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    Avonex® Active app UK

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Company: Biogen Idec
Published under: Biogen Idec Limited at United Kingdom
Device: iPhone
Category: Reminder
Current Version: 1.1
Size: 6.4 MB
Langauge: English
Created: 02-14-2012
Developer: Biogen Idec Limited
Country: United Kingdom
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later.
4 Ratings
Total Downloads: 144
The Avonex® Active app is by developed Biogen Idec specifically for patients receiving Avonex treatment. On first launch, the app is only accessible using a unique code. The Avonex® Active app provides you with all the useful tools and information you need: from a handy calendar allowing you to record appointments and delivery dates, to setting reminders.

Avonex® Active app UK

Avonex® Active app UK

Customer Reviews

Not much here that my iPhone doesn't do on it's own
Doesn't recognise batch number 
App doesn't recognise any combination of the batch number, with or without the H, with or without the /B. Gave up trying.
After entering the unique item code the app closes. Not very helpful.
As with Daz it won't accept the product code - shame
Waste of time! 
Don't bother with this app. Once you put the product code in the whole app shuts down! Like others have said just use your phones calendar etc!
Avonex Active App UK - very poor 
This is a terrible App. The money Biogen have spent on this is a complete waste. Also their Active Support team didn't know what this app offers, didn't know about the poor reviews and their IT department didn't know about it constantly crashing.

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