts are covered up with packets of Benedryl, showing where you can buy it. Really? Does any allergy sufferer not know where to buy this stuff? Any pharmacy or supermarket will have it or a substitute if you are stuck. I found this app no more beneficial than a standard weather app.
Not what i expected 
Was hoping to get a daily pollen count for my area but all i see is a map and an option to say whether I'm experiencing hay fever- yes i am and thats why i wanted to check the pollen count! This app could have the potential to be really useful.
Why does it need my location when I am not using it? Gets stuck on the first screen.
Very disappointed with this app. I would not recommend.
I love this app as I can prepare myself to take my anti histamine tablets. I live in the sticks and find the pollen a real problem but this app is great as it tells me a forecast over the next 3 days
Simply great 
It's not been wrong thus far and I garage if need an antihistamine using this app....works a treat!
Good but dumb 
Ok this has some good aspects to it but is flawed by the developers not actually thinking some things through and obviously not fully testing it. Please amend the app to make it one of the best asap! Firstly i can set an alarm for my work place or home etc so it will tell me when the pollen count is moderate etc. The error here is that it will only tell me once a week - duh! Pollen is out 24/7 not one a week. I work more than once a week. There's no way I'm gonna mess about seeing up seven alarms for home and work. That's just ridiculous. They need to make it a daily alarm at a set time of the criteria are met. Secondly you can create a pollen hot spot where you basically report the conditions of your area to warn others. Although a great and helpful idea it is flawed too because it asks me what is causing my symptoms. Hello! How should i know!? That's why i have downloaded an app! I expect the app to tell me not tell it! I was able to make a hot spot because another app I have told me. By the way other apps are more specific about types of pollen too as they may mention grass, weed, different tree pollens so i can learn about what actually causes my symptoms. This app seems to be more basic. I would appreciate it to be more exhaustive and to tell me what is high in my area. If these issues were sorted out it would probably be the best app. As it stands it is more a quickly bodged together app that serves as advertising as opposed to them actually carrying about us sufferers, regardless of if it works in conjunction with the met office. In fact because of this i would expect there to be a much greater level of detail available than there actually is. Please get it sorted guys. Without feedback it can't be improved :)
Very poor 
This app hasn't been updated in a while (2014) I think. While the UI looks fine and you can see the pollen levels easily. The whole point of getting this was the alarms and they don't work! Uninstalling
This app is very useful for people who suffer hayfever on the move.
Could be better 
A good app but it would be useful if we new what type of pollen the app is present. Would have got more stars if this was available
Needs Updating 
Doesn't produce accurate information, and sadly seems to be another UK hay fever app that has been abandoned.
What a great app, everyday I check the app to see what the pollen levels are like and the app tells me "no forecast" thanks for that, very helpful
The pollen count function isn’t working well 
I only want the app for one purpose, to get the daily pollen count but it feels like the Benadryl only created the app for one purpose to sell hayfever tablets (they are very keen on showing where to buy their products - which is pretty stupid as every hayfever suffer know where to buy hayfever tablets). The pollen count functionality isn't great, despite they apparently uses the official Met Office data, I have often found the pollen count shown in the app to be different to the met office web site (even after refreshing the data), other days only 1 or 2 out of 3 days are shown.
Not much help 
Doesn't do much. Just about get what level the pollen is. I've got another app which tells you what different pollens are about, that ones much better.
Pollen Count 
Pollen count on this app remains at Low regardless of Met office changes on my area. Likewise air pollution. No contact details to remedy this. Could be useful if more reliable
Best app i have ever had...thank u
Amazing app that's keeps me up to date no matter where I am! I will never leave the house without checking it as it prepares me if I'm going to need to take an allergy tablet! Love it! :)
The pollen count function isn’t working well 
I only want the app for one purpose, to get the daily pollen count but it feels like the Benadryl only created the app for one purpose to sell hayfever tablets (they are very keen on showing where to buy their products - which is pretty stupid as every hayfever suffer know where to buy hayfever tablets). The pollen count functionality isn't great, despite they apparently uses the official Met Office data, I have often found the pollen count shown in the app to be different to the met office web site (even after refreshing the data), other days only 1 or 2 out of 3 days are shown.
Nice idea, poor in result 
Pollen alarms don't work, so what's the point.
Not a useful app
Love it 
I think it's a smart little app that is vvhelpful and I love the pollen alarm 😌
Helpful app for hay fever sufferers
Hay time 
A useful app if you suffer with seasonal rhinitis.
I might just beat hay fever now 
This app is great. I'm able to get on with life knowing in advance what the pollen count is likely to be the day before. It's nice knowing I'm not suffering alone with people's tweets and hotspots popping up. Love it. Hay fever be gone!!
This app is amazing! So helpful with my hayfever!
Dubious comment 
The way the first comment is written reads like it has been written by a copywriter and client approved.
Didn't like it at all 
Just wanted a simple pollen count app that'll tell you how high it is when I go on it. With this you have to set an alarm so it'll tell you every day at whatever time you set it at, you even have to put it at when the alarm will go off, when the pollen is low medium high or very high, why choose one? Not exactly easy to use.
Loved the tweets:-)!
Absolutely useless app. As fat as I can see, the proud badge "in association with the Met office" refers only to marketing! There appears not to be any Met office pollen info here, nor any Benadryl app pollen info. I don't see any point in this app at all. Useless
Handy little app 
Great idea for an app. The pollen alerts from other users and the met office are specific by local area so I can tell whether I'll be affected
Dead handy 
Great little app, really helpful. Enjoyed reading people's tweets.
Nice to see I'm not alone 
I like that you can see all the other people and the Met office stuff
Absolutely useless. Doesn't do anything! Don't bother with this its an insult!!!
Like the local pollen info from real people 
Adding the tweets and hotspots from users makes it more useful than the usual regional forecasts and the alarms can be handy in the morning. Would be nice to have a forecast but I guess people can't tell what will happen in the future to add hotspots...
Uses other people's opinion on the problem, without any factual knowledge whatsoever! Don't download it, it's a waste of time.
A useful app as I have hay fever or an allergy all year
Expected More 
It shouldn't even be on here. Inaccurate mapping locations. Slow and unresponsive.
Lack of data 
The only information readily available in volume is where to buy - but I think I already know that. User data is sparse.
Spot on! 
I've found this very helpful! I downloaded the app for my Son who suffers with hay fever and it works. All the places on the map do sell Benadryl.
Not very good 
All this app is just telling you where to buy it not very good if you suffer from hay fever at all
Mrs S 
Works really well if you're in an area where the pollen is officially recorded (London). Not so helpful if you don't - an I don't.
Good idea for an app
Waste of time! 
Glorified sales app, nothing more!
Absolutely fantastic app for 5 hay fever sufferers :-(
Mr Ibrar khan 
I am a long term hay fever sufferer.I found all the information on this app very helpful.Thank you
Helpful app 
I suffer from terrible hayfever and I used this app nearly every day to view the pollen count in my area.....the hotspot is a great idea to inform other sufferers of particularly high Areas
Find this app very useful. I do not suffer from Hayfever but my young son does. I check every morning before school and rely on it to help me decide whether he needs his medication.
It works, it totally does... 
.... But you certainly know Benadryl sponsor it!
Hay fever n asthma 
Find this really useful n also helpful cos I'm deaf lady so I can aware of what happen? Good work guys n keep up the work.
Handy app 
Shows well but gets confused 
This advises me well, in its own separate way, different from other PC apps, it thinks I'm elsewhere. Give readings as per users settings. All in all good
No data for my area. Useless. Surely gathering pollen data can't be this difficult. Asking people to submit data is pointless as people may have perennial rhinitis which has nothing to do with the pollen count!!
Not working 
Alarm not working
"Bugs fixes" created bug 
Not getting the pollen count show up anymore since recent update, doesn't show "high", "low", etc. please fix as it's the only thing I use this app for.
Good idea, marred by poor design 
I barely used this app for five minutes before realising that it just wasn't right for me. It's very slow to load, with a cluttered and confusing user interface. The font colour choice is unfortunate too, and I was barely able to make out the pollen count against the background. This app has potential, but it needs a major overhaul in order to be truly useful to its users.
Would be great if it worked. 
Most of the time I don't know what the pollen count is for the day because the app doesn't work. It's a great idea but useless
Great app 
I think this is a great app. I find it very accurate and it always works. Highly useful for hayfever sufferers.
Great hay fever app 
Works absolutely fine on the iPhone 5. Once u add your hotspots it checks pollen for the next few days in those areas - I find this very handy as both me and my little lad suffer so I know when to give his medicine 👍
Very Poor 
I remember the old app - that was actually useful - it told you what the pollen count is. This doesn't. App deleted.
No Good 
The app is very slow, confusing UI and doesn't work at all.
Not for Iphone 3gs 
Just froze and didn't do anything :/
I thought the app was going to tell me how much pollen there is in my area. However, you are supposed to enter it yourself which isn't helping me at all.
Doesn't work 
This is a lovely idea, especially the pollen count alarm option. However, it won't open properly - gets stuck on the first page and won't do anything other than shut down. Hope this problem is fixable.

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