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What is POCKET.MD?

POCKET.MD is the first and only online directory specifically focused on mobile applications created by healthcare companies.

Why was POCKET.MD Created?

POCKET.MD was created by skypen as a labor of love. As an entrepreneur passionate about healthcare communications, technology innovation, and content curation, the idea of creating a centralized, easy-to-navigate repository of mobile apps designed by healthcare companies seemed as both a necessary and logical next-step in the mission of understanding the critical trends that are transforming all stakeholders in the healthcare space.

Does POCKET.MD have information about every mobile application ever created by healthcare companies?

Probably not -- but pretty darn close. Despite my best attempts to be comprehensive and all-inclusive, the same challenges that prompted my desire to create this directory are also responsible for the likelihood that we might have missed a few apps. This mobile thing seems to be catching on, and we are beginning to see new applications being released on a weekly basis by healthcare companies.  Unfortunately, mobile apps are far more advanced than the mobile search space. Apps launched on one platform are not listed in key directories for other platforms. Third-party directories that provide listing for multiple platforms are frequently not healthcare-focused and therefore require people to expend significant energy to find relevant results. Even those few directories that are healthcare-focused are not focused on apps created explicitly by healthcare companies (e.g., companies that manufacture or market pharmaceutical agents, medical devices, diagnostic equipment, etc). While this niche focus of the POCKET.MD directory might be of limited interest to the average layperson, it is of significant interest to healthcare organizations looking to understand what is being created by their competitors, what customer needs have yet to be met, and what level of interest people are showing toward the various apps that are currently in market.

Can I purchase iPhone, iPad, or Android applications directly from POCKET.MD?

We are not in the business of selling mobile apps. We provide links to the appropriate directories where apps can be purchased and downloaded.

Can I provide my thoughts and perspectives regarding the applications listed in the POCKET.MD directory?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. Every page in the directory that describes a specific app also offers the opportunity for ANYONE to share their thoughts with the POCKET.MD community. Providing comments will require a Facebook account. This was done to minimize the hassle for you, ensure authenticity of the user, and reduce spam for the community. Your comments will go live immediately, and when posting you will also be provided with the option to share with your friends on facebook. If you don’t want to share your comments, all you have to do is uncheck the "Post to Facebook" box.

I noticed the information regarding a certain app is incorrect, what can I do?

We know that it’s impossible for everything in the directory to be accurate and up-to-date, which is why we are relying on feedback and input from our community. If you see something that is incorrect, please contact us here and we will do our best to update the information w/in 24-48 hours.

There are several apps I know about that are not listed in the directory, is there any way I can add them?

Yes, there is. One of the most important features we built into the site is the ability for anyone to submit an app to the directory. A Facebook account is required in order to perform this action in order to ensure user authenticity and reduce spam. Apps submitted by users will be reviewed and approved for posting within 24-48 hours. If you want to add an app now, click here.

How were the apps currently listed in the POCKET.MD directory selected?

The directory that was launched in beta (7/20/11) was built completely by humans based on good-old fashioned research. Sources that contributed to the first-generation directory include Mobile App Directories, App Search Engines, Industry Blogs, Mobile-Focused Wikis, mHealth Reports, Mobile News Stories, Healthcare Techology Consultants, Research Assistants, and dozens of other people passionate about health & mobile.

Is POCKET.MD owned by or in any way affiliated with Apple Inc. and Google?

No. POCKET.MD is an independent, personal project that is no way affiliated with any corporation.

Does POCKET.MD share my personal information with advertisers or spammers?

Absolutely not. The information that is made public is only information that you provide and allow for publishing. All other information the site gathers about its users is only used for the purpose of improving the site experience – and in no way will the information be rented, sold, or provided to any outside entity for any purpose whatsoever.

I have a question that's not listed here, what do I do?

Have a question that’s not listed here? Please click here to contact us.

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