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    ViaOptaDaily for iPad

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Company: Novartis
Published under: By Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation at United States
Device: iPad
Current Version: 1.7.8
Size: 113 MB
Langauge: English
Created: 08-21-2014
Updated: 12-20-2019
Developer: Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation
Country: United Arab Emirates, Angola, Austria view all
Requirements: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimised for iPhone 5.
0 Ratings
Total Downloads: 46
ViaOpta Daily is designed as a personal assistant to help people identify objects or places in everyday activities. You can use the app to:• Understand the world around you with greater ease using features such as the voice-guided money, scene, object and color recognizers.• Take a picture of written text and the app will read it out loud.• Listen to the weather forecast, set a timer, and...more

Customer Reviews

Estou usando o app juntamente com uma amiga deficiente visual. Alguns recursos como leitor de dinheiro ainda não identifica com precisão o valor real. No restante ainda estamos testando. Muito útil. Vou recomendar.
Awesome app, just needs a bit more work! 
This app is amazing, but I have noticed that it doesn't always accurately point to the module you want to use, and its voice seems to interfere a bit with voiceover. If you're totally blind, you can have some trouble adding and choosing modules.a
Worst app ever 
This is worst app. The only function that works is the object identifier, which worked surprisingly well. I don't know what location it was giving me the weather for because it wasn't here, the colour identifier thought that white was orange and the timer didn't play any sound when it finished. As for the text reader, whatever it was reading was most certainly not from my picture as it was complete nonsense made up of v's and % signs. Sadly had to delete as it was useless.
Absolutely terrible 
This was absolutely horrible to try and use, as it completely bypassed the voice over interface and tried to implement it alone, frequently had controls that has no labels at all, and every function it reported to have such as money recognition or object or seen recognition did not work at all for me
App is average 
I like this app. However, the scenery recognizer does not work. I also have not been able to figure out how to work the text recognize her either it doesn't seem to work.
Es gibt besseres.... 
Eigentlich eine ganz tolle Idee, aber leider funktioniert die App nicht so wie gewünscht.... Geldleser sagt falsche Werte an! Objektauswahl ok, aber auch hier gibt es besseres! Farberkennung super!! Orte, erkennt was im Bildschirm zu sehen ist. Nur mit VO scheint die App nicht zu harmonisieren!! Auf Seite 2 gibt es einen Button der eine weitere Seite ansagt, geht aber nicht. Auch nicht zurück!! Bitte noch etwas nachbessern!!
Buttons don't work 
Buttons don't work in the magnifier. I like the idea of a complete solution, even though I doubt it will work. So far, I will keep the visor magnifier app on my phone. Works best for me.
Does not work 
Tried this on two different iPhone 6. Both get stuck on the first set up task of scrolling down with three fingers. App does not read motion

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