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Published under: By McNeil-PPC, Inc at United States
Device: iPhone
Condition: Allergies
Current Version: 3.3
Size: 15.9 MB
Langauge: English
Created: 01-09-2014
Developer: McNeil-PPC, Inc
Country: United States
Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
5 Ratings
Total Downloads: 22
Do you start your day by checking the pollen index and weather forecast? Now you can find them both in one place. The ALLERGYCAST™ with SYMPTOM TRACKER also helps you log and track your pollen symptoms and awards you with charms along the way. Here's how ALLERGYCAST™ with SYMPTOM TRACKER can help you better understand and manage your allergy symptoms:• Get pollen and extended weather...more



Customer Reviews

Best app of its kind, 1 small addition 
I’m not sure why this app has such a low rating. It’s provides me with a pollen count and pollen type, weather forecast, and a symptom tracker diary that can be exported. And it’s free. That’s everything I need! 2 suggestions Add a “took medication” option to symptom tracker. It’s just helpful for me to know how often I’m managing my symptoms. Have it link to apples health app. I’m already going there for other health data, it would be nice to have all the recorded symptom data all in 1 place.
Best app of its kind, 1 small addition 
I’m not sure why this app has such a low rating. It’s provides me with a pollen count and pollen type, weather forecast, and a symptom tracker diary that can be exported. And it’s free. That’s everything I need! 2 suggestions Add a “took medication” option to symptom tracker. It’s just helpful for me to know how often I’m managing my symptoms. Have it link to apples health app. I’m already going there for other health data, it would be nice to have all the recorded symptom data all in 1 place.
Best app of its kind, 1 small addition 
I’m not sure why this app has such a low rating. It’s provides me with a pollen count and pollen type, weather forecast, and a symptom tracker diary that can be exported. And it’s free. That’s everything I need! 2 suggestions Add a “took medication” option to symptom tracker. It’s just helpful for me to know how often I’m managing my symptoms. Have it link to apples health app. I’m already going there for other health data, it would be nice to have all the recorded symptom data all in 1 place.
Best app of its kind, 1 small addition 
I’m not sure why this app has such a low rating. It’s provides me with a pollen count and pollen type, weather forecast, and a symptom tracker diary that can be exported. And it’s free. That’s everything I need! 2 suggestions Add a “took medication” option to symptom tracker. It’s just helpful for me to know how often I’m managing my symptoms. Have it link to apples health app. I’m already going there for other health data, it would be nice to have all the recorded symptom data all in 1 place.
Best app of its kind, 1 small addition 
I’m not sure why this app has such a low rating. It’s provides me with a pollen count and pollen type, weather forecast, and a symptom tracker diary that can be exported. And it’s free. That’s everything I need! 2 suggestions Add a “took medication” option to symptom tracker. It’s just helpful for me to know how often I’m managing my symptoms. Have it link to apples health app. I’m already going there for other health data, it would be nice to have all the recorded symptom data all in 1 place.
Doesn't let you enter location info 
... And as a result is now entirely useless.
When It Works 
Today is 30 Dec 2017 app showing data for 17 Dec 2017 on my iPad. Same app on iPhone showing data for 15 Dec 2017. Nothing will correct the data. Seems app just doesn’t work properly several times a year. The times it does work it’s very useful.
No location or notification. 
This was my go to app for YEARS! A couple of weeks ago, it stopped working. Why? iPhone 7 and iOS 11. Thank you!
Fix the crap or take it offline 
Fix the crap or take it offline. Nothing works properly. The location finder. The correct data for our area. The app hasn’t shown new data in a month. I could make a better synopsis of the AllergyCast my by just standing outside and breathing in a few times.
Allergy Impact is NOT Low 
Lately it claims Every Single Day the “impact” is low, even when the pollen count is high. My irritated eyes and cough and sneezing nose beg to differ. Big time.
No good 
Not Australian
Not International 
Stupid app doesn't work internationally, so you can't use it while traveling.
It can't find my city 
I live in a city of over 100 thousand people and it can't locate us? Really come on now!
Ok, difficult to read 
The app is nice for a quick overview. It's very basic and doesn't allow for customizing the background, the text is very small and the screen doesn't rotate when you turn your phone. I would give is app 5 stars if the above was addressed. The orange background with small text, makes it very difficult to read. The app designer should look at color theory. Black text on white background or the inverse has the best contrast. Yellow and orange background with white and light colored text is the least amount of contrast, making it very difficult to read. Easy solution- allow the user to change the background and text color.
Needs account 
This app needs to save your account info, so when you sign in it has a track record of your symptoms and date. I only use the app a few times a year and delete it from my phone when not using. Then when I download it again there is no record of when I had similar symptoms.
would have liked to use this app, it seems pretty good but unfortunately it doesn't have Australia :/
Portrait only on iPad. Ugh. 
It's great on my iPhone but on my iPad it only works in portrait mode which is really annoying!
Opens, then crashes 
Constantly crashing. I installed it twice and still crashes.
Latest update has stopped providing forecasted pollen counts and predominant pollens. 
Please correct ASAP so users have accurate information!
I LOVE this app! 
This app is great in many ways. Helpful, insightful, and allows me to track my symptoms. Thanks, Zyrtec!
Doesn't work 
Will not allow me to enter a location. Every time I enter the first letter of my location, it flashes a message that there is no location called "M". Every time I enter the next letter, it does the same thing. It still does not recognize my location after I eventually get the whole city name in. I have turned on the locator, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. It still doesn't work! Have deleted it.
Data migration fails 
Every time I open the app it says migrating data. And then after several minutes I get a message (repeated messages, actually) that says data migration failed because the server is down. Every. Time. It's frustrating, because it blocks the screen while it says it's migrating my data, And then it fails anyway. What's going on? Where and why is it trying to migrate my data? And why is it failing every single time? I'm not sure how accurate the numbers are either. They conflict with reports from local agencies. I'm questioning the usefulness of this app anymore.
Great pollen tracker 
Good for checking the pollen count
No notifications! 
This used to be a great app till several months ago when location settings stopped working. Also notifications stopped coming in although I had everything set properly. So I deleted and re-installed a few times. Still didn't work. I installed it again last week, and so far Location is working, wish I could say the same for notifications. STILL NOT getting them! Please please please fix this so notifications will work! There's much to love about this app if the location settings and notifications would work.
Quit working 
Lately it tells me the pollen count is 0.0 and the impact is a real number. I have to go to another app to find the actual pollen count. I used to love his app. Please fix :)
When It Works 
Great when it works. At least twice a year app stops working. Takes long time B 4 it's fixed.
Stopped working!!! 
I have used this app for a couple of years, but now it has stopped working. I can still log my symptoms, but it has reported pollen count as ZERO for over a month. I know from our local weather that this app is junk right now.
Great App 
So far I've had it for a month and it's been spot on with how my allergies would react to specific weather for each day. I even have had symptoms before I check the app and when I check the app it tells me I will be having that type of reaction, may it be more of a eye watery allergy reaction or sneezing your life away, it's been pretty accurate
Showing 0 pollen count 
It was working but now its showing 0 pollen count for past 3 days even when other sources say it is high pollen time.
Location not working 
Looks like I'm not the only one with this issues going back several months. Is anyone reading these reviews?
Decent app.... 
Worked great, but then it it just stopped working.
Location is no longer working 
This app used to be my favorite for tracking and managing my allergies. But, now the location seems to be broken. I've reinstalled. Checked settings. Still can't update location.
Not working‼ 
It was working great, and I was receiving daily reports, but a couple days ago it wouldn't recognize any of my locations. Today, I deleted and reinstalled the app. But it STILL won't let me enter my location... except ONE LETTER AT A TIME, which it stops me EACH LETTER to say it doesn't recognize that location! I finally, one letter at a time, got my city and state entered, and it STILL says it does not recognize my location!!
Iffy! Not working again!!! 
When it worked, it was great. I'm allowing one more day and then it's history. I don't need the ads, I already use Zyrtec. I want the forecast and the diary. Info is days old and no explanation!
Doesn't work anymore. 
This was my go to app for allergy information but a few days ago it stopped working. Please fix. :(
Not working 
Stopped working a few days ago. Deleted and re downloaded and still does not work.
Unable to add locations 
That no longer works because you can't have a location. After each letter you type it says that it can't find what you're looking for. Seriously, with each letter…
Needs fixin 
Not bringing up my location at all so lol
Complete crap app!!! 
Don't bother wasting your space on your phone for this app. I get really bad allergy symptoms and was hoping this would help track them. It doesn't even bother to set the location after I tried several times. Delete it if you have this I'm going to keep searching for a better app to help track the symptoms.
Good app 
I've used this for years. Works great. Would rate higher if it listed all allergens not just the predominate ones. What bothers one person may not be a trigger for everyone one I would like to see grasses and weeds listed as well another app listed them for my area today and this one didn't.
Thumbs down 
Why don't you be transparent and clearly say this app does not work in Australia, and cannot determine locations. Useless. Deleting app.
Use to be awesome. Currently the app is telling me all cities of the world has 0 pollen count. About to uninstall.
No longer works 
Way to go, app doesn't work anymore
Does not remember a location set. Perhaps you have to set up an account for that to occur, but they don't want to tell you. You get hardly any info, and it's hard to read. Utterly, totally useless.
Used to work fine 
This app is acting stupid. This week it registers 0.0 on pollen count, no matter which city I choose. Stupid. Get the bugs out please.
Zero pollens in my area but I'm sneezing crazy 
The app says 0.0 Allergy impact in my zip code and no pollens but my eyes are itching and watering and my I'm sneezing like crazy. Bugs?
Latest update has stopped providing forecasted pollen counts and predominant pollens. 
Please correct ASAP so users have accurate information!
Wonderful when it works 
It really helps me to know when my allergies are going to need extra help.
Stopped working after latest update 
I used to check this daily to decide whether I needed to use all or just some of my allergy meds, but after the latest update, it no longer displays any information at all. Such a disappointment. I'm removing the app & downloading something different.
Not working Again 
Great app when it works.
Stopped working after the last update 
I keep getting 0.0 even though the mold count in my area is high - I got rid of the app and I'm using WebMD's allergy app - at least that one works.
Update made it bad 
This app use to work, but after the update it no longer tells me the pollens that I am being affected by.
Love it...when it works 
It is like hit and miss with this app. It is helpful when it works,but that is only about half the time.
Nice app... When it works 
The first time I downloaded this app, it worked beautifully. Then for some reason... Maybe because of an iPhone update, all I get for a reading is 0.0 for my town.... Every day.....which makes no sense because I'm in a high pollen and mild area. Not happy with this app anymore.
Updated, now doesn't work! 
Updated June 2016, no longer works! My location appears but pollen data does not load! I also am not a fan of the newish allergy impact feature. I liked the older version, just pollen count, much better. I don't need to be "social" about my allergies - this is not a social networking app.
Does not let you choose a location. After I tap a location it says "Updating Info" then nothing changes, still saying "NO LOCATION SET". It used to work fine and be helpful.
App stopped working 
I liked the app but it has stopped working. It won't allow me to add a location. Please send a fixer update.
No longer works 
Quit working. No updates since the last update broke it. Months have gone by.
No longer works 
Just stopped loading data. Will not allow entering a location.
Needs more symptoms 
Have had postnasal drip fora month and cannot track using this app. Needs way more symptoms to be useful.
Stopped working 
Used to work perfectly. Stopped tracking symptoms on 7/1. Started getting glitchy prior to that and said 0.0 pollen. Wish it worked again. Also wish it had a few more symptom options like headache or fatigued.
They definitely need to add more symptoms, such as sinus headache and fatigue.
Stopped working 
Used to work amazing! Something happened no the app says 'no internet connection' even though there is plenty of service. Loved the tracking aspect.
And thus pretty useless
Crashes trying to save data 
The symptom tracker and nice interactive graphics make this app useful in helping to identify an offending allergen. That is, it would have been, if it actually worked. It did work for three entries (days). After that, it just crashed every time I hit save. Nice idea but what can you expect for nothing?
Good, needs more work 
I love that this tells the pollen count, but the allergy index is a bonus. Very helpful in identifying what is making you crazy! Would like to see more symptom options.
It was a great app...once upon a time 
This "allergy impact" Is false for me every time. I'm miserable this time of year. It was better when it was just pollen count. It's over 9 and I'm constantly sneezing, itchy nose, ears, and throat...and the allergy impact says 1.3 meaning I won't be affected much this day...bunch of baloney. Not useful to me if it's wrong. Sorry to say I'll be deleting this app:(
Would love headache listed as a symptom. 
This is a great idea but it doesn't list the most frequent allergy symptom I have. Thought it would be helpful to track which pollens cause headaches but that isn't listed. 😕
Helpful and Easy to Use 
This was just the app I've been looking for. I take two allergy meds each day but some days are still worse than others. This app is great at letting me know when to expect worse symptoms. The allergy impact feature seems to be accurate and I find it very helpful.
I would like it even more if... 
It had a widget, so I could put it where I could see it when my phone was locked.
Doesn't work on iPhone 4S, iOS 9.3.5 
All I got was an error saying that My device is not comparable. It's an iPhone 4S with iOS 9.3.5. The requirements say iOS 8. What's the point? I would still like to use this.
App no longer works on my phone 
I have used this app for years and rely on it during mold/spring allergy season but with the latest update it no longer works on my phone. Very disappointing and I can't uninstall to the previous version.
Only one direction. 
Not a bad app, but can only be viewed in vertical format. It does't switch when pad is held horizontally. I, like most people, view our pads horizontally.
Apple watch 
Lets have Apple watch glance & small complication
App Change? 
This app does track allergies and symptoms well but doesn't look a thing like pictures and there is no badges or multiple person tracking like it says
Uninstalled !! 
Not available in Australia!! - Please fix this ASAP!!
Used to my favorite 
This app used to be a valuable tool for me to identify which pollens were triggers for me. But it no longer allows entry of symptoms and so is useless to me. I have switched to WebMD app. Please fix this app!
Used to be great 
I've got the same issues as everyone else. Won't let me track my symptoms due to a data migration error. Now I'm looking for other apps to use instead
Lousy app 
This version is very lousy! Too much clutter, buggy and useless.
Great app 
Great setup and tracking tools for me. I deal with seasonal allergies and the app is doing a great job showing what's out there each day. Thanks!
Latest Update 
When trying to app says not compatible with my phone.
Every pollen count forecast I checked online says the pollen count was high-very high and my symptoms confirmed that; however, this app says it was low. 😒😒😒
App used to work now I can no longer track my symptoms.
Headache not listed as an allergy symptom 
Hi. I'm a newer allergy sufferer. My allergies developed around 30 years old and are sporadic, so this app is extremely useful in pinpointing triggers. At this time, my histamines are too low for bloodwork or patch tests to register my triggers. Headache is my most common symptom. Can Headache please be added to to symptom tracker? It is a tension-like experience originating in my temples or sinuses. I'd like to be able to track the headaches with the seasons. Thanks!
Can't find my location 
The app can't find my location and it is required for the app to work. Needs an update!
Not worth the effort 
I liked the fact you could trike your symptoms BUT you can't enter anything because it did migrate my data???? Stupid
Used to work fine, now crashes after the last update. Please remove your app from the App Store if you do not plan on fixing anytime soon.
Reliable no longer 
Lately it tells me the pollen count is 0.0 and the impact is a real number. I have to go to another app to find the actual pollen count. I used to love his app. Please fix :)
I check this every morning 
It really helps me to know when my allergies are going to need extra help.
Helps out a lot! Needs more symptoms to track 
Great app. Suits my needs just fine. However I really wish you could track more symptoms like headaches. There are days where I feel really itchy, however I want to be able to identify the pollens that cause me the most pain due to massive headaches.
Love the app 
Best pollen count app I've found. I almost didn't download it because I had such a terrible experience with Zyrtec but they got the app right. 😊
When It Works 
Great when it works.
No longer compatible 
After running the latest update, the app states that it is no longer compatible with my phone. That just stinks.
Only has locations in the USA 
This app looks like it would be really good - unfortunately as it only recognises USA locations and has no UK pollen data it's pretty pointless in the UK.
Historical Data Issue 
Here I am suffering and they have a technical problem. Time to switch to WebMD. This is a simple app which should have a Simple solution.
Working fine for me 
I see a lot of potential with this app. I like that there's a weather forecast included with allergy forecast so I can see it all in one place. What I'd like to see is the addition of asthma and breathing problems added to the symptom tracker. I have allergic asthma and am not quite sure what triggers it. Being able to track allergens and my asthma symptoms would help me I so many ways!
Hangs on retrieving location 
App is unusable because of this. Come on guys, not a hard thing to fix.
Not working for pollen counts 
In the old app pollen counts for Oklahoma City are working great today Cedar is 7.9 (Jan 4 2016). In the new app there are no pollen counts listed at all. I have quit the app and restarted to no avail. Please fix this. This was my primary use of your app.
Can't Track Symptoms 
I like the forecasting ability but I get an alert saying that I can't track my symptoms because my historical data isn't migrated...I don't have historical data.
This upgraded Zyrtec app doesn't work at all. Had the previous versions of the Zyetec app that worked fine. I have the latest iOS version on my iPhone (iOS 9.2) and I get a message that says this version isn't compatible with my iPhone. Please fix this app!!
Colors don't work 
Please change the colors. I have bad vision and the colors do not have enough contrast. Orange on yellow is very hard to read.
Why did they change it? 
My review is short and simple. Why did they change it? The orange screen is hard to figure out. I don't like it and I'm mad I updated my app!!
Terrible new update!!!! 😡😡😡😡 
The new update is terrible!!!!! I cannot log my symptoms anymore, it says my data has not migrated!! What is with this! Please fix this app, I liked it before the update!!!!! If you don't fix it I will delete the app.
Color palet challenging 
Colors on iPad make screens too hard to read. Sorry. Nice idea...but am deleting for now because it's too hard to read the screens.
Latest version is useless! 
Would rate it "zero" if that was an option. The previous version wasn't so great either; about a year ago it stopped pushing notifications to my iPhone. It claimed I needed to turn on notifications in Settings but the were already on! As for the new "improved" version, don't install it! The only "improvement" is that it wants your name and birthday, obviously so it can better sell ads. I'm uninstalling now. Bye!
Allergy Impact/Pollen Count numbers do not support the allergy forecast. 
Allergy impact today is 5.1, pollen count is 7.7. App says "Allergy impact is higher than pollen count. Expect a high sneeze count today, too."
Helpful app! 
I struggle with Cedar Fever here in Texas, so this app is so helpful - I can quickly see pollen counts before I head out and track symptoms which will help in other times of the year. I do think it would be great to have "headache" added to symptoms list. Also, maybe another notation that symptoms are before taking Zyrtec - because if I'm taking Zyrtec everyday, I shouldn't have any symptoms, right?
Has potential 
This app would be much more useful if the individual could add their own additional allergy symptoms to track.
It worked fine before. 
It worked fine before, after the last update the forecast says no city has been selected, so I don't get the forecast. I go to settings and it shows the current city [selected]. No issues with the pollen/alerts that's why I haven't erased it, yet.
"Data can't be migrated" 
Won't let me track anything. Always get that pop-up when trying to log my results for the day.
Symptoms Tracker "Can't Be Migrated" 
Symptoms Tracker "Can't Be Migrated", so then it's useless!
Needs fixed 
Won't let me put in birthday. Then says data can't be mitigated. Useless.
Broken, buggy, no longer useful 
It constantly gives a pop-up error that “historical data can not be migrated.” It also gives that error as the excuse for why the app won’t let me record my current symptoms. Each time I open it it gives the spinning wheel for at least a minute trying to retrieve data. And half the time it doesn’t display any pollen data afterward. I used to like this app a lot.
Can't track symptoms; takes a long time to load 
The older version was fast and useful and helped me quite a bit. This new version is slow to load and I can't track symptoms due to a data migration error. Completely useless as is.
Keeps searching for a location and does not display any information. Completely useless.
City/current locaton 
Not able to save city, also not get correct allergies for my current location.
Thinks I'm in nyc 
The app refuses to accept that my current location is not New York, New York, no matter what I do. It won't recognize my actual city as a real place, so all its good for is knowing the allergy forecast of NYC, which doesn't help me much. Thumbs down.
But sometimes I would like to blame the app when the pollen count is high, lol.
Used to be 5, but no notifications on my iPhone 6s 
Developers: please take note, notifications isn't working. The app says I have permissions turned off, but I don't. It worked great on my iPhone 5. Please update! Thanks
Fastest Way to Know Before You Go 
Click before you head outdoors and prevent a hard workout in bad air! Easy to use and accurate
Heavy dust was forecast during rain 
Zyrtec is a great product but the forecast app is a joke. Twice in recent rain soaked days I was alerted to brush the dust off my clothes. I deleted the app.
Needs Work 
Latest update was a failure. Now the app is not compatible with my device, even though iOS is up-to-date ☹️
"This App not compatible with your device" 
What the heck! That will teach me to run updates. Time to delete. Was nice while it lasted.
This upgrade doesn't work. Has the previous versions that worked fine. I have the latest iOS version on my iPhone and I get a message that says this version isn't compatible with my phone. Please fix this app!!
Finally an update!! 
I have been using this app for a while now to gage the allergy in my area. But the last iteration of this app the GPS function did not work and requires the user to enter a location every time which is annoying. Looks like the developers finally decide to give the app a refresh and fix the bugs that it had.
GREAT new design 
Super simple to use and helpful. push notifications super useful. Highly recommended.
Can't track my symptoms 
Since I updated the app I have been unable to track my symptoms. It keeps saying it's not possible because the data were not migrated. I don't mind that I lost my previous data that much, I just want to be able to start tracking my symptoms again.
Bad colors 
Too hard to read with the goldish background
This app was really good until they updated it now it's gone downhill thinking of deleting it it is now just terrible bad color for design poor update just very sad he should've left it alone it was very good the way it was
Can't read it. 
This new version is in a font that closely matches the background color. Must have been designed by someone in their 20's. I can't use it. It was okay before the last update. I will delete it soon if there is no change.
Terrible app 
This is the screwiness app ever! Can't find my location. Second largest city in my state and yet this app can't locate me by location service or by zip code or by city name and state. Grrr. Insulting and useless. Also, once a location is entered in (it entered in Las Vegas when I was entering in my town) you can't remove it!! Did anyone even test this app before release???
Liked the previous version better 
Nevermind that it wiped out all my previously saved locations, but it's quite a bit harder to read through with the new color scheme. Plus, and maybe I'm being stupid here, but I miss the little critters from the last version that made an app about pollen and allergies more entertaining for me. Sorry, but this is an update that I could have honestly lived without. I love your anti-allergy pills though, they're the only OTC that works great for me.
Change isn't always good. 
I loved this app before the last update. The new putrid yellow color is horrible. I can barely read the stats on the screen. If it's hard to read, I won't. Therefore, if it isn't fixed soon, I will delete it.
What is this? 
In the previous version, allergy index was a fairly simple concept. Now there is allergy impact and pollen count, which isn't really a pollen count. Then a statement that allergy impact (currently 8.1 for me) is higher than the pollen count (currently 10.3 for me) so I should take it easy. I'm not a mathemagician but I am fairly competent in math. I guess 8.1 > 10.3 makes perfect sense to a pharmaceutical manufacturer, however the rest of us need a simpler measure.
Every time app stops to find location. Can't enter symptoms because historical data is not merged. Get on the stick!
Poor execution 
The pollen counts may be correct... Haven't really bounced this off others and experienced it yet. However, the app itself is poor. It keeps showing me New Yorks forecast even after I select my home town as default. I can't even erase the 3 cities initially entered into the app. Than to top it off, I can't get push notifications because the app isn't even listed in settings> notifications. It's not found any where. Poor execution. A feeble attempt at marketing combined with utility.
Terrible app 
1. Unable to get the app to notify me of pollen levels. Won't appear in Notification Center to set up notifications. 2. No way that I can find to contact any type of customer support. Are they ashamed of their app? They should be.
Needs more symptoms to choose from 
Nice app. Adding your city as default is not intuitive. You have to first add it as a city in your list. Then you have to go to The home page of he app and add your city as the default. More symptoms need to be added to the log such as burning sinuses, fatigue, and cough. Those things would make this app a 5 star.
Notification 😕👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 
Notification not working 🆘🆘🆘
Doesn't work 
Not working with iPhone 6. Won't hold my city and continually defaults to New York. Doesn't even appear as an option under Notifications when I try to set those. Disappointing!
Allegra works for me. 
Rag weed pollen season aggrevates my Type II Diabetes. Allegra solves that problem. Zyrtec did nothing.
In the clear 
I have many allergies and I suffer from asthma as well. This app helps me to better manage and track my symptoms which helps my Dr help me.
Cool, but why does it keep defaulting my location to NYC?
Good Tracker 
It's good, but not great. I wish it had more varied symptoms to track. Most of the time I feel terrible and my symptoms are not listed.
Update = 5 stars 
Cool app. Suggest clearing out the expired contest info. I dumped the WebMD pollen app 'cuz this has more compelling graphics - and I use Zyrtec anyway!
Great for those with allergies 
Accurate and educational Good weather forecasts too!
So helpful 
This app is so helpful as I plan my day. I have pretty severe seasonal allergies and this app is great!
WEATHER & ..... Well you no allergy stuff 
The reason why I got this app is because, my mom had it!!!!!😝 Anyway, so I got it the next day and I LOVED IT!!!!! I have 18 allergies SO THANK U ZERTEC APP !!!!!😄😜😃😀
Works if you live in 1 of 3 places 
I live in a big city. It wouldn't find my city to personalize. I even tried Los Angeles and it could not find that city. That's sad.
Notifications is not working, helpppppppp!!!!
Needs Work 
It's a good app, but notifications don't work.
Wish it worked in AK 
Works great in the Lower 48 but it doesn't work in Alaska.
Only has three programmed locations! 
Well this would be useful, if it actually let you put your own location in. Three random locations in the U.S. is no use to me in a town in the UK... Fix this please! :/
Poor execution 
The pollen counts may be correct... Haven't really bounced this off others and experienced it yet. However, the app itself is poor. It keeps showing me New Yorks forecast even after I select my home town as default. I can't even erase the 3 cities initially entered into the app. Than to top it off, I can't get push notifications because the app isn't even listed in settings> notifications. It's not found any where. Poor execution. A feeble attempt at marketing combined with utility.
I think I could do better 
I think I could do better, but not ready yet to quit my job to find out.
I'm happy that it tells what is high in the allergy season
Wonderful App 
Really helps me know what I'm up against (in terms of what irritants are in the air) before I get outside & walk my dog. So glad this app is available!
Poor execution 
The pollen counts may be correct... Haven't really bounced this off others and experienced it yet. However, the app itself is poor. It keeps showing me New Yorks forecast even after I select my home town as default. I can't even erase the 3 cities initially entered into the app. Than to top it off, I can't get push notifications because the app isn't even listed in settings> notifications. It's not found any where. Poor execution. A feeble attempt at marketing combined with utility.
No Notifications 
The app is okay, but there is major issue with notifications. When you flip the switch to turn them on, it tells you to turn on notifications in Settings. One problem... there is no AllergyCast item in Settings-Notifications. Ugh.
At first I couldn't make my location stay, it kept reverting to NYC. Otherwise, great! It even lets you record symptoms!
Only work in U.S. 
Keeps thinking I am in NY, but I am in Toronto, Ontario. When I search for Toronto, it finds cities with that name in U.S. states. I assume it only works in the U.S.
It works very well. It's very useful. I really like it.
Best all-around quickie weather app 
It gives hourly forecasts for weather AND pollen. I only wish it would have a widget and a badge displaying temp and pollen count, such as "37/10.4." But this is for a 5c and I prefer smooth operability over an abundance of features. Ultimately the app's goal succeeded: this is the first year my family switched from generic cetirizine to Zyrtec cetirizine. While the active ingredient is the same, each of us better tolerates the Zyrtec formulation. So please, McNeil-PPC, keep the app running smoothly for all Apple smartphones and you'll constantly win over customers.
1 issue 
I can find only one fault with this app. For some reason a can not get alerts and it's not showing up in my settings. Once this is corrected, it be a 5 star
Push Notifications don't work 
I have IOS 8.3 and following directions on app and from internet cannot get alerts or push notifications to work. My wife's phone has the same problem. We both have iPhone 6.
Love it! 
Really helpful and seems accurate. Had a hard time adding a location but figured it out.
Allergy forecast 
Luv it
Great & helpful app 
Thanks to this app you can keep log of your symptoms and forecast for yourself how it will be for you the next few days.
Helpful app 
Helps me to realize I'm not crazy when I am experiencing allergy symptoms. I would love it if you could add "ear fullness" ,"itchy ears", and "postnasal drip". Thanks!
Great app 
This is a great app. Knowing how the pollen is outside allows me to prepare before I step outside my door
Better then WebMD 
I love this allergy App it's great. Easy to use and the allergy forecast is always correct. I just wish the game was still there made dealing with these awful allergies a wee-bit better. Put it back please!!!!
Fix notifications IOS 8.3 
Great app with great info but can't set up push notifications - does not even show up under apps. C'mon McNeill, you certainly have the $$ to fix this.
Good but needs a little help 
Good app but I can't get it to remember That I don't live in New York.
I'll echo what several others have said: I can't get the notifications to work on my iPhone 6. It worked fine with the 5, but all I get now are repeated screens saying it's turned off in Settings, which is wrong. I've deleted the app and reinstalled, rebooted multiple times, and nothing. Very disappointing, because I used it constantly last year and now that pollen season is upon us, I could definitely use it again. Developers, please take note!
Was good... 
I can't turn notifications anymore. This used to be a great app, but now it's not very useful to me. Tried to contact app support, no success.
Very useful
No notifications! 
Can't get push notifications to work on my Iphone 5S! That would be really useful!
An ok app, but having trouble making my default location away from New York City. Also, will not accept my town as the default location, even though when I enter my zip code, my town pops up. I have to enter Chicago, about 40 miles away, as a location. I wish I could remove locations that come with the app. I don't care about allergies in NYC, about a thousand miles away.
One Annoying Feature 
I like this app but every time I open it, I have to reset my location. The default location is always NYC as opposed to Michigan.
Doesn't recognize Hawaii in location. Really ridiculous.
Update request 
I notifications do not work on iPhone 6 running iOS 8.3. Could add to symptomatic chart eczema and skin sensitivities due to pollen counts. Perhaps even something towards dog allergies Either way needs improvement.
Great app! 
Have really enjoyed this app. Great info and tracking features.
Can't Send Notifications 
Have been successfully utilizing the app for couple years. One of the most useful features "was" the notification option. It would alert me to bad pollen days. Unfortunately, since upgrading to the IPhone 6, I can not get this feature to work properly and based on comments from others can't understand why the developers have not fixed this problem to date. Notifications from my perspective is one of the main reasons you utilize the app in the first place.
USA & Canada only 
Why is this even available on the UK App Store? It's limited to North America only.
Where's the FORECAST? 
This app is ok. I use it daily in spring and fall. It will tell you what in the air outside NOW. But there's no forecast. With the ability to reference the weather forecast (i.e. rain, wind, etc.) and knowing what is blooming at a given time, they should be able to predict what the pollen count will be for the next few days or so. That's a forecast. This app doesn't supply an allergen forecast; it only supplies a pollen count. I'm disappointed. It could be improved.
Very helpful!
But sometimes I would like to blame the app when the pollen count is high, lol.
Great app 
It helps a lot in terms of pollen prediction. However, the weather forecast part need to be improved!
Bring back tips! 
I am terribly allergic to pollen, so this app is a lifesaver in the spring. Although, the new update doesn't have tips and I wish they still had it! Some of them are actually very helpful. Other than that, this is a great app and very useful!
Useless location 
It keeps insisting I am in NY, NY. I live in the California Bay Area...if I can't get accurate allergen information this is just a glorified health symptom tracker. Fix your App.
Home girl 
Good for me here in Miami with my oak pollen problem.
Decent and the only one that works properly 
You can set your hometown as a default in app settings. Only issue is that app does not show up under location services so cannot get push alerts. Hence the docking of a star. Please fix this.
Better than webmd 
This is a decent app that actually does have a forecast. You can save several locations as favorites and set a default location- this takes a few clicks to find. The app always defaults to NY, NY, so you will have to actually set a default if you don't want to see that. There's not too much pressure to buy stuff either, so I do appreciate that. You can also set push alerts for whatever pollen level you prefer. Pretty good app!
Great App 
Helps to track allergy conditions outside AND tracks your symptoms.
Buggy app 
I've updated, even deleted and re downloaded the app and I have found consistent issues: - won't let me change default location away from NYC - won't let me activate the push notifications. I unlock it in the main settings and then it puts me into an error loop in the app. These worked before I got the iPhone 6 - when you try to give recommendations to the app developers it takes you to this form where Zyrtec tries to collect all sorts of private information - just let me report a bug!
Absolutely Love This! 
This app has been a Godsend. Both my stepdaughter and I suffer from allergies and having this app has made it so much easier to get us both feeling better and avoid having horrible allergy days where we just feel sick. Since she's 8 she can't always communicate her symptoms to me but being able to quickly and easily check pollen levels I can tell when our allergies will be acting up so I know better when I'm going to have to keep an eye on her and give her some allergy medicine to avoid sinus infections. It's been so helpful! The only 2 things I wish this app could do in addition is updating previous day's symptoms (in case I forget) and tracking family members symptoms as well as my own.
Love this app no complaints! The allergy meds by Zertec however are not good at ALL.
Pretty good. One minor complaint 
This app does what it says: it gives you the pollen forecast and the type of pollen out there. One minor complaint: you can mark more than one town / city as a "favorite" to get those pollen forecasts, but to access them you have to go from the home page to More -> Favorites. Would be more convenient if you could just tap Favorites and lose the extra steps.
Very effective
Thinks I'm in New York. What's the point when it doesn't have info for Australia?
Pretty good 
I haven't evaluated it thoroughly but this app looks good as far as my initial requirements go
Love it 
Love it
Doesn't recognize Hawaii in location. Really ridiculous.
Good to be prepared 
It's the only allergy app I found that's why it's only 3 stars. It's good to know if my allergies are going to be bad or not.
Very helpful 
Love that it tells you which allergens are in the air for the specific day. Really helps pin point what triggers symptoms. Wish it included molds as well
Great app!!! 
Very helpful 
Great app very helpful for our daughter's pollen allergy!!! Great app!
Great app 
Awesome app for allergy sufferers.
Good -- needs iOS 8 update 
Asks for location even when not in use.
Has bugs 
Overall, it's a great app, but it requires minor bug fixes. For example, I've logged 'itchy eyes' many times, but still don't have the 'made in the shade' badge.
This app is quite helpful because of all my outdoor allergies and Asthma.
I like it 
Now I know why my symptoms are as bad as they are
Excellent app 
A seriously irritated sinus victim as myself would like to narrow down what is ruining my breathing. This app gives you the temperature and active allergens. I really like it. Go get it for yourself.
Great App 
Does exactly what you need it to- provides accurate allergy forecasts.
Great app for allergy sufferers. 
I use this app often to tell which trigger I'm most likely experiencing. It helps me know how to deal and what to avoid.
Detailed app 
This app is intricately detailed and that's why I love it. It allows you to track symptoms and your personal mood to give you an average for the month. Only app I could find that gives you name of allergen and gives you a 4 day forecast of pollens in air. Best app to help me with my allergies. Even allows you to track other cities as well. Best app available!!!
Very helpful app! 
This app gives me instant pollen forecasts and I love the fact that it lets you track your seasonal allergy symptoms so you can correspond with the allergen.
Useful, well designed app 
For the few allergies that plague me, I enjoy using websites to look it up. When I'm on the go, this app makes it easy to track your personal allergens and prepare for spikes in pollen, etc. that can sadden one's day. Zyrtec's app is intuitive as well. In addition to allergy medicine, I consume locally made honey and supplement with royal jelly to keep hay fever at bay.
Awesome app 
This app helps track day to day allergens in the air. Would recommend this highly if you are a allergy sufferer. 👍
App icon problem 
Your app icon for the latest update is not displaying correctly on an iPad 2. It shows up as a white icon with some black gridlines.
Crashes every time I enter my allergy report. Useless!
Lets me know when to begin preventative measures and that reduces symptoms!
I like it 
Great info lets me figure out if I need to take allergy meds that day or not!!
I Love This App 
I Love this App😃 I have Severe Allergies & this App lets me Know what is in the air 💨 I have been so grateful to know what flying around out there. It's helped me treat my allergies properly 😃👏
Good app 
Helps to understand specific allergies and forecasts the intensity. It includes temp and humidity as well.
Doesn't work in Australia 
Can't find or manually enter location in this app. So app sets location to New York.
Good but... 
It would be nice to add/edit previous days' symptoms. I was feeling like crap on Saturday, but didn't log it, so it's not included in the tracker.
Love it! 
I love this app! It is such a help to me because I can look at it and know what is in the air that is bothering me! Great app, it is so beneficial!
Perfect allergy app 
Easy accessibility. Tracks what allergies relate to which symptoms allowing improved physician feedback and lifestyle management. I do wish it would include mold counts. Overall, highly recommended for those of us who manage allergies with the cocktail of OTC meds, homeopathic interventions and shots!
Love this app!! Great and accurate!
I love this app!! I've always had horrible allergies and I've never known exactly what I'm allergic to! The symptom log helps me find out!
Zyrtec allergy cast 
I like this app. I can get pollen count and some weather. The only weather its missing is the pollution count. I also agree that more symptoms need to be added to tracker. I have goopy eyes unless I medicate. They are so bad you'd think it was pinkeye. But it goes away with medication.
Great app 
Tracking symptoms makes this a clear winner. A nice way to monitor allergens and keep track of what bothers you the most.
Love it! 
Must have for those of us who suffer from Allergies.
Great app, very informative.
Awesome app! 
If you are an allergy sufferer this app is a must have. Important information at your fingertips.
Helps out a lot! 
Great app. It really helps me pin point my allergies. I dont know about anyone else but I think one of the symptoms you can log should be headache. When mine get out of hand I get a really bad one that feels like a migraine.
Great app for allergy sufferers! 
This app helps me stay on top of allergy conditions so I can be proactive for my son's allergies.
Zyrtec App 
This app is very useful but there is no way to filter for specific allergens.
I would like to get notification on my phone every day, no matter what the pollen level is, so that I can adjust my allergy meds accordingly. Otherwise I love this app.
Overall this is a helpful app for those suffering from allergies. Daily mold counts would be very helpful to have as well!!!
Deserves 5 Stars 
I suffer year round and so far this app has prepared me in advance for how my day is going to be. Love the appearance, very useful and informative. Great for trending out your worst days in advance! Someone mentioned alerts for your specific allergies, which is a great idea. I use this app daily and it is extremely helpful!! Signed, Chronic Sufferer
Really like but could use improvement 
I find this app very interesting and mostly satisfactory! I love the idea of keeping track of my symptoms but unfortunately they are not all listed- headaches, itchy nose or face, breathing ability, etc... And I like that the more you track the more helpful it is to seeing patterns. I wish we were able to go back and track on past days other than just the day it is. I also like how it includes specific allergins that are high, but not all are listed under the tree/grasses/weeds categories so I'm not sure what they are. I am curious as to how they gather data for their allergycast... It is so specific. Overall, really like it and will continue using it! :)
Great app 
My 5 year old has outside allergies real bad. This helps me to see how high it is out. Plus she likes to rate how she is feeling and what systems she has. Great app. Maybe they could add a game to hit for kids to teach them about outside and indoor allergies.
Very useful app. 
This app helps me identify the allergen I am most sensitive to and predict my need for medications the hard days of seasonal allergies. Highly recommended.
Allergy helper 
Helps me plan my day. Helps a lot
Great app! 
I have been using this app for a few days now because it seems that every time I step outside I find myself sneezing and rubbing my itchy eyes. Not only does this app tell me the pollen count and the types of pollen in the air, it also allows me to document my symptoms and keep track of my allergies. Thank you Zyrtec!
Love it 
Great App. I find it very helpful for planning my outdoor activities. Also helps me track the impact of my allergy Meds. (Prescription and OTC).
great app 
so helpful! love it!
Needs fixing 
On my iPod touch 5generation it won't loads data and when I tried to reinstall it it still won't load
Love it!!! 
I love this app!! We have had horrible allergies lately, and I found out about this app on Zyrtec's website. It is so helpful to know what the forecast is, and how to deal with allergies. Thanks!!,
Ms. Oly 
I love this app very helpful I learned how to control them better
Great app 
Great app for allergies and weather. Like that the forecast was added.
Allergy cast 
LOVE this app! Let's me plan ahead, track my symptoms (would like a few more options) and helps make an allergy suffers life a little easier.
I love it finally a place i can go n check enviroment
Finally a great app that notifies me of the pollen count!!! And it can track my symptoms too👍. Love the gamification aspect of the app! Great job!!!
So helpful! 
I love that I can log and track my symptoms and narrow down the biggest offenders. Keep up the good work!
Nice App BUT.... 
Would be nice if you could see allergy forecast the the next 24 hours.
Ms girl 
So far liking the app, it's simple and gets my day started.
Good app. Just needs more choices and/or space to add symptoms.
Love this app! 
Last year I used the symptom/feeling wheel chart and learned what pollens I'm allergic to (grass) and not (trees). And I made a list of cities of my friends and family to check their daily pollen as well. Also cute with bunnies etc. No bothering to pay more, no pop-ups : D
Great app 
Good app
Great app !! 
Nice to have, seems to work good.
Not accurate 
While interface is nice, it is not accurate: - Allergy forecast is just a rough estimate. For example, San Francisco & San Ramon are an hour apart. One surrounded by ocean and the other is in a valley. Forecast number and predominate pollens are shown identical which is not possible. - Temperature forecasts are off: while it is current on some days, often it is wrong on today and the next few days.
Love it very simple very helpful in planning your outdoor activitys.
Good start 
This app is quite useful but needs a couple of things: 1) the ability to remove cities from list or at least rearrange any cities added 2) an option to add symptoms to the totally inadequate list that comes with the app
More info than others! 
The pollen count is great, but what sets it above the rest is the symptom tracker which combined with the predominant pollen info helps me to get a handle on exactly what triggers my symptoms.
Helpful app 
I like the ease of looking up the pollen rating each morning.
Gives me all the info I need!
Perfect Allergic Sensor 
Awesome! Helps me distinguish the average levels of when I should expect allergic reactions
Good option 
This is so far, the best one available for us allergy sufferers.
Simple and very easy to use
More needed 
I like this app and use it frequently. There are a couple little things that would make it even better. For example, you cannot edit symptoms more than once. It would be nice to be able to access the app mode than once a day to update symptoms. Also, in my opinion, post nasal drip should be added as a symptom.
Very useful 
This app is very helpful to those of us who are impacted by Mother Nature at certain times of the year.
Helpful, easy to use 
Like the features
Where did you go!?!? 
The first app I check every morning has no values this morning (6/21/14). I love the hourly info and the pollen counts, the symptom-log... . ( the expired contest info never made sense). but You are missed.
Was kinda good, now everything, everything reads as zero...
Worked last year 
But this year it won't populate any of my city info or show me anything. Everything is 0. Sad day this was useful last spring.
Everything is blank 
Everything is blank and on null now. No data Please fix it.
Really helpful !! 
I do find this app very helpful since I'm very allergic to pollen and this app helps me to look at how high is the pollen going to be so I can be prepared .
Best App as fast as I know 
Accurate and you get to input you daily condition. However I use Allegre because I Zyrtec makes me drowsy. My son uses Zyrtec and raves about it.
Best allergy app out there.
Seems to give accurate pollen readings but not a useful way of tracking your allergy symptoms. re: logging symptoms, choices are very limited. There should at least be an "other" where u can add a new symptom (I.e. Headaches, fatigue, sore throat). Gonna have to say goodbye to this one
Works good 
Good app. Wish it would load faster and I wish I could select multiple cities for alerts but other than that it's a great app.
Great ap 
Love the up to date info!
This app helps me watch out for high pollen days.
Easy informative 
Easy to use and informative this app helps me know when my allergies are going to be crazy as well as what they are. It doesn't replace testing but it seems to be the next best thing.
I too wish there was a place to list your own allergies that would notify you when it's med-high for my own allergies. Love the app other than that!!
Love this app 
Love the updates I everyday when I am having an allergy moment Keeps me alert and I like that.
Helpful App 
I have allergy-induced Asthma and this is instrumental in knowing what to expect each day. Based on how I feel, I check it several times a day. I do wish there was a gauge for asthma as it is more serious than the allergies. I hope to see a new version with an allergy element included!
I find this app helpful. I haven't used the tracker as of yet. As of now it runs fine for me.
Since the update I get no notifications no matter what setting I put it on. And yes in the notification center it is turned on. I would like to know what the counts are before I go out so I can adjust my Zyrtec med. Why no notifications?
Great app! 
I have had this app for a few years now & I love the new version. The pollen counts have always been accurate & I like the estimated future pollen counts as well. And I love the graphics on the new version. Definitely recommend for anyone with seasonal allergies!
Consult Daily 
I check this daily to see what's affecting me & what's to come. Thanks for a great, easy to use app!
Would rate higher if it listed all allergens not just the predominate ones. What bothers one person may not be a trigger for everyone one I would like to see grasses and weeds listed as well another app listed them for my area today and this one didn't.
LOVE this App!! 
Very reliable effective I use it daily and it helps me understand how I'm feeling
My Daily Go-To App 
This app is wonderful. I suffer from allergies and it is set up to be so helpful in planning activities and knowing how to work around my allergies. I check this every morning.
Great allergy app!! 
Very basic app to help you monitor allergy seasons! Tells what is blooming and you rate how you feel so you will know what bothers you. Would like to have a comment/note section under how to rate your feelings so as to know more details in how the pollen is effecting you.
Great app!
Awesome! Great help! 
Now, I know what's causing my allergy issues. Thank you!
Very effective
Great App 
I've been using this app for about a year now and it's been very helpful on what to be expecting outdoors. Thank you for making this app for allergy sufferers like me.
Wonderful and easy to use. Handy and helpful!
Really helpful 
This app is really helpful and allows me to plan during the allergy season.
Awesome app! 
I love this app to keep track of pollen levels and what's blooming. I like that I can switch locations when we travel.
Great app !! 
Love this app! Helps narrow down the things that really affect you
Great app! 
A few things are broken though. The tips page is blank, as is the products page.
Very useful
Great App 
I have allergies and they are annoying. I enjoy the tracking feature as it lets you go back and see when your allergies were at their worst and what kind. Very helpful.
Good info!! 
Good looking app, has good info
Helpful App 
This app does what it says it'll do. Its good to be able to track my symptoms from day to day. I appreciate having the allergy forecast, too. I do agree with other reviewers about the improvements that could be made: add chest/asthma symptoms, some meta-analysis would be very nice, and allowing for some indication of how effective meds are on a given day seems important.
Needs more options 
I love that you can track your symptoms and their severity but they either need to add more symptoms or give you the option to type a comment. My allergies often manifest without the expected watery eyes, runny nose, etc. Often my main symptoms can be sinus pressure, dizziness, nausea, headache and moodiness. These are all known allergy symptoms and I should be able to log them as well.
Missing Key Thing 
This app is great! I would have given it 5 stars but it is missing one thing to make this better for allergy suffers. Since you can adjust on the app when it sends you push notifications on the allergy levels, i wish it allowed you to select which allergens you have so you only get push notifications for those. Since allergy suffers are allergic to many different allergens. For example my tree pollen allergy is not so bad so i would like to select "tree pollen" and adjust push notification level at "high" so I know I need to take my Zyrtec. My ragweed tolerance is low so I would like to select "weed" and "low". More allergy and push notification customization, better app. WebMD has that customization and better perks but they want your personal information and give it to third parties, which is why this Zyrtec app is much better!!! They don't give your info to third parties or have you sign in to use their app! Plus the background imagery is simple and beautiful. But if the Zyrtec app had better customization i would be able to take my zyrtec more effectively. So far app is great! I hope this app continues to add perks and no radical changes.
Day after input. 
I wish I could input information about prior days. It only allows you to put the information day of and my day often doesn't end until after midnight...so for the seven days I've had the app, I've only been able to enter in two days of info. :/ Seems simple enough.
Tracking Feature is Solid 
I love tracking my allergies. I've never had problems, ht my 30s, and now I'm allergic to the world. This app is really helping me sort things out.
Nice app 
I'm not a huge suffer of allergies, but my dog is and it's nice to know which days are better to take her for walks.
Current location always NYC? 
Living in Germany, using the current location function always returns NYC. Don't know if this app actually knows where I am, therefore can't rely on the data.
I love this app! It pings me every morning to let me know what grasses, pollens, weeds are prominent each day! I live in TN and this app helps me so much! I've never had it not open are crash like a few reviews have said. Maybe it's their phone.
Missing a MAJOR pollen for coastal GA! 
I live in rural southeast GA and pine pollen is everywhere; but not listed! This is a glaring omission! Everything outdoors here right now is yellow. Literally. Springtime in the pine barrens is when a gust of wind sends yellow clouds into the air. Cars turn yellow under a layer of pollen, every body of water has a yellow surface, take a walk and your shoes turn yellow. Pine pollen not being listed in this region is such a glaring omission that I am unable to trust the data, hence the one star. (Otherwise it seems a great UX - just needs the obsolete"game" deleted!).
I can depend on it 
I have severe allergies and I travel every week. I can get a good idea of what pollens and how much every time I use it. It helps me decide whether or not to take antihistamines.
Best I've seen for allergies 
I like this app. It's very useful for knowing my respiratory possibilities for the day.
Great App! 
Easy way to track symptoms and allergens
0 stars. What's the point...... 
....of having this app in the UK itunes store if you can't access UK pollen reports? Absolutely useless - you can only view USA reports. The fact that it's free isn't even in its favour, I wasted my time downloading and installing it. Don't waste yours.
No use for UK 
Doesn't cover UK
Pointless - US only! 
No point having a US only app on the UK store! waste of bandwidth
Waste of time 
Rubbish, only works for USA
I just upgraded to version 2.0 on my iPhone 4S running iOS 6.0.1 and now the app crashes every time I open it. Please release an update that rectifies this error.
Pointless if you live in the uk 
Doesn't pick up any locations in England so don't bother downloading to then see that the app doesn't recognise where you are
Doesn't work in UK 
Why put this on the UK App Store if the app doesn't support locations outside the US?
Vollkommen sinnlos im deutschen App Store 
...da nur für USA
No good 
Only works for America. I'm in Aus, it doesn't tell u it's not world wide. Would b good if it supported other countries.
Only USA 
Annoying to have to download and install an app to discover it only works in the US. How about mentioning this?
The world is bigger than the US 
Why have this on other regions iStore if it's just US? Wasting my time.... No stars for you!!
Only useful if you live in three tiny places on planet Earth. So if you are one of the other 6.9 billion people, this App is pointless.
not for Aussie 
it is an US version app. not for Australia.
Awful app 
Outside of USA useless could not even use current location.
Only US coverage 
Needs Australia too!
Zyrtec APP 
Incredibly useful. I love that it lists the predominant allergens of the day.
Great App! 
Great to check the forecast to see if an allergy pill will be needed for the day!
Great app. 
Needs some maintenance: don't display sweepstakes tab when there's no sweepstakes. Allow me to say if I'm taking medicine today; hopefully that makes a difference in my symptoms. Also correlating the data with the allergens would be awesome: it looks like you may be allergic to ____.
Quick and easy 
This app has a pleasantly simple interface that allows you to get pollen and weather forecasts quickly and without fuss.
Best allergy app but I want trends 
This is the best allergy app I've used to track and learn about my own seasonal allergies. However, where is my data from last year? It should be easy to add trend data yet it's gone. It's be 5 star worthy with a few basic enhancements.
Very accurate pollen count! Could use more symptoms to track better. US only? 
This app lists not only the type of pollen but also species and percentages. I love it. One thing to improve is the symptom tracker - it needs a fill in the blank or more symptoms. For example I have a Sinus headache and nothing on there comes close to it so I can't record it currently. Would also like an export data function (it may exist but I haven't found it yet). It also appears to be for US locations only?
Handy app, helps you prepare 
Very useful app. I check it every morning to plan for when to take my allergy meds and/or carry them with me.
My go to app for allergy forecasts. 
Great interface that gives me great info at a glance.
I get so depressed when I land on an allergen! 
Pollen counts don't agree with measured reports.
Allergy cast contest 
When playing the contest wheel it doesn't give me credit for the number I land on. I land on anything besides an allergen it only gives credit for 1 even if I land on multiples. It just quit working all of a sudden. Please fix.
Backup Data? 
App keeps crashing when tracking symptoms for the day. Literally just attempted to input data 7 times and the app crashed each time! Needs an option to back up your data to an online database or through emailing it to yourself. Similar "trackers" have that capability. That way if app crashes, or phone glitches, you won't loose months of data as the tracking history will be safely stored online and will be able to be referred to. Users also need capability to be able to go through past data to see patterns. Lastly, password protection would be nice. Just to keep it secured so other people can't interfere with the users data. P Tracker is a great app that has these type of features. It would be good to incorporate similar features to this allergy tracker app. Then I'd give it a 4-5 star review.
Sneezes, Sniffles, and Pollens, oh my! 
Really like this app, easy to use the tracker and the display is whimsical, yet strictly accurate. This area of Texas is said to be the absolute worst for allergens blowing in from one coast to the other so this is a great way to be prepared. Only thing is the game, not sure what that is all about.
Very helpful App ... Great help with Pollen Count 
This app is one of the few I use every day! Their information on Pollen Count every day by city is tremendously helpful for us, and helps us understand which things affect us the most. We use Zrytec to help us with our allergies, and this App is a great tool
Best ever! 
This is the best pollen/allergy report I have found and easy and quick to use.
Excellent App 
I'm grateful for this app. It lets me know when things are going to be a little too much for me to wing it without meds. It's pretty accurate with it. It would be nice if it made projections at least a few days out, but as it stands, it's on point.
Fun with allergies... 
Forecasts are a nice touch.
Great tool for allergy sufferers 
This is such a convenient tool to help me see how allergens are affecting me on any given day. Also helpful when I travel to see what other sections of the country are doing.
Good Information Source 
It's nice to have this to look and see what is in the air making me miserable.
Pretty Darn Accurate 
Forecasts are reliable. Best allergy forecast app out there.
Very helpful app! 
I find this app very helpful. Due to terrible allergies it is important that I know the pollen levels prior to going outside.
Having anything airborne as allergies, it is nice to know if I will need something extra for the day!
Have been using this app for quite a while now. I have become very dependent on it, as a chronic allergy sufferer. I check this app daily right along with the weather. Very helpful.
Love this app as it helps me decide whether I need to take my allergy meds or not. Love the extended forecast.
Very helpful 
Helps out a lot during allergy season. Not sure how it's gets its data but seems on the money differentiating between pollen types.
A no brainer 
If you have allergies this is your app. Download today.
Very good app 
Works great!
Love it 
Great app combines allergy info with current weather.
Very helpful application 
I travel frequently and this app helps me to plan for not only where I'm at, but how to prepare for where I HAVE to go, or merely might WANT to go. I use it 5-6 times a week---even to plan when I might best do my shopping.
Pretty good at tracking pollen counts. A little hard to navigate the first few times, especially for such a simple app. I think the UI is a little too busy.
Works good
Very handy app 
Good app
A must have if you suffer from allergies! 
Luv this app. It is the quickest way to find out how bad the pollen count is going to be.
Great App 
This app is useful for knowing what pollens are high for that day. I like that since I don't like surprises about why my allergies are worse some days.
Great tool 
When I am feeling horrible this is the first app I go to. Let's me figure out if I need allergy medicine or schedule a doctors visit.
Great app 
But wish push notifications worked.
Great App 
Critical every spring and summer.
Very helpful 
Especially during the springtime!
Very helpful 
This app is very helpful, you can know and make sure why about your symptoms. I think this must include some alerts for each seasonal period depending of your local zone.
😊 Good reminder 
When you start sniffling and sneezing, this app can tell you if it's your allergies.
Very helpful for uses with asthma 
Keeps you tuned in on when you may need a steroid or bring an inhaler a long!
Lives in Florida 
I love this app. Florida has year round allergies to keep up with. I like tracking my symptoms. Asthma/chest symptoms are missing. You need to add these. Also add vacation locations as a choice so people can see if where they are or are going is a good location for their allergies. People come to Florida in the winter not realizing that they can get bad allergy symptoms because they are coming from snow. It's the first week of February and the pollen count is above 9. People need to be able to just check this without adding locations to their app.
Best App for Allergies!!!!!!! 
This app is the best for my pollen allergy season. I get to track symptoms and know when it's best to go outside!!! Download now!😄😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
All problems fixed! 
The 2.0 update crashes every time I try to open it. iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1. Luckily, it's winter so there's plenty of time to fix it before my allergies act up in the spring. It WAS a great app, so I'm looking forward to updating this review. Update: v3.4 under iOS 7.0.4 works great! Very responsive and a great new look. I mostly use the app when traveling so I know what to expect when I arrive at my destination. It doesn't actually make me use more or less medicine, but I do use the app a lot.
Very helpful 
Use this app daily
Handy app 
I like the different locations & symptom tracker.
Love the push notification 
I like to get the heads up on days that I will be suffering from allergies. The push notification reminds me each morning when pollen is high and I need to pack some tissue.
App Crashes 
App crashes every time I try to log how I feel for each day. Why have this option if it crashes the app every time.
Great App 
I can know good days and bad days to work outdoors because of this great app.
Can't even open the app without crashing. Too bad. The screenshots looked nice.
Role model app 
Perfect example of how a commercial product company can build a successful and useful app!
Awesome App 
Great Forecast no account needed
Doc Larry 
This is proving to be a great app to use with my patients when trying to convince them they have allergic rhinitis instead of 10 or more episodes of sinusitis/year! Thanks.
Doc Larry 
This is proving to be a great app to use with my patients when trying to convince them they have allergic rhinitis instead of 10 or more episodes of sinusitis/year! Thanks.
Great app. Does exactly what it claims. If you have allergy's, this app will help you.
Helps to get prepared 
Helps to get prepared for the worst days and the not so bad days ...

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