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Company: Dexcom
Published under: By Dexcom at United States
Device: iPhone
Category: Branded
Current Version: 2.0.0
Size: 34.0 MB
Langauge: English
Created: 10-31-2013
Developer: DexCom, Inc.
Country: United Arab Emirates, Antigua and Barbuda, Albania view all
Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
0 Ratings
Total Downloads: 49
Dexcom, the Continuous Glucose Monitoring Company, brings you the Dexcom Mobile App for iPhone and iPad. Now you can easily view training videos, read educational materials, and flip through a step-by-step sensor insertion walkthrough. Need assistance? Read the FAQs, email Tech Support or call to order supplies with a click of a button. Take control of your diabetes!Note: This app is not...more

Dexcom Guide

Dexcom Guide

Customer Reviews

Great guide! Easier than the book... 
Keep this in the cloud and download when you need to revisit the instructions. Great app!
Please share Share! 
Yes, please to releasing Share and 505 to the Australian market. Please hurry this through!
Where is the Dexcom Share app?? 
C'mon Dexcom! Why can't I download and use the Dexcom Share & Follow Apps? This is fantastic technology that you have created but users outside the US can't access it! How does relate that good ol Dexcom 'One Step Ahead' credo?
Basics at best 
Simply put, this ap covers basic usage at best...any/all Dexcom users will be up to snuff in no time...no help at all in minimizing device clutter...as stated before, we need and want and would pay for a a Dexcom Ap that would allow data to go right to the iPhone (how many Dexcom users do you think that might be? Yes...a lot!) I am writing this review in hopes that the Dexcom folks are listening.....
Needs More 
I think this app is useful for about a week. Then after that, I probably use it only *very* occasionally. It would be so much more useful if it at least had a journal of some form, so I can keep track of carb vs insulin intake. At the very least.
Nice tutorial app. Nicely presented. But really looking for an app that would essentially make the phone act as the receiver and eliminate the need to carry around another device. Shouldn't be too impossible... Please make a new app. Thanks.
This app is great for answers to question I may have but after 2 min I was well versed in the product. Now we need the app to monitor the information on my phone. As Others have said I would prefer careering one device as the iPhone and receiver are basically the same. Please make this happen

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